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What is it?

StarDrive is an astronomical "virtual planetarium" program and can be used for drawing realistic image of the sky. StarDrive is a full-screen DirectX application with non-Windows GUI. Therefore, simply using the properties of a graphic accelerator StarDrive more realistically draws galaxies and nebula, and does it quickly and smoothly - the main advantage over other planetarium program.

MaximizeA field of galaxies association in Coma (when using PGC catalogue).

See also the Typical view and the Cluster.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • Pentium III - class processor with 800 MHz clock, or more

  • 128M byte RAM, or more

  • 3D–accelerator with 16M byte RAM, or more

Software Requirements:

  • DirectX 8.1

  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP(not recommended)

Version 2.11

What's new:

  • Correct drawing of 3D-planets.

  • Lighting of the planets (however, there isn't a correct terminator yet ).

  • Textures of Jupiter's satellites (Io, Europe, Ganymede, Callisto).

  • Problem correction: an azimuth of the Earth's satellites and the planets, Az/Alt-track of the Earth's satellites.

  • To be continues...

The Core

Description (2.4 Mb)

The trial version of StarDrive without catalogues.
I have separated the core from the catalogues for these reasons:
  • You already have the needed catalogues from an old StarDrive version, or another programs.
  • You want to download only needed catalogues.

You can download the needed catalogues in the following ways:

  1. From To do this, see Help's Appendices.
  2. From this site (see below).

A full list of supported by StarDrive catalogues see in the Help's Appendices. (2.8 Mb) The 1024x512-textures of the planets (including the Sun and the Moon) by James Hastings-Trew. Unzip and replace the default planets3D.img. (1.5 Mb) The 1024x512-textures of the Jupiter's satellites (Io, Europe, Ganymede, Callisto) by Björn Jónsson. Unzip and replace the default planetsJS.img.
msvcrt.dll, msvcp60.dll This run-time DLLs are also needed (check - they may be already present on your computer in the 'c:\windows\system' folder).
 The catalogues

Description (600 Kb) Unzip to the \star folder. (See Help's Appendix A). (12 Kb) (240 Kb) Unzip to the \nso folder.  (See Help's Appendix B). (500 Kb) (2.1 Mb) (756 Kb) (12 Kb) (23 Kb) (37 Kb)

How to order

The trial version of StarDrive is identical to the complete product, with the following exceptions: the asteroids, comets and Earth's satellites are not available.

StarDrive License ($50) - one copy for single user.

The Secure Order Form for StarDrive can be found at:
If you are having difficulty accessing RegSoft secure server, please visit:


If you are a registered user of StarDrive you may upgrade at no charge to any newer release. Just download the latest release of StarDrive and install it without uninstalling the previous version. This will preserve your registration.

If the registration code is no longer present on your system just re-enter it like the first time and restart the program.

If for any reason your registration code becomes invalid or lost just send an e-mail to together with the details of your previous registration. You will receive a new code via e-mail at no charge as soon as I have validated your old registration data.


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