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Saturday, 21 June 2008 STRANGE BUT TRUE News: Someone, probably a lawyer who frequents Topix.com, caught snooping net about Register editor's Unemployment Comp case. - Gordon Watts, this paper's editor and main (but not only) writer, did a routine check of our web logs and saw unusual activity of a Google.com web search on his recent unemployment comp case (sometimes cited as an example of how judges break their own rules). The writer of "Post #219" on May 8, 2008 by a Winter Park, Florida lawyer, who calls herself "Boohil," is believed to be the person searching for updates on Watts' case. Whether true or not, Watts has posted a copy online (here and here) of the motion for rehearing to satisfy curious readers -and offer support of his claims of judicial misconduct. (Editor's note: The online personality referred to above has, just now, offered this clarification: "I acknowledged (over 6 weeks ago), that I saw a couple of your unemployment comp case filings included in some Google search results (a search conducted a couple of weeks before that discussion). I've conducted no "VERY RECENT" Google searches which would have included any results related to you. There's your clarification.")

Thursday, 19 June 2008 BREAKING NEWS:
Thursday, 19 June 2008 More BREAKING NEWS:
Gordon Watts to run for State Congress
"Write-in" for RON PAUL may not count

LAKELAND, FL (The Register) June 19, 2008 - "Exclusive" to The Register: The Ron Paul presidential campaign (1-800-RON-PAUL) has just now informed The Register of its thoughts on a "write in" campaign for Ron Paul's presidential bid, in response to a Register inquiry whether he was properly registered as a "write-in" candidate in all 50 states. Jesse, who sees Rep. Paul on a daily basis, informed this reporter that Dr. Paul, who has suspended his campaign, is not registered as a write in candidate in some states, due chiefly to the requirement by some states that a candidate for a major party agree to not run as a 3rd party candidate.

What this means in "plain English" is simple: Ron Paul supporters who attempt to "write in" his name will void their votes if they live in any of those states where he is not properly registered to be a "write in" candidate, thus the conventional wisdom suggests that a Ron Paul supporter might, instead, cast his or her vote for a properly registered 3rd party candidate. The leading 3rd parties and candidates most closely aligned with Dr. Paul's political views are as follows:

* CONSTITUTION PARTY: Chuck Baldwin (Florida), Presidential Nominee; Darrell Castle (Tennessee), Vice Presidential Nominee

* GREEN PARTY: No declared candidate as yet

* INDEPENDENT PARTY (in some states) / INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE: Ralph Nader (Connecticut), Presidential Nominee; Matt Gonzalez (California), Vice Presidential Nominee

* LIBERTARIAN PARTY: Former Congressman Bob Barr (Georgia), Presidential Nominee; Wayne Allyn Root (Nevada), Vice Presidential Nominee

Register editor-in-chief, Gordon Watts, requested that Jesse ask Dr. Paul to issue a public statement press release about his write-in status, so that voters (in particular, Ron Paul supporters) might be better informed when deciding whether a write-in of Ron Paul would be a wasted vote. Watts also asked Jesse to put in a request that Dr. Paul give his supporters options and information about other properly-registered candidates -and possibly endorse one.

We are expecting the Paul campaign to issue a public statement soon, in response to our inquiry, to address these matters.

(Editor's note: The statement that this was an "exclusive" to The Register was based on the fact that, to our knowledge, no other news source, to date, has addressed the "write-in" eligibility issue of Dr. Paul.)

Gordon Watts to run for State Congress

LAKELAND, FL (The Register) June 19, 2008 - Register editor-in-chief, Gordon Watts, has, just today, announced his run for the House of Representatives, District 64 of "Imperial" Polk County, Lakeland, Florida.

(THR, July 17, 2008 - Related Election Coverage news: Misc. Polk Stats.)

Late last night, Register researchers discovered that Florida's primaries are not closed in some instances -such as the present situation in the Dist. 64 House race, being vacated by Incumbent, Dennis Ross, who is prevented by term limits from running again. This race features Republicans Jack English, Kelli Stargel, and Phil Walker, big names in the Republican politics of Lakeland and "Imperial" Polk County; however, to date, there has not been a Democratic candidate.

This situation, in which no Democratic challenger has stepped forward, effectively means that the primary winner would win the open seat -by default -and result in a winner who was not voted on by anyone but registered Republican voters.

Florida lawmakers, however, allow the Republican primary to be "open" to all voters -including registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters -in this circumstance, using the logic that all voters must be able to vote for a candidate. Some are opposed to the law, however, saying that it is a primaries should not be open to outsiders -since they are not a member of the party.

