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The GIARC "IVERIA' was founded on May 7,1999.

It incorporates 22 members.

"Iberia" ("Iveria") was the name of the Western and Southern part of Georgia according to the Antic and Byzantine authors.

From the middle centuries in Georgian Historic documents the name "Iveria" was altitude to the Georgia as a whole state.

Below you can found photos of the Club Members

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Chairman of the IARC "IVERIA"

Our mail address for CIS stations only as follows: 49



Stations outside of the CIS area,please sent your cards directly to our

QSL Manager:

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P.O.BOX 813



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                        4L1RK- Revaz            4L4C - Elgudzha           4L1AE -Avto                    4L5T- Vakhtang       

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                                 4L6LS- Vazha            4L1BR-Shalva               4L1LW-Levan            4L6FU-David

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                         4L1FX - Sergo                         4L1BW-Sergo                      4L4FK-Boris

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                                        4L4BM-Beglar                4L1IA-Abesalom                  4L1NS-Sergo


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                 4L1TS-Vazha       4L4BZ-Besik         4L1IT-Sergo               4L1AJ-Kote

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                           4L1FL-Igor                    4L1MA - Anatoly     &nbssp;  4L4GG - Gocha

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Our club is the founder of the Ham award



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"IVERIA” – Award of Radio amateurs

Founded by Georgian Independent Club “IVERIA” is given to radioamateurs

from around the world for conducting two-way on any frequency from

Georgian amateur radio stations.

For Europe – 10 QS0s
For Asia – 7 QS0s
For other continents – 5 QS0s

Application Requirements:
Only QS0 from January 1, 2000 will be considered.
In order to apply, submit an official record from technical journal, proved by signatures of 2 radioamateurs together with a self-addressed envelope to:

Mr. Avtandil Djikia,
Manager of Independent Radioclub “IVERIA”
418 room, 48, N. Marr St. Tbilisi, Georgia, 380036.
Application should
enclose 10 IRC or transfer 6 USD to the

Intermediary Bank:
Republic National Bank of New York 452, Fifth Avenue,
New York, N. Y. 10018 SWIFT: BLICUSS33, ABA: 021004823
Account With Institution:
Bank of Georgia, 3 Pushkin St., 380007, Tbilisi, Georgia
SWIFT: BAGAGE22, acct. 608477621
Beneficiary Customer: Jikia Avtandil
Acct N. : 01-394089008
SWL apply for Award on the same bases and with the same conditions

Ham award "GEORGIA"

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Thank you for visiting our Home page.

Best 73's & Hpe cu on air!

Good luck!

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