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                          - POKEMON CENTER - NEW YORK -                

Pokemon Center - New York - FAQ
Done by Rocket_Minion (email: rocketminion@hotmail.com) 
Version ?.? (???? ??, 2003) - PRELIMINAR -

This FAQ is best viewed in WordPad with Courier New Font, size 10.


* Introduction
* Updates
* Pokemon List
  -Shiny Movesets
  -Officcially Announced
  -Japan Only
  -Confirmation Needed
* Other Special Pokes
  -Weird Stuff
    +Breeding Mismatch
    +When Power Corrupts
* About the Pokemon Center - NY
  -Distribution Machine or Cath’em Machine
  -Giveaway Weeks
  -Officcially Announced
* Getting Smart
* Sharking Legally
  -Special Eggs
* In My Opinion
* Special Thanks
* Copyrights


Welcome Everybody! This guide is intended to inform about the different 
Pokemons given away by the Pokemon Center in NY City.

I really liked the idea of having 'special' new moves since I hear about the
Amnesia Psyduck and Surfing Pikachu in the N64. It was so cool to have a 
Pokemon that not anyone could have (well, not now anyway!) that when I knew
about the Pokemon Centers in Japan giving away Pokemons with special moves I
just loved the idea.

When the Pokemon Center opened in New York I was hoping to see new attacks in
my dear old Pokes! And I wasn't disappointed! Everyone who visited the
PokeCenter got their special Pokes! I was trying to get all the info I could
(since I am kind of far away from New York that was the nearest I could get)
so I began making a list for my personal use.

Months have past since then and I have find lots of people (via Internet and 
in person) that while battling me they use several strange moves. Most of them
claim to get that Pokes at the Center in New York and since there is no real
info about them and the Pokemon Stadium 2 for N64 marks both moves, real or
fake, like illegal there is no way to tell if that is true or not, I decided
to make a FAQ! My very first FAQ (yup! free time!) 

This FAQ will tell you if a certain Pokemon with a specific attack was given
away by the New York Center or not. And that will help legal players against
the infamous Sharkers! (I'm not saying that using GameShark is evil or so but
using it to get moves that can not be obtained is not legal! Nor fair!)

As the Center keeps giving away Pokes this FAQ will be updated every month
(more or less) as soon as I get the info checked and organized. 

Oh! And I want to apologize for my English! 


PRELIMINAR - Moved Mt. Mortar from 'Oficcialy Announced' to the list.
??/??/2003   Added comments about Normal and Mt. Mortar Week in ‘In My 
             Opinion’ Section.
             More GameShark codes added to ‘Sharking Legally’ Section.
             Added exact release dates of new promotions.
             Finally managed to get the Center opening day! It was on
             November 22nd, 2001. Updated the Giveaway Week list and 
             fixed some errors there.

   Ver 1.3 - New mail! Here: rocketminion@hotmail.com! Find me on MSM too!
01/24/2003   New way of numbering version! Due to GameFaqs! =P
             Added Ice Type, Nocturnal and Grass and Normal Type Weeks.
             Added Mt. Mortar, Dark Cave, Valentine's Day, Rare Pokemon and 
             Bug Type Weeks to ‘Officcialy Announced’. Still need the exact
             release date for them.
             Lots of new GameShark Codes in ‘Sharking Legally’ Section.
             Added comments about Ice Type, Nocturnal and Grass Type in ‘In My
             Opinion’ Section.

 Ver 0.1.2 - Added Psychic Type and Rock Tunnel Weeks.
12/16/2002   Added comments about Psychic and Rock Tunnel in ‘In My Opinion’
             Lots of new GameShark Codes in ‘Sharking Legally’ Section.

 Ver 0.1.1 - Added Halloween, Silver Cave and Union Cave Weeks.
11/07/2002   Added comments about Halloween, Silver Cave and Union Cave Weeks
             in ‘In My Opinion’ Section.

 Ver 0.1.0 - Corrections made to OT again. Changed from PKNY to PCNY.
10/28/2002   More corrections to the ‘Sharking Legally’ Section, this time to
             ‘Caught Location and Time’ 
             Added some Notes to ‘Sharking Legally’ Section.
             Added Movesets for Lugia and Ho-oh.
             Corrections done to ‘In my Opinion’ Section and proper thanks 
             given to HRA in ‘Special Thanks’ Section.
 Ver 0.0.9 - Corrections made to OT. Changed from PKMNNY to PKNY.
10/21/2002   Some corrections made to GameShark codes since new info was
             revealed about the Center Pokemons.
             Presumed Movesets for Mew and the GSC Starters. 

 Ver 0.0.8 - Rearranged Pokes in new lists.
10/17/2002   Added Note about the Green GameCubes.
             Added Note about repeated or already given away Pokes.
             Finished ‘Shining Pokes’ in ‘Sharking Legally’ Section.
             Some corrections made to GameShark Codes.

 Ver 0.0.7 - Added ‘Not Given Yet but Already Officially Announced’        
10/12/2002   Added Weeks from October 25th ’02 to January 2nd ‘03.
             Added ‘When Power Corrupts’ to ‘Weird Stuff’ Section.
             Added ‘Sharking Legally’ Section. 
             Changed Week name, from Electric Week to Power Plant Week.
             Added Shiny Starters to 10/4 week since you can get both the
             Power Plant Pokes or them.
             Added Pokemon 4 Ever movie promotions (still unconfirmed if they
             are going to be Shiny).

 Ver 0.0.6 - Added note about Dizzy Punching Pichu and Elekid.
10/07/2002   Added comments about Skarmory, Magnamite and Voltorb in ‘In my
             Opinion’ Section.
             Added ‘What’s Behind the Distribution Machine?’ Section. 
             Added ‘Weird Stuff’ to ‘Other Special Pokes’ Section.
             Added a note at ‘Pokemon Special Moves’ introduction Section           
             referred to the new ID# calculating system.
             Added Tauros with Lock-On at ‘Rumors’

 Ver 0.0.5 - Moved Night Shading Hoothoot and added Mist Marril to 
10/05/2002   ‘Confirmation Needed’. Although is known that Hoothoot was given
             away in Japan there is no confirmed info about if it was in USA.
             Separated Tropical Week in two groups.
             Added Fury Cutting Skarmory to the Sky Week List.
             Finished the Center info in the Pokemon Center section.
             Updated Weeks List with the RBY Shiny Starters give away.
             Added Shiny Starters Levels and Movesets.
             Added Electric Week!
             Changed Mike’s Web page address.

 Ver 0.0.4 - Added ‘Getting Smart’ Section.
 9/28/2002   Added ‘In my Opinion’ Section.
             Corrected some things in the Giveaway Weeks list.
             Added the RBY Shiny Starters to Shiny Moveset List.
             Asked for help with the Tropical Giveaway sets.
             Added some notes here and there. 

 Ver 0.0.3 - Added ‘Confirmation Needed’ Section. 
 9/27/2002   Guessed that if all the Pokes given in a week are the ones
             that you can only get in Swarms, the week should be called Swarm 
             Week! ^___^
             Corrected some info about the Distribution Machine.
             Added proper credits. 

 Ver 0.0.2 - First update! Checked most of the Pokes (still missing some) and    
 9/26/2002   Pokemon Center info almost completed! 
             Added Moveset to Dizzy Punching Babies and ExtremeSpeed Dratini.   

 Ver 0.0.1 - As this is the first version there is a lot to update!
 9/23/2002   Have to check the existence of some of the Pokemons listed! 


All the Pokemons that are given away are actually eggs (except Legendaries, of
course!) called Mystery Eggs. I think that is because you don't know what
Pokemons breed an egg with that special move! (Am I clever or what? ^___^) 

The good news about the Mystery Eggs are that every one gets a special attack
that couldn't be get anyway else and you have 12,5% (1 in 8) of getting a 
Shiny! That's a good deal! 

Even though they are Mystery Eggs they are treated like normal eggs. What do I
mean? Well, once they hatch you can change their names and the OT (Original
Trainer) and ID# are the ones of the owner. That means that there is no real 
way of saying that a Pokemon has truly come from the Pokemon Center New York
or has being smartly sharked.

However, this does not apply to Legendaries. As they don't hatch from eggs
their OT and ID# are 'fixed' (kind of!). Let's see! Legendaries count as
traded Pokemon (so they get extra experience!), their OT names are PCNYa, 
PCNYb, PCNYc or PCNYd depending on the machine they were received from
(since there are four machines, four OT names, one for each machine! Make
sense!) and their ID# are 01XXX, where XXX can be anything. And every single 
Legendary is always shiny! (Except for Celebi that can or can not be)

*Note: Recently there have been some changes about how the ID# of Legendaries
is calculated. The ID# corresponds to the number of people that received a
Pokemon that day. So if you get a Shiny Legendary with ID# 00100 the next
person will get a Poke with ID# 00101. It is known that they reset the number
several times a day (that doesn’t make sense since the ID# can go from 00000
to 65535 and I’am almost sure that the Center doesn’t receive that amount of
people per day!) 

Different Pokemons are given away in different weeks or special events, since
there is an order in which they were given but I don't have it this list
doesn't follow any time line. I'll fix it (or not!) as soon as I get the right

Bulbasaur       Ancientpower
Charmander      Crunch
Squirtle        Zap Cannon
Chikorita       Petal Dance
Cyndaquil       Double-Edge
Totodile        Submission

Delibird        Pay Day
Celebi          Hey! It's Celebi!

Psyduck         Petal Dance
Chikorita       Petal Dance
Pichu           Petal Dance
Cleffa          Petal Dance
Igglybuff       Petal Dance
Smoochum        Petal Dance

Pichu           Sing
Cleffa          Swift
Igglybuff       Mimic
Smoochum        Metronome
Elekid          Pursuit
Magby           Faint Attack

Nidoran (f)     Lovely Kiss
Nidoran (f)     Sweet Kiss
Nidoran (m)     Lovely Kiss
Nidoran (m)     Sweet Kiss
Bellsprout      Lovely Kiss
Bellsprout      Sweet Kiss

Poliwag         Growth
Horsea          Haze
Goldeen         Swords Dance
Magikarp        Reversal
Marill          Dizzy Punch
Wooper          Belly Drum

Psyduck         Tri Attack
Tentacool       Confuse Ray
Lapras          Bite
Chinchou        Light Screen
Remoraid        Mist
Mantine         Gust

Marill          Hydro Pump
Yanma           Steel Wing
Dunsparce       Horn Drill
Snubull         Lovely Kiss
Qwilfish        Double-Edge
Remoraid        Amnesia

Chikorita       Petal Dance
Wooper          Belly Drum
Smoochum        Metronome

Nidoran (f)     Moonlight
Nidoran (m)     Morning Sun
Chansey         Sweet Scent
Kanghaskhan     Faint Attack 
Tauros          Quick Attack
Dratini         Hydro Pump

Spearow         Sonic Boom
Farfetch'd      Fury Cutter
Doduo           Low Kick 
Natu            Safeguard
Murkrow         Beat Up
Skarmory        Fury Cutter

Magnemite       Agility 
Voltorb         Agility 
Pichu           Dizzy Punch   *
Elekid          Dizzy Punch   *

Pichu           Scary Face
Cleffa          Scary Face
Igglybuff       Scary Face
Marill          Scary Face 
Wooper          Scary Face

Ponyta          Low Kick
Doduo           Low Kick      +
Tangela         Synthesis
Misdraveus      Hypnosis
Larvitar        Rage
Onix            Sharpen
Krabby          Metal Claw
Goldeen         Swords Dance  +
Staryu          Twister
Lapras          Future Sight

Abra            Foresight
Drowzee         Amnesia
Exeggcute       Sweet Scent
Mr.Mime         Mind Reader
Lapras(!)       Future Sight  +   (!) Lapras is not a Psychic Type Pokemon!
Natu            Safeguard     +

Zubat           Flail
Machop          Thrash
Geodude         Rapid Spin
Onix            Sharpen       +
Cubone          Fury Attack
Kangaskhan      Faint Attack  +

Seel            Flail
Lapras          Future Sight  +
Swinub          Whirlwind
Delibird        Spikes
Staryu          Twister       +
Hoothoot        Night Shade   
Murkrow         Beat Up       +
Misdreavus      Hypnosis      +
Sneasel         Moonlight

Oddish          Leech Seed 
Paras           Synthesis
Tangela         Synthesis     +
Hoppip          Agility
Sunkern         Splash

Lickitung       Double Slap
Snorlax         Splash
Sentret         Dizzy Punch
Aipom           Mimic
Stantler        Safeguard
Miltank         Mega Kick

Machop          False Swipe
Goldeen         Swords Dance  +
Magikarp        Bubble
Marill          Dizzy Punch   +
Tyrogue         Rage

Geodude         Rapid Spin    +
Wobbuffet       Mimic
Dunsparce       Fury Attack
Teddiursa       Sweet Scent
Phanpy          Absorb

+ Already given away or repeated.

*Note: Pichu and Elekid aren’t one of a kind. You can get one Baby Poke with
Dizzy Punch (and with great chances of being Shiny) in Crystal version. See
‘Other Special Pokes’ Section for more info.


Poliwag         Lovely Kiss
Poliwag         Sweet Kiss
Bellsprout      Lovely Kiss   +
Bellsprout      Sweek Kiss    +
Snorlax         Lovely Kiss
Snorlax         Sweek Kiss

Eevee           Growth
Porygon         Barrier
Omanyte         Rock Throw
Kabuto          Rock Throw
Aerodactyl      Rock Throw
Snorlax         Sweet Kiss
Sudowoodo       Substitute

Scyther         Sonic Boom
Pinsir          Rock Throw
Ledyba          Barrier
Spinarak        Growth
Yanma           Sweet Kiss
Pineco          Substitute
Heracross       Seismic Toss

(Note: none of this Pokemons have items attached and all of them are shiny 
except for Celebi that has low odds of being Shiny)


Poison Powder
Sleep Powder
Razor Leaf
Sweet Scent

Scary Face
Wing Attack

Water Gun
Rapid Spin


MEGANIUM    Lv. 40 
Poison Powder 
Body Slam     

Smoke Screen  
Quick Attack  
Flame Wheel   

Water Gun     
Scary Face    


Mind Reader
Ice Beam

ZAPDOS      Lv.50
Thunder Wave
Drill Peck

MOLTRES     Lv.50
Fire Spin


RAIKOU      Lv.40
Quick Attack

ENTEI       Lv.40
Fire Spin

SUICUNE     Lv.40
Water Gun
Rain Dance


HO-OH       Lv.40
Sacred Fire

LUGIA       Lv.40

MEWTWO      Lv.70
Psych Up
Future Sight


CELEBI      Lv.5
Heal Bell
Leech Seed

MEW         Lv.5?


Eevee           Roar
Tauros          Lock-On
Aerodactyl      Rock Slide
Dratini         Barrier
Togepi          Earthquake
Mareep          Earthquake
Hoppip          Spore
Larvitar        Confuse Ray


Pikachu         Fly
Pikachu         Surf
Igglybuff       Surf
Phanpy          Encore


Krabby          Cross Chop
Gastly          Encore
Marril          Mist
Snubull         Sweet Kiss


Pikachu         Surf       
Psyduck         Amnesia    

Farfetch'd      Baton Pass   (Slash, Swords Dance, Agility)
Gligar          Earthquake   (Poison Sting, Wing Attack, Counter)

Farfetch'd      Steel Wing   (Breeding)
Smoochum        Lovely Kiss  (Breeding)

Ekans           Crunch       (Breeding)
Sandshrew       Metal Claw   (Breeding)
Dugtrio         Tri Attack   (Wild Dugtrios only)
Psyduck         Cross Chop   (Breeding)
Magneton        Tri Attack   (Leveling Up)
Cloyster        Spikes       (Leveling Up)
Cubone          Swords Dance (Breeding)
Eevee           Baton Pass   (Leveling Up)
Chikorita       Swords Dance (Breeding)
Cyndaquil       Submission   (Breeding)
HootHoot        Sky Attack   (Breeding)
Spinarak        Agility      (Leveling Up)
Yanma           Wing Attack  (Leveling Up)
Murkrow         Sky Attack   (Breeding)
Qwilfish        Spikes       (Base Attack)
Sneasel         Metal Claw   (Leveling Up)
Teddiursa       Metal Claw   (Breeding)
Swinub          Amnesia      (Leveling Up)
Skarmory        Sky Attack   (Breeding)
Phanpy          Water Gun    (Breeding)
Elekid          Cross Chop   (Breeding)
Magby           Cross Chop   (Breeding)
Suicune         Aurora Beam  (Leveling Up)

POKEMON CRYSTAL for Gameboy Color
Dratini         ExtremeSpeed (Wrap, Leer, Thunderwave)
Pichu           Dizzy Punch  (Thundershock, Charm)
Cleffa          Dizzy Punch  (Pound, Charm)
Igglybuff       Dizzy Punch  (Sing, Charm)
Tyrogue         Dizzy Punch  (Tackle)
Smoochum        Dizzy Punch  (Pound, Lick)
Elekid          Dizzy Punch  (Quick Attack, Leer)
Magby           Dizzy Punch  (Ember)

This Pokemons are kind of special too ...

FLAMETHROWER teach by MOVE TUTOR in Goldenrod City
Charmander, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Vulpix, Growlithe, Machop, Geodude, Ponyta,
Slowpoke, Grimer, Cubone, Lickitung, Koffing, Rhyhorn, Chansey, Kangaskhan,
Tauros, Gyarados, Flareon, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Moltres, Dratini, Mewtwo, Mew, 
Cyndaquil, Clefa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Dunsparce, Slugma, Remoraid, Houndour,
Magby, Entei, Tyranitar, Ho-oh

THUNDERBOLT teach by MOVE TUTOR in Goldenrod City
Raticate, Nidoran(f), Nidoran(m), Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Mankey, 
Magnamite, Grimer, Gastly, Voltorb, Lickitung, Koffing, Rhyhorn, Chansey,
Kangaskhan, Staryu, Mr. Mime, Tauros, Gyarados, Lapras, Jolteon, Porygon, 
Snorlax, Zapdos, Dratini, Mewtwo, Mew, Pichu, Chinchou, Mareep, Aipom,
Misdreavus, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Snubbull, Elekid, Miltank, Raikou, 
Tyranitar, Lugia, Ho-oh

ICE BEAM teach by MOVE TUTOR in Goldenrod City
Squirtle, Raticate, Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, 
Poliwag, Tentacool, Slowpoke, Seel, Shellder, Krabby, Cubone, Lickitung,
Rhyhorn, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Horsea, Golden, Staryu, Tauros, Gyarados, 
Lapras, Vaporeon, Porygon, Omanyte, Kabuto, Snorlax, Articuno, Dratini, 
Mewtwo, Mew, Totodile, Chinchou, Marill, Wooper, Qwilfish, Sneasel, Swinub, 
Corsola, Remoraid, Delibird, Mantine, Smoochum, Miltank, Suicune, Tyranitar, 


This section is for all the weird things that are hidden in the game code and
can’t be achieved by normal play even though they exist.


What do I mean by game code? Well, sometime people make mistakes, even
Nintendo! They didn’t consider some things like if moves by breeding could
actually be learn with just coding it. Let’s go to an example.

Let’s say you want to have a Charmander with Beat Up! You should first check
the Pokemons that learn Beat Up AND can breed with Char. There isn’t any Poke 
with that characteristics so you will have to look for a Pokemon that learns 
Beat Up and can breed with another Poke that can (after all!) breed with Char.
This is called ‘Chain Breeding’.

The Poke we are looking for is Sneasel, he can learn Beat Up by Leveling Up
BUT he can’t breed (at least directly) with Charmander so we’ll have to look
for a Pokemon that can breed with both Sneasel and Char, Ekans in this case.

     Sneasel(m) with Beat Up --- Ekans (f)
                  Ekans (m) with Beat Up --- Charmander (f)
                             Charmander with Beat Up

(Note: This is not intended to be a Chain Breeding FAQ so if you want to know
more about it you should look for a more detailed FAQ)

This means that even if a Poke COULD learn a move by breeding it doesn’t 
guarantee that you can actually get it if no chain exist between the Pokes
(This is the case of Bulbasaur, Oddish and Snorlax).

Staryu is a complete different thing. Since Staryu is a genderless Poke, it
can not breed with other Pokes so it’s impossible for it to learn new moves
through breeding. 

Bulbasaur       Charm 
Oddish          Charm
Staryu          Aurora Beam
Staryu          Barrier
Staryu          Supersonic
Snorlax         Charm

(Note: Doing some research with Pokemons ROMs and GameShark Codes I checked
that this Pokemons COULD learn the moves if they had the right parents.
However Pokemon Stadium 2 for N64 marks all of them as illegal. Maybe Nintendo
realized the mistake and erased those moves from the Moves Learn Data-Base?
Who knows?)


Lance is a Dragon type Pokemon trainer, he is the Champion in GSC and the last 
and strongest of the Elite Four members in RBY. Being such a powerful and
respected trainer I ask myself why did he hack his Pokes!

In both RBY and GSC Lance has a Pokemon with a move that can not be learned
anyway legally! I call that cheating! ^___^

It’s not known if Nintendo did this in purpose or if it is a mistake but Lance
DO has this Pokemons! Maybe someday we too ...

Aerodactyl      Rock Slide
Dragonite       Barrier

(Note: Some Rumors about the Pokemon Center giving away this Pokemons were
based in the fact that as Lance had this Pokes there should be legal way to
get them. See ‘Rumors’ under the ‘Pokemon Special Moves’ Section)


The Pokemon Center New York, located in the Rockefeller Center, is a huge
store dedicated exclusively to Pokemon merchandising. 

The Center resembles pretty well a Pokemon Center from the Pokemon Universe.
With lots of animatronics characters modeled in life size (like Pikachu,
Scyzor, Wobbufett and even Charizard!) you will fell like if you were inside
the TV series! And if you want more Pokemon you can find several Pokes flying
around the ceiling (like Pidgey, Koffing, Magnamite or Zubat!) or behind the
cashier (the six starters!)

Need info about any Poke? Came to the right place! The Ultra Pokedex is a 
giant interactive database full of info about all the Pokes! Pics, videos,
sounds, 3D models, Pokemon Stadium 2 battle video clips ... anything!

There is the Catch'em All Machine (a.k.a. Distribution Machine) too that gives
away special Pokemon for the Gold, Silver and Crystal versions. This Pokemons
are one of a kind because you can't get them anywhere else!

Do you like the Pokemon Trading Card Game? There is a special section with all
the American existence cards in exhibit. Of course you can play and trade here
too! There are several specially designed tables for that. 

The Pokemon Gym area has several N64 and GameCubes were you can play the
newest Pokemon related (or not) games. Pokemon Stadium 2 for N64, Super
Smash Brothers: Melee and Luigui's Mansion for GC are some of the games you 
can play in here.
And as this is a Pokemon store be sure of find plenty of Pokemon figures, 
plush toys, shirts, video games, board games, trading cards, stickers, 
posters, comics, movies, CDs, DVDs, pillows, towels and much more! There is 
some stuff that can only be found there, like the GameBoy Advance New York, 
the New York Pokemon Statue and the Magical Clock.

==================== == ==================

There are many doubts about how this machine works, that's why I'll try to 
explain what it exactly does.

The Distribution Machine only works with Gold, Silver and Crystal versions
(Sorry! No Red, Blue or Yellow allowed!). 

It's supposed to work only with American versions of the games but there are
others versions that work too (Pakistani for example).
*Confirmed not working Versions: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian
and French (there are surely more!)

You can only receive a gift Pokemon only if you have less than six Pokemons in
your team, got the Pokedex from Professor Oak at Mr. Pokemon’s house, 
delivered the Mystery Egg to Elm and haven't received a Pokemon from the 
Distribution Machine in the last week (Weeks start on Fridays).
(Note: It's been confirmed that sometimes the Machine fails and you can get
all the Pokemons you want ... well, all the Pokemons that you can carry in a
single game that is!)

Oh! And this is totally free, you don't have to pay to get a Pokemon (after
all we have paid enough for all the cartridges and GameBoys Colors and
Advances! ^___^) but if you are in the Center you are surely going to spend 
some money! It has loads of cool stuff!


Here is some more info about how the Distribution Machine works thanks to 

Guess what is behind the huge Distribution Machines!
Green Gamecubes!! You didn’t see that coming, did you?

It’s still unknown if this GCs are special despite being green. Possibly to
prevent theft and since they are connected to special TVs their signal is
different from normal ones. Could they run under special software?

The Green GCs have a special CD, two memory cards and are linked to a central
network that stores the info about every cartridge that received a Pokemon
that week. Instead of joysticks there is a GameBoy Advance attach to each of

Note: It has been confirmed that the Green GameCubes are really Development
Kits and that the special CDs only run on them.

As the special CD is the responsible of the different Pokes that you can get
you can imagine that there are many of those CDs. They are sent by Nintendo to
the Center so is up to Nintendo to decide what move on what Pokemon to give
away and not a call of the Pokemon Center as it was though.

And what happens if the new CDs don’t arrive on time from Nintendo? Easy call! 
They use old CDs with older giveaways like in July, when they re-distributed
the Shining Legendary Dogs and Celebi.


November  22 - November  29           Legendary Dogs
November  30 - December   6           Legendary Birds
December   7 - December  20           ???? (Don’t have a clue!)
December  21 - December  27           Christmas Week
December  28 - January   31           ???? (Here neither!)
February   1 - February  14           Valentine Week 
February  15 - February  21           Legendary Birds
February  22 - March     14           Swarm Week
March     15 - March     21           Shiny RBY Starters
March     22 - April     11           Babies Week
April     12 - May        4           Spring Into Spring
May        5 - June       7           Baby Weeks
June       8 - June      21           Tropical Promotion
June      22 - June      28           Legendary Dogs 
June      29 - July       4           Celebi
July       5 - July      11           Legendary Dogs
July      12 - August     8           Tropical Promotion
August     9 - August    29           Safari Week
August    30 - September 26           Sky Week
September 27 - October    3           Shiny RBY Starters 
October    4 - October   10           Shiny RBY Starters/Power Plant Week
October   11 - October   17           Pokemon 4 Ever - Celebi
October   18 - October   24           Pokemon 4 Ever - Suicune
October   25 - October   31           Halloween Week
November   1 - November   7           Silver Cave Week
November   8 - November  14           Union Cave Week
November  15 - November  21           Johto Shiny Legendaries
November  22 - November  28           Celebi and Mew
November  29 - December   5           Psychic Type Week
December   6 - December  12           Shiny GSC Starters
December  13 - December  19           Rock Tunnel Week
December  20 - December  26           Ice Type Week
December  27 - January    2           Nocturnal Week
January    3 - January    9           Grass Type Week
January   10 - January   16           Normal Type Week
January   17 - January   23           Starters Week
January   24 - January   30           Mt. Mortar Week
January   31 - February   6           Dark Cave Week


February   7 - February  13           Valentine's Day
February  14 - February  20           Shiny Kanto Week
February  21 - February  27           Rare Pokemon Week 
February  28 - March      6           Bug Type Week
March      7 - March     13           Celebi Week 

Note: Have in mind that even though the promotions are called ‘Weeks’ they can
last from one to three weeks.


I have received some questions about deep stuff about the given away Pokes so
I decided to add this section to the guide to try to clear up some concepts.

~About the Shiny Pokes~

When the first official Mew was released every one complained about the
crappy DVs (or IVs, I like DVs more so I’m using that!) it had (can’t exactly
remember its stats) but that means that all official Mews were the ‘same’. As
there were no DVs randomization it was like just cloning the same Mew to

In the Pokemon Center happens something completely different! Every EGG has
its Dvs randomized just like in the GSC (maybe the chances to get a Shiny are
a little higher but not much) so even if you get a Singing Pichu and you
friend too their DVs should be different.

With the Legendary Shiny Pokemons the thing goes this way. Their Defense, 
Speed and Special DVs are fixed in 10 (A) but their Attack DV vary between 2, 
3, 6, 7, 10 (A), 11 (B), 14 (E) and 15 (F), making lots of possibilities
(well, 8 unless! ^___^)

~About the Special Moves~

There are many doubts about if you can breed the Special Moves from the 
Mystery Eggs. The truth is that is impossible to breed to another Poke a 
special move from the Center.

That means that you can’t have any Pokémon with a special move from the Center
and another breedable move. Let’s say that you will never see a legal Chansey
with Sweet Scent AND Heal Bell (unless in the GSC Universe).


There are many and different thoughts about the GameShark, personally I don’t
like people who use this device to hack illegally the whole game (like having
Sporing Electrodes or Mega Horning Pinsirs!) because this kind of hacking 
isn’t a fair play against the people that doesn’t need nor want to use a 

In this section I will add many codes for those who live far away from New
York City, really want the special Pokes AND have a GameShark. The Pokemons
you will get are the exactly the same you would get at the Pokemon Center,
this is the idea of this Section. Enjoy!

Note: Remember ALWAYS to start your Pokemon games with the GameShark switch 
OFF! Switch it to ON ONLY AFTER YOU LOADED YOUR SAVE DATA and then turn it
OFF. Now you can save your game without fear.

Note: All the codes are for Crystal version. As soon as I have the Gold and
Silver codes I will add to the list right away.


To get the special EGGS I would recommend first to catch a Ditto. Then, go to
Golden Rod City in Johto and visit the Day Care Center. Choose either the Old
Man or the Old Lady and deposit your Ditto. Next, you will have to give to the
other Oldie a Pokemon of the same family you want your Egg (Let’s say that if
you want a Crunching Charmander you should give to the Oldie a Charmander, 
Charmeleon or Charizard). 

(Note: The only exception here is Nidoran (f)’s family because due to some 
inexplicable reason Nidorina and Nidoqueen can’t breed. If you want a Nidoran
(f) with a special move you will have to get a Nidoran (f) to breed the Egg)

Then you will have to wait for an Egg. The Old Man will be in the yard when
your Egg is ready. Receive it and get ready to hack.

Once you have the Egg with the Pokemon you want inside it (DON’T START 
HATCHING IT YET!) switch the Egg to the first place on your Pokemon Party.
Once it is there turn ON the GameShark and then OFF. Now go to the nearest PC
and deposit the Egg. Withdraw it and you will have a perfect clone of the 
Pokemon given away at the Pokemon Center New York!

