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Notice how slow the media is to give press coverage
So, there are TWO (2) Bad Guys:
Uncle Sam AND the PRESS!

** IRS abuses finally get noticed!
** HRS abuses -- they happen, both in leaving kids in BAD homes and taking kids out of LOVING, GOOD homes! Do they get much press coverage?
** Have we forgotten the Japanese Americans who were oppressed during World War II? Has the press given them a fair coverage? I don't recall.
** Media took about 70 years to report on the ROSEWOOD incident in which a small Black Town was destroyed by prejudiced White people acting on a false rumor. Thank God, it's a well known movie now, even if it has a fictitious character -- MUCH BETTER THAN NOTHING! WE NOW REMEMBER.
** And, what about the horrors of the Tuskeegee horror "tests" to see if Black men could fend off Venereal Diseases? WHERE WERE YOU BIG MEDIA when we so desperately needed you?!?
** Why so slow to report on denial of voting rights of women and Blacks, and other minorities? We haven't even discussed open or subtle prejudices. Where were you then, Big paper and TV?
** Media is slow to report on police harassment until it is ugly -- obviously too slow with the cameras?
** DURING World War II, Big Mediae, where were you all? You knew of the HORRORS and ABUSES endured by German Jews, and the lesser known trade unionists, whose unionizing activities drew the actions of The 3rd Reich and Germany's Military Police! We did not worry about these abuses until it became OUR problem at Pearl Harbor! Of course, what the Japanese did was wrong, but, folks, we needed a wake up call. Do we need another one?

These people's arrogance result in babies in mothers bodies to be killed with the kids in uterus via ** abortion **. We know, also, that it is against the law to kill another person unless it is to save the life of someone. Abortion usually is not legally justifiable homicide. Sorry to touch on such a "hot" topic, but it is important. Even those few babies who are a product of rape and incest (like, if a brother rapes his sister) -- even those kids usually turn out normal. Ask any biologists that know: many animals are bred brother-sister and produce NORMAL offspring; and, many persons are the product of cousin marriages (a full 25% as close as brother-sister incest instances!) -- yet, almost all those kids turn out normal.

I am a product of a cousin marriage, and I am normal. For more info on abortion, you can visit the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform web site at here in Tallahassee. (Be sure to click on the BACK "<--" key to get back to my web site.)

Did I say there were two (2) bad guys? (The Gov't and The Media) I forgot one: you and I remained silent. I'm 33 years old & not old enough to have known. WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?

Will we ever learn?

** Did the press give coverage for "Gulf War Syndrome" early on, when the army denied the obvious link between Armed Service and Illness? And, what about the ** Agent Orange tragedy ??? Asleep at the switch then too?

News Flash! New!
** Media reports reveal that at the the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, the raid by ATF and FBI agents on crazy religious cult leader & alleged child molester, David Koresh -- these GOVERNMENT AGENTS fired potentially flammable tear-gas devices! What's worse is that this tear gas was really not all that explosive or dangerous, but and yet it took six long years for the FBI to admit to this. Now, I'm not a conspiracy freak (really), but this does make me wonder: if they had a problem with something so small, then what else are they covering up?!??? Things that make you go "hmmmm..."

** Was the Cassini probe launched by NASA a danger? If it were, would we have found out?
** Oh, yeah, you think that what happened to me can't happen to you, but are you impervious and for sure right? I believe most people would've cracked or crumbled & whigged out long before me -- I mean, really, who has the gumption to say "NO NO! That is Forrest Gump's money, not mine! I can work. (or get high college grades ... or support myself ... you get the picture).

Re.: Social Security
They not only waste our tax $Dollars$, but they threaten whistle blowers. Now, that's a fine and dandy way to see our tax dollars be spent. Also, don't forget the above mentioned stuff: When one doesn't learn from History, then History repeats itself.

If you're not mad at the press by now, then you are slow and simple. Has the cat got your tongue?

If you don't care that Social Security is headed towards bankruptcy in the year 2029, and you don't care about these other abuses, then ignore my news alert.

-->> NEW Scary stuff:

Here is a small excerpt from MAINSTREAM.
"It is no exaggeration to say that those labeled mentally ill are among the most oppressed people on earth. Throughout history, and in almost every society, people seen as "lunatics," insane," demented," or any of a dozen other derogatory labels have been ostracized, imprisoned, tortured, and sometimes even killed." MAINSTREAM goes on to say:

"The Nazi genocide of people with disabilities began with those who were mentally disabled, while some of the most enthusiastic supporters of "eugenic euthanasia" were psychiatrists and mental health professionals."

"Furthermore, many of the "treatments" used on those labeled "mentally ill," past and present, can best be described as torture. These include forced incarceration and isolation, forced drugging, four-point restraint, electroshock, insulin shock, and even surgical mutilation such as lobotomy."

I will quote only one more paragraph here, so I don't violate copyright laws, but this much was necessary to show you the unseen dangers hiding in our own backyard. MAINSTREAM quotes one expert with first-hand experience:
" "My experiences with the psychiatric system go back 30 years [to when she just wanted some counseling and got more than she bargained for]," says Judith Chamberlain. "A lot of people say, 'Oh, it doesn't happen like that anymore.' But I know from all the advocacy work that I do that it still does happen." "

(Source: MAINSTREAM: MAGAZINE OF THE ABLE-DISABLED. June/July 1998 Issue. "Shrink Rap" Article by Fred Pelka. Page 22.)