"CrossWord" This is an interactive Java applet. You can create your own CrossWords and save them into a Database. You can read CrossWords of other registered users and save them into the DB for next using.

Applet is rated in JARS RATINGS LIST with the name Crossword (VD6-1) (Applet, Puzzles) 02/17/2001

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Applet CrossWord


"abovewater" This applet is a water simulator. You can see as the drop is falling on it.
Applet drop


"waterfall" This applet is a waterfall simulator. You can see moving waterfall.
Applet Waterfall


"city" This applet shows a city map with animated cars, buses and trams.
Applet City


"spider" This is animated spider in the world wide web. He is like a guard of honour at WWW :-)


"maps" This is a city map. It is divided by districts with red borders. If you click on the one of it, you'll see the district map.
Applet Maps


"xmas" Welcome to this house ! This is a warm, funny house with the NEW YEAR TREE. There is cold outdoors and the window is always covered by rime. You can remove it dragging the mouse.
Applet Xmas


"jalousie" This is animated banner. It looks like the simulator of jalousie.
Applet Jalousi


"tree" This is animated NEW YEAR TREE.
Applet NewYearTree


"watch" If you forgot what time it is now, you should look at this applet. This is animated watch. It shows the time of users computer. REALLY :-)
Applet Watch


"flowers" Look at these flowers. They are growing very quickly, because these are animated growing flowers.
Applet Flowers


"announcement" This is a notice board which shows announcements from the server.
Applet Announcement

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