Bulbasaur       Ancientpower	--> 01F6E3DC  0100E4DC
Charmander      Crunch		--> 01F2E3DC  0100E4DC
Squirtle        Zap Cannon	--> 01C0E3DC  0100E4DC
Chikorita       Petal Dance	--> 0150E3DC  0100E4DC
Cyndaquil       Double-Edge	--> 0126E3DC  0100E4DC
Totodile        Submission	--> 0142E3DC  0100E4DC

Delibird        Pay Day		--> 0106E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC

Psyduck         Petal Dance	--> 0150E3DC  0100E4DC
Chikorita       Petal Dance	--> 0150E3DC  0100E4DC
Pichu           Petal Dance	--> 0150E3DC  0100E4DC
Cleffa          Petal Dance	--> 0150E4DC  
Igglybuff       Petal Dance	--> 0150E4DC
Smoochum        Petal Dance	--> 0150E3DC  0100E4DC

Pichu           Sing		--> 012FE3DC  0100E4DC
Cleffa          Swift		--> 0181E4DC
Igglybuff       Mimic		--> 0166E3DC  0100E4DC
Smoochum        Metronome	--> 0176E3DC  0100E4DC
Elekid          Pursuit		--> 01E4E3DC  0100E4DC
Magby           Faint Attack	--> 01B9E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC

Nidoran (f)     Lovely Kiss	--> 018EE3DC  0100E4DC
Nidoran (f)     Sweet Kiss	--> 01BAE3DC  0100E4DC
Nidoran (m)     Lovely Kiss	--> 018EE3DC  0100E4DC
Nidoran (m)     Sweet Kiss	--> 01BAE3DC  0100E4DC
Bellsprout      Lovely Kiss	--> 018EE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Bellsprout      Sweet Kiss	--> 01BAE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC

Poliwag         Growth		--> 014AE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Horsea          Haze		--> 0172E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Goldeen         Swords Dance	--> 010EE3DC  0100E4DC
Magikarp        Reversal	--> 01B3E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Marill          Dizzy Punch	--> 0192E3DC  0100E4DC
Wooper          Belly Drum	--> 01BBE3DC  0100E4DC

Psyduck         Tri Attack	--> 01A1E3DC  0100E4DC
Tentacool       Confuse Ray	--> 016DE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Lapras          Bite		--> 012CE4DC
Chinchou        Light Screen	--> 0171E4DC
Remoraid        Mist		--> 0136E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Mantine         Gust		--> 0110E3DC  0100E4DC

Chikorita       Petal Dance	--> 0150E3DC  0100E4DC
Wooper          Belly Drum	--> 01BBE3DC  0100E4DC
Smoochum        Metronome	--> 0176E3DC  0100E4DC

Marill          Hydro Pump	--> 0138E3DC  0100E4DC
Yanma           Steel Wing	--> 01D3E3DC  0100E4DC
Dunsparce       Horn Drill	--> 0120E3DC  0100E4DC
Snubull         Lovely Kiss	--> 018EE4DC
Qwilfish        Double-Edge	--> 0126E3DC  0100E4DC
Remoraid        Amnesia		--> 0185E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC

Nidoran (f)     Moonlight	--> 01ECE3DC  0100E4DC
Nidoran (m)     Morning Sun	--> 01EAE3DC  0100E4DC
Chansey         Sweet Scent	--> 01E6E3DC  0100E4DC
Kanghaskhan     Faint Attack 	--> 01B9E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Tauros          Quick Attack	--> 0162E3DC  0100E4DC
Dratini         Hydro Pump	--> 0138E3DC  0100E4DC

Spearow         Sonic Boom	--> 0131E3DC  0100E4DC
Farfetch'd      Fury Cutter	--> 01D2E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Doduo           Low Kick 	--> 0143E3DC  0100E4DC
Natu            Safeguard	--> 01DBE3DC  0100E4DC
Murkrow         Beat Up		--> 01FBE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Skarmory        Fury Cutter	--> 01D2E3DC  0100E4DC

Magnemite       Agility  	--> 0161E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Voltorb         Agility  	--> 0161E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Pichu           Dizzy Punch	--> 0192E3DC  0100E4DC
Elekid          Dizzy Punch	--> 0192E3DC  0100E4DC

Pichu           Scary Face	--> 01B8E3DC  0100E4DC
Cleffa          Scary Face	--> 01B8E4DC
Igglybuff       Scary Face	--> 01B8E4DC
Marill          Scary Face	--> 01B8E3DC  0100E4DC
Wooper          Scary Face	--> 01B8E3DC  0100E4DC

Ponyta          Low Kick	--> 0143E3DC  0100E4DC
Tangela         Synthesis	--> 01EBE3DC  0100E4DC
Misdraveus      Hypnosis	--> 015FE3DC  0100E4DC
Larvitar        Rage		--> 0163E3DC  0100E4DC
Onix            Sharpen		--> 019FE3DC  0100E4DC
Krabby          Metal Claw	--> 01E8E3DC  0100E4DC
Staryu          Twister		--> 01EFE3DC  0100E4DC
Lapras          Future Sight	--> 01F8E4DC 

Abra            Foresight	--> 01C1E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Drowzee         Amnesia		--> 0185E3DC  0100E4DC
Exeggcute       Sweet Scent	--> 01E6E3DC  0100E4DC
Mr.Mime         Mind Reader	--> 01AAE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC

Zubat           Flail		--> 01AFE3DC  0100E4DC
Machop          Thrash		--> 0125E3DC  0100E4DC
Geodude         Rapid Spin	--> 01E5E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Cubone          Fury Attack	--> 011FE3DC  0100E4DC

Seel            Flail         --> 01AFE4DC 
Swinub          Whirlwind     --> 0112E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Delibird        Spikes        --> 01BFE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Hoothoot        Night Shade   --> 0165E3DC  0100E4DC
Sneasel         Moonlight     --> 01ECE3DC  0100E4DC

Oddish          Moonlight     --> 01ECE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Paras           Synthesis     --> 01EBE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Hoppip          Agility       --> 0161E4DC
Sunkern         Splash        --> 0196E3DC  0100E4DC

Lickitung       Double Slap   --> 0103E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Snorlax         Splash        --> 0196E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Sentret         Dizzy Punch   --> 0192E3DC  0100E4DC
Aipom           Mimic         --> 0166E3DC  0100E4DC
Stantler        Safeguard     --> 01DBE2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Miltank         Mega Kick     --> 0119E3DC  0100E4DC

Machop          False Swipe   --> 01CEE3DC  0100E4DC
Magikarp        Bubble        --> 0191E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC
Tyrogue         Rage          --> 0163E2DC  0100E3DC  0100E4DC

Note: There are up to three codes per Poke because you could incidentally
teach a move through breeding that the Pokemon from the Center can’t learn or
doesn’t come with it. 

Example: Breeding a male Magmar with a Ditto you will get a Magby, am I right?
Well, let’s see this.

MAGMAR      Lv.41  ---   DITTO       Lv.15        
Fire Punch          |    Transform                
Smoke Screen        | 
Sunny Day           |
Flamethrower        |                              
                    --> MAGBY       Lv.5
                        Ember         (Base Move)
                        Fire Punch    (TM from Male parent)
                        Sunny Day     (TM from Male parent)
                        Flamethrower  (Move Tutor from Crystal)

Do you see what I mean? If you use only this code 01B9E2DC (Faint Attack in
Second Slot) you will hatch an egg with a Magby that knows two extra moves!
(Fire Punch gets over written) Using this codes too 0100E3DC and 0100E4DC (No
attack in Third and Fourth Slot) the extra moves are erased and your hacked
Poke is just like the ones from the Center.


Hacking Shining Legendaries is a little more complicated than regular Pokes
with special attacks but not impossible. Follow this steps and you will get
the Shining Poke that you want!


    First of all you have to know that you are going to FIGHT a high level
    strong Pokemon so you should be prepared if you don’t want to be wiped out
    in the first try. 
    Note: If you don’t want to battle and capture it the regular way you can
    always use the Master Ball code ... it’s the same.

    0101D8D8 --> 1st Ball in Pack is a Master Ball.


    The codes listed here have to be entered EXACTLY or they won’t work     
    correctly. Remember that your saved game could be erased or corrupted if 
    the codes are wrong! Be careful! 

    Use only one Pokemon codes per time.


    VENUSAUR    Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)

    CHARIZARD   Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)

    BLASTOISE   Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)

    -=GSC STARTERS=-    

    MEGANIUM    Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)
    TYPHLOSION  Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)
    FERALIGATR  Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)


    ARTICUNO    Lv. 50 (Shiny - No Items)

    ZAPDOS      Lv. 50 (Shiny - No Items)

    MOLTRES     Lv. 50 (Shiny - No Items)


    RAIKOU      Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)

    ENTEI       Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)

    SUICUNE     Lv. 40 (Shiny - No Items)


    MEWTWO      Lv. 70 (Shiny - No Items)


    CELEBI      Lv. 5 (Shiny - No Items)

    Note: I have received some mails asking what does exactly each code does.
    Since there are eight codes per Pokemon I used a simple chart replacing 
    just the digits that made different things. Take a look.
    01??04D2  --> Any Wild Pokemon Attack
    010007D2  --> Wild Pokemon Have Nothing Attached
    010730D2  --> Fight Shiny Wild Pokemons
    01??08D2  --> Wild Pokemon 1st Attack 
    01??09D2  --> Wild Pokemon 2nd Attack
    01??0AD2  --> Wild Pokemon 3rd Attack
    01??0BD2  --> Wild Pokemon 4th Attack
    01??13D2  --> Wild Pokemon Level 

    Once you have captured the Pokemon you want there is a final step to make
    it a perfect clone of the one given away at the Pokemon Center, change its
    Original Trainer and ID#. 

    Since at the Center you can get the Pokes from four different machines
    with different OT, you can choose here one of the four OTs. 


    (And only one of this, depending what do you want x to be)
    PCNYa - 01A003DE 
    PCNYb - 01A103DE
    PCNYc - 01A203DE
    PCNYd - 01A303DE


    Almost there! You have to give your Poke a ID#! Remember that the ID# of
    the Pokemons from the Pokemon Center represent the quantity of Pokes given
    that day up to the moment you received yours. I recommend a number between
    0 and 200 but is your call.

    ID# MODIFIER                   BINARIE CODES
    01??E5DC                       ID# 00000 --> 00 00
    01??E6DC                       ID# 00100 --> 00 64
                                   ID# 00250 --> 00 FA
                                   ID# 00500 --> 01 E4


    Since Crystal version recalls where each Pokemon was capture, at what time
    and in what Level, we have to hack it too.

    The Pokemons from the Center have this info too and if you go to the Poke
    Seer (North of Cianwood City only in Crystal version) she will say:

    ‘What!? Incredible! I don't understand how, but it is incredible! You are
    special. I can't tell where you met it, but it was at level xx.’ 
    (Where xx can be anything from 2 to 63).



    Note: For some strange reason all the non-Egg Pokes given away from the
    Center have the characteristic that if you ask the Poke Seer about them
    she will tell you that they are special and were caught at Level 5 even
    though you received them at higher levels.
    My though about this is that as the Caught Level can only go from 2 to 63
    they choose to establish the Level 5 minimum since Mewtwo was at Level 70
    and it was impossible to make the Poke Seer say a Level higher than 63.


    That’s it! You have a brand new Poke just like the ones from the Poke   
    Center without having to go to neither New York or Japan! ^___^

I know that some people may criticize me because of this but I have only one
thing to say. I would love to go to the Pokemon Center and receive the
original ones but I can’t and many other people too! Consider that there are
only three Pokemon Center around the globe to satisfy a Pokemon Community that
is not concentrated in a single place. That’s it!

Note: I’m not responsible of any corrupted data or deleted saved games. If you
don’t know how to exactly operate a GameShark (it isn’t that hard!) don’t try
using this codes.


I had some free time and I had the idea of analyzing every special Pokemon 
that was given at the Pokemon Center. Hope you like it! 

Bulbasaur       Ancientpower
Ancientpower is such a great move and Bulbasaur doesn’t learn any really good
move by breeding so this is definitely a MUST HAVE! Even though Venasaur could
take down Charizard or Moltres with this move I wouldn’t say it is wise to let
him battle against the flames ...

Charmander      Crunch
Though one! Crunch is the best Dark attack and Charmander learns Bite, 
Ancientpower and Rock Slide among others by breeding so the choice here is
hard. Charizard with Crunch is pretty cool so it’s a good addition to you
battle collection. 

Squirtle        Zap Cannon
Zap Cannon? Maybe the fact that can paralyze (if hits!) it’s vital but not
counting that Squirtle learns Haze and Mirror Coat by breeding! And if you
want to inflict paralysis you can’t go wrong with Body Slam! Keep the regular

Chikorita       Petal Dance
Look at the Dancing Chikorita! Two/three turns and it’s already confused! 
Chikorita learns the great Ancientpower by breeding, Giga Drain is a TM or you
just can attach Bitter Berry to get rid of the confusion. Your call!

Cyndaquil       Double-Edge
Cynda really needed a strong normal attack. Since he can learn both Return and
Strength by TM, Double-Edge is a nice addition to his normal type attacks! And
as Cynda doesn’t learn anything really useful through breeding you should get
one with Double-Edge!

Totodile        Submission
For Fighting attacks in Totodile you only have Dynamic Punch! Ok, ok! You keep
Submission! But Totodile learns Ancientpower and Crunch through breeding ... 
so it’s your call here. Rock, Dark or Fighting?

Delibird        Pay Day
Don’t want to comment this one! It’s pathetic and unfunny! 

Psyduck         Petal Dance
Psyduck with Petal Dance? Well, it’s a good idea to beat other Water Pokes
since he can’t learn any Electric attack. But if you want to beat Rock or 
Ground Pokes Psyduck can always learn Hydro Pump or Surf! 

Pichu           Petal Dance
Ok, Pichu’s family is a step ahead of every other Electric Poke in matter of
move types that they can learn! Only Fire and Rock missing! ^___^ This move is
pretty cool against those pesky Rock/Ground Pokes that always come out when
there is an Electric type attacking! With this AND Surf (yes! Pika can learn
both! Take your Petal Dancing Pikachu to the Stadium 1 and get Surf!) Pika is
really great!

Cleffa          Petal Dance
Not too much to analyze here. Since Cleffa’s family can learn lots of TMs
There is no need for Petal Dance in Cleffa’s arsenal.

Igglybuff       Petal Dance
The same than above. Iggly’s family learns too much TMs ...

Smoochum        Petal Dance
Jynx with Petal Dance will do well against Water and Rock types, most of the
types Jynx have problems to deal with. Even though the confusion works against
her since her durability in battle is not good, not to mention her Defense

Pichu           Sing
Another move to increase the Pichu’s family power. I’m aware that sing is not
that good but some people like to take the chances. 

Cleffa          Swift
Since Swift is a TM that Cleffa’s family can’t learn this is a good addition!
Swift receives STAB from Cleffa’s type and is unaffected by Accuracy/Evade
modifiers! This is a Poke to get right away!

Igglybuff       Mimic
Mimic is a TM in RBY and Jiggly can learn it so here the real deal is if you
are going to ever use Igglybuff in battle, not to mention that Mimic isn’t
that great at all. 