Still others suggest that if the Democrats (who are the minority party in conservative-leaning POLK) are not brave enough to field a candidate, then they have no moral high ground to demand to be able to vote in the otherwise closed Republican primaries.

However, a "loophole" in the law would close the primaries -and shut out Democrat voters if an eligible "write in" candidate declared his candidacy for the post. This law was written to allow the "write-in" candidate to face a "properly" chosen candidate in the general election.

ENTER GORDON WATTS: Mr. Watts, discovering this loophole, was outraged that the "openness/closedness" of a primary could be affected by a mere "write-in" candidate, someone who doesn't have to pay a filing fee at all. Thus, Watts filed as a "write in" just today, in order to bring this problem to light. Watts feels that the primary process should not be so delicate and sensitive to this situation -where just any "write in" candidate, without paying a filing fee, could change the primary rules "on a whim," as was quoted as saying.

The "write in" process was made free because the lawmakers envisioned the government getting out of control, and wanted to keep the doors open to all candidates -even those who do not have many financial assets. While Watts agrees with this -and is running on the platform of "election law change," he feels that the primaries should either be open or closed -but not both, and not dependant on the actions of a non-party member -such as is the case today. For an official statement from Gordon Watts on where he stands on the issues, please visit his official campaign page:

* http://www.GordonWayneWatts.com/Campaign.html
* http://www.GordonWatts.com/Campaign.html

Wednesday, 14 May 2008 -Editorial: How Hillary Might Win - AOL mirror - GeoCities mirror - Personal site mirror - Alt. mirror

Thursday, 20 March 2008 - MISC. News: 'FLASH' Gordon's favourite Old Skool Hip-Hop RAP artists & groups! Old School favs list - click here

Monday, 10 March 2008 - CURRENT News:Three new 'link' resources are being added today.

**            ** First, my friend, Alan Collinge, has started Student Loan Justice, a Political Action Committee (PAC) representing students before our elected official -get this -with regard to student loans. In case you don't know, many debts (such as credit card debts) can be forgiven by way of bankruptcy, but student loans typically can NOT be forgiven except in these four ways:

(1) Paying off the loan in full (including interest, which can drive up the total loan greatly); (2) Certain types of volunteer work, military service, or teaching or practicing medicine in certain types of communities; (3) If the borrower becomes totally and permanently disabled; and, lastly, (4) If the student borrower passes away (dies). Huh...? You mean a person who gets in debt through drugs and credit card debt has more bankruptcy protection than students trying to better themselves? Yes, if we are to believe this official 'Stafford Loan' website, which, under its "Circumstances and Conditions for Loan Discharge" header, clearly states that: "(Typically, student loans cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy.) Consult your legal counsel regarding your particular situation."

The Student Loan Justice "PAC" was, according to the official website (click here), formed in December, 2006. Their PAC provides a counterweight to the big lenders in Congress, who regularly donate millions of dollars every election cycle to our elected officials -no doubt, in hopes of reducing or eliminating "consumer protections" for low-income student borrowers. Alan's organization was featured in a recent CNN story (click here). Their official website is: http://www.StudentLoanJustice.org.

**            ** Second, Mr. Joseph L. DelGado, a paralegal in the Altamonte Springs / Winter Park area of Central Florida (near Orlando), and one of The Register's readers, is asking for signatures related to Pro Se litigants' difficulties in court. This petition is not like most online petitions: It uses a "real life" signature verification -where you actually sign, so it carries more weight -and is less easily forged -than most "online" petitions. "Pro Se" refers to persons who represents themselves in court -without a lawyer: "Pro Se" definition -See also: www.pro-selaw.org. Mr. DelGado's organization, PEOPLE UNITED FOR LEGAL SYSTEM EQUALITY (PULSE), looks hopeful, since he apparently has 27 years of experience as a paralegal. His petition, motivated in part by personal experiences, can be found at: http://www.gopetition.com/online/11773.html and seeks reform and improvements of the current status of the legal system.

**            ** Third, another reader, James in Florida, has asked us to give press coverage to Lauren Richardson's situation. At first, The Register was reluctant to do so, because even after intense coverage on Terri Schiavo's situation, not unlike Laura's, it appeared that the power of the press was ignored. However, James' constant efforts on behalf of Lauren, who is most likely not PVS, are inspiring, even to those who have long given up hope that "the system" can be made to work. This writer has viewed clips of Lauren on a Fox Network interview, posