What is Gnuism?

by Cat Oblepas

Of course it was strangely exciting as well as deeply disappointing to see the article in Spain's national daily "ABC" in which GNUism was termed the first literary movement of the 21st century. That a paper should be dedicating articles to GNUism is inspiring, but that this particular right-wing rag should define our great anti-movement as the very thing it is striving never to be does nothing but inspire VOMIT.

The "ism" in GNUism should always be regarded as ironic. GNUism has only one purpose and that is to struggle agaisnt the Philistine tendencies of modern culture.

GNUism is a spirit. It does not preach but attack; does not enlighten but condemn. It is positively negative, constructing from the ashes of nihilism its optimism is derived from its abysmal view of existence. It is not art for art's sake but rather carefully constructed chaos for the sake of carefully constructing chaos. Only those who can grasp the paradoxical nature of it will understand it and be able to appreciate and work within it.

 Cat Oblepas, Madrid, 2000

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