Smoochum        Metronome
Just like I said before, Jynx can learn Metronome is RBY, so this move is only
for Smoochum. Again, are you ever going to use Smoochum in a real battle? 
Maybe if playing Little Cup ... and for additional fun you want to use

Elekid          Pursuit
Not that great but since the only Dark attack that Elekid can learn is Thief
... your choice here. But remember that keeping Pursuit won’t let you have two
great moves for Elekid, Barrier and Cross Chop.

Magby           Faint Attack
Just like Swift but Dark type. Magby only learns one Dark attack, Thief. 
Pretty much like Elekid. Faint Attack over Thief? Magby can learn Barrier and
Cross Chop through breeding too so ...

Nidoran (f&m)   Lovely Kiss
One of the best sleeping moves (tied with Sleep Powder) on one of the Pokemons
that learn most of the TMs! A pity that Nidos don’t have real durability in
battle but anyway it’s a great addition to your collection.

Nidoran (f&m)   Sweet Kiss
This is your choice. There are people that prefer Confusion over Sleep and 
vice versa. Personally I like Sleep. Great Poke though.

Bellsprout      Lovely Kiss
Bellsprout already has Sleep Powder so this move is just for fun (I suppose 
that James’ Victrebell knows Lovely Kiss! ^___^) but if you choose Kiss over
Powder you will lose Synthesis!

Bellsprout      Sweet Kiss
Nice addition to Bell! Not really necessary but you could use it.

Psyduck         Tri Attack
Tri Attack? I don’t see the connection here! Ok, now you can burn, paralyze or
froze with Psyduck. Weird.

Poliwag         Growth
At first I though this move was for fun but actually could help Poli! Since
their ‘only’ weaknesses are Grass, Electric, Psychic and Flying with Growth
you can protect against three of this! You still have to watch out for flying
attacks though. 

Note: Thanks to HRA about this! I made a mistake here since Growth rises
Special Attack and not Special Defense as I thought! Here is his comment:

HRA: ‘If you want a move to rises Poliwag’s Special Defense you can get
Amnesia through Leveling up in RBY versions at Level 38. Growth is not that
useful on Poli after all.’

Tentacool       Confuse Ray
Average Stats and a decent variety of attacks. And now Confuse Ray? I take it!
If you can get one I suggest you doing it. I want one!

Horsea          Haze
Another Hazer! Kingdra could use some Haze power! This is surely a MUST HAVE
to everyone (especially Kingdra users!) considering that selecting the fourth
move for Kingdra is always a problem due his lack of attack types.

Goldeen         Swords Dance
Not really that useful ... I mean Goldeen! ^___^

Magikarp        Reversal
What can I say about this? Magikarp finally got four attacks! ^___^

Lapras          Bite
Bite is the only Dark type move that Lapras can get so you have to conform to
that. The moves that Lapras can learn through breeding aren’t that great
anyway (Aurora Beam and Foresight) but there are excellent Movesets for Lapras
without Bite. Your choice again.

Chinchou        Light Screen
If Chinchou could get Reflect instead Light Screen it would be really
terrific! Ok, ok! I know that Light Screen helps against Grass types but let’s
be realistic! How many people use Grass types moves compared to the Ground
shaking move, Earthquake? See what I mean? 

Marill          Dizzy Punch
Another Dizzy Puncher! Not that Marril or Azumarril could use it brilliantly
but unless is a change from overused Return-Frustration and Double-Edge.

Wooper          Belly Drum
Quagsire could be a really pain in the ass if he could get this move at full
power! Having Belly Drum cancels Quagsire from learning Body Slam or 
Ancientpower through breeding. Even though he still can get Curse that works
similar to Belly Drum. Not that good for me.

Remoraid        Mist
With Mist Remoraid is done ... for the frying pan! 

Mantine         Gust
Another fun Poke with fun attack! Not really useful for anything! Gust sucks
and Mantine isn’t that good either. 

Marill          Hydro Pump
I was surprised to see this one! I supposed that Marril could learn Hydro Pump
by leveling up ... obviously I was wrong (once again! ^___^) Not that good in
accuracy but the most powerful water move. But Marril can’t get Light Screen
through breeding if he has Hydro Pump. I should keep the regular one but as
always, is your call.

Yanma           Steel Wing
Ugh! Yanma and with Steel Wing? What’s the idea? Never playing Pokemon again?
Again, just for fun and making your Pokemon list larger.

Dunsparce       Horn Drill
Niahh! Dunsparce isn’t good at all and now they give him Horn Drill in a last
effort to make him better? No chance I’m going to use this Pokemon ever! (I 
will cry a lot if someone beat me with a Horn Drilling Dunsparce!) ^___^

Snubull         Lovely Kiss
If Snub could get Lovely Kiss normally he would be a perfect replacement for
Blissey like a Heal Beller or a Sleeper! 

Qwilfish        Double-Edge
This fish learns Take Down by leveling up and Haze through breeding. If you
want Haze stick to Take Down, if Haze not necessary you could take 
Double-Edge. Not useful though.

Remoraid        Amnesia
This fish really could use Amnesia! He has a really low Special Defense Stat 
and as it is a pure Water type is weak to both Grass and Electric ... I don’t
know why I bother explaining this because no one is going to use Remoraid

Nidoran (f&m)   Moonlight/Morning Sun
Great moves in great Pokes! I think that both should learn Moonlight (because
of the Moon Stone and all that!) but as the moves do exactly the same it 
doesn’t really matter. A MUST HAVE in every collection!

Chansey         Sweet Scent
Ummm! With Sweet Scent Chansey should be able to use both Sing and Zap Cannon
(not counting Dynamic Punch because she has such a crappy Attack stat!) but
since Chansey is commonly used like Heal Beller and can’t learn Heal Bell if 
she has Sweet Scent ... your choice.

Kanghaskhan     Faint Attack 
The Maternal Pokemon learns only one Dark attack, Bite, by leveling up. You 
can choose between Bite and Faint Attack because the moves Kangas can get
through breeding aren’t that great (maybe you could use Safeguard). Still I
would get one of this!

Tauros          Quick Attack
Come on! Give me a Tauros con ExtremeSpeed! With Tauros natural high speed 
Quick Attack is a joke! Even getting STAB from Normal type doesn’t make this
move enough for Tauros.

Dratini         Hydro Pump
Now the old Dragon can choose between Hydro Pump or Surf! Remember that having
Hydro Pump wouldn’t let you have Haze, Light Screen or ExtremeSpeed 
(obviously! ^___^)

Spearow         Sonic Boom
Wow! Sonic Boom! 20 HP down! Now I finally can beat anyone with my mighty 
Fearow! ^___^

Farfetch'd      Fury Cutter
First Baton Pass and now Fury Cutter? I bet most of us never used the Baton
Passing Farfetch´d, am I right? If they keep giving Farf this kind of moves we
will never have a chance to play with the bird!

Doduo           Low Kick 
This one could be useful! With the Flinching ability of Low Kick and the high
Speed Stat of Dodrio you can expect a few extra attacks! 

Natu            Safeguard
Pretty useful attack and with Xatu’s speed it’s even better! And you are not
losing too much with the breeding (Drill Peck isn’t any good with Xatu’s
Attack). Another MUST HAVE.

Murkrow         Beat Up
Murkrow needs an evolution right now! With his Stats and the lame variety of
attacks that can learn not even having Beat Up will make any better. Only for

Skarmory        Fury Cutter
Skarmory could use some new moves ... but not like this! Fury Cutter in 
Skarmory is as useless as Sonic Boom in Spearow!

Magnamite       Agility
Magneton with great speed? I can’t see the use of that even though Magneton is
one of the slowest Electric Pokes (the only slower are Ampharos and Lanturn)
and with Agility this can be reversed. As Magnamite/ton are genderless there
isn’t any move that you could get through breeding. 

Voltorb         Agility
What?! Electrode is fast enough (the fastest Pokemon indeed!) so Agility is
useless here. But as Electrode is genderless and can’t learn any moves by
breeding this is just an add-on.

Pichu           Scary Face
Pichu’s family is sure the one that has been given away most! This means even
more moves to chose from! Not that Scary Face is that useful ...

Cleffa          Scary Face
Buuuh! Now I’m scared! ^___^

Igglybuff       Scary Face
Igllybuff is somehow even more obnoxiously cute that Jigglypuff so I can’t
understand who is it possible to scare any opponent!

Marill          Scary Face 
Would love to know who its pre evolution looks doing a Scary Face! ^___^

Wooper          Scary Face
Quagsire could use some first attack power since it can learn a really wide
variety of cool moves. The best choice among the Halloween’s.

Ponyta          Low Kick
Nice addition to Ponyta’s family! Low Kick is much better that Double Kick
(learnable through breeding) and it can cause flinching! Must have!

Tangela         Synthesis
Tangela is (with Sunflora!) the worst Grass Poke! It may be the only RBY Grass
type but that isn’t enough! Synthesis makes it a little more useful but not
that much!

Misdreavus      Hypnosis
Finally the last Ghost got Hypnosis! Misdreavus can learn Nightmare AND Dream
Eater through TMs so Hypnosis is a good addition. A pity that this little 
Ghost is far from usable in a real battle ...

Larvitar        Rage
Whaaat!? I want a Larvitar with Confuse Ray!!
Onix            Sharpen
Maybe some people would prefer Sharpen (Attack up) over Curse (Attack and 
Defense Up, Speed Down) but I take Curse since Onix doesn’t need (nor have)

Krabby          Metal Claw
Since Cross Chopping Krabby hasn’t been confirmed yet we will have to conform
to Metal Claw. Steel moves are super effective against Rock and Ice. Kingler
can get rid of Rock types easily but could use some help against Ice Pokes. 
Your choice.

Staryu          Twister
Since Twister is only slightly useful on Dragon types you don’t need it on
Staryu. And remember that Staryu can’t learn any move trough breeding!

Lapras          Future Sight
Good old Lapras has a new move! Future Sight inflicts damage after a few turns
and is considered as typeless damage. Nice addition. 

Abra            Foresight
Foresight lets Ghost be damaged by Normal and Fighting moves and nullifies any
Evade modifiers. The first part is not that useful since most Ghosts are part
Poison and Abra’s family can deal easily with them. But Abra could use the
Evade modifier part. Your choice.

Drowzee         Amnesia
Amnesia is not as good as it used to be in RBY ... but you can trade back 
Drowzee and have a great Hypno with Amnesia in RBY!

Exeggcute       Sweet Scent
I personally don’t use much Sweet Scent so is up to you.

Mr.Mime         Mind Reader
Ummm ... the only low accuracy moves that Mr. Mime can learn is Hypnosis, Zap
Cannon and DynamicPunch! 

Zubat           Flail
Crobat and Jolteon are the fastest Pokemons that can learn Flail. With some
luck and little HP you can deal loads of damage! Must have!

Machop          Thrash
A 90 Damage, Normal type move that doesn’t lets you select your next move for
two-three turns and after that your Pokemon is Confused? Naaahh! Machop family
can learn the great Body Slam in RBY! Go with it!

Geodude         Rapid Spin
Ok, watching a Geodude using Rapid Spin could be even funny ... but a Golem!

Cubone          Fury Attack
Fury Attack? Come on! Good old Marowak could use something like Cross Chop!

Seel            Flail
Dewgong can have up to 383 HP so Flail is a double edged weapon since his
speed is not that good and it would be risky to try Flail when the opponent
is faster. 
Swinub          Whirlwind
I personally use Whirlwind and Roar a lot. I'm not sure how much Swinub or
Piloswine can stand before fainting but I guess you should try it.

Delibird        Spikes
Well, since Delibird doesn't learn many moves by Leveling Up (only Present!)
and the ones that can learn through breeding aren´t that good either (Splash
is one of them!) Spikes is a nice add on. A pity that the stats are not even
average ...

HootHoot        Night Shade 
With Night Shade you wouldn’t need Foresight to hit Ghost types! Like the idea
even though Noctowl is rather underused.

Sneasel         Moonlight
Nice addition to this Dark Pokemon! Low stats though ...

Oddish          Leech Seed
One of the best Center Pokemons! Oddish family only needed Leech Seed to be
the Ultimate Absorbing Machine! Think about a Vileplume/Belossom with this
moveset: Leech Seed/Toxic/GigaDrain/StunSpore(or SleepPowder if you prefer)
I know it isn't great against other Grass or Poison Pokemons but is rather
useful with the rest! Love this one! A MUST HAVE!

Paras           Synthesis
With Synthesis and Spore, Parasect could be unstoppable BUT with a 4x Fire
weakness and a 4x Flying weakness I think it will be a problem.

Hoppip          Agility
Since Jumpluff is the fastest Grass Pokemon, Agility is useless here.

Sunkern         Splash
Yik! When you though that Sunkern couldn't be more useless!

Lickitung       Double Slap
Not hard to see that Body Slam is infinitely better than Double Slap!

Snorlax         Splash
Behold! If Curselaxs were a pain to get rid of Splashlaxs will be even more
difficult! Think about it! After you use Splash with Snorlax your opponent
will be laughting so much that winning that battle is a piece of cake! ^__^

Sentret         Dizzy Punch
Poor Kangaskhan! Dizzy Punch was once its trade mark attack (just like Lugia's
Aeroblast or Paras/Parasect's Spore) and now everyone can learn it! From Pichu
to Jynx and now Furret. Dizzy Punch is a nice addition to its moveset but not
really necesary since it can get Slash and Double-Edge through breeding.

Aipom           Mimic
Never liked or used Mimic a lot ... neither Aipom!

Stantler        Safeguard
Useful move but since Stantler learns other great moves like Light Screen or
Reflect through breeding you should choice what you prefer/need.

Miltank         Mega Kick
Mega Kick is a very powerful move (even more in Miltank!) but it has to main
downsides. It has only 5 PP (8 if you use some PP UPs) and its accuracy is
below average, 75%. That means that you will hit aproximately 3 times in 4
uses ... thats still lot of damage!! And as Miltank doesn't have great
bredding moves this is a MUSTA HAVE!

Machop          False Swipe
With the incredible attack power that Machamp has, False Swipe makes him a
perfect catcher! Its a pity that he can't put to sleep his opponents though.
And False Swipe isn't a move you would want on a Championship ...

Magikarp        Bubble
Magikarp is now able to decently attack! Can you believe it? Cool! And they 
say that the Center Pokemons are all useless! ^___^

Tyrogue         Rage
Not much to analyse here, Rage sucks and it is a poor addition to the Hitmon
family. They could use something like Vital Throw or so ... but Rage?!

Note: If you have any comments about my opinions or want to say something 
about any Poke mail me so I can add it to this section.


I want to thank many people that made this FAQ possible!

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Thanks a lot for a bunch of new info about up coming promotions!

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And really special thanks to Mike for having my FAQ at his page!
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HRA for realizing of a mistake in ‘In my Opinion’ Section. Looks like even my
opinions are all wrong! =P

MasterSnorlax for most the info about the Distribution Machine and for 
confirming some Pokes. 

MonsterAtomic for some corrections and giving me a clue to guess the name of a
week (Every Poke in that week is a swarmer Poke!)

LiLcHicHi from PokemonForever Forums for many moves! 

EliteBruno for some corrections on Poke moves! And for being such an excellent
person! (It's good to have friends in NY!)

If I'm missing someone please tell me! I can't remember everyone, can I? ^___^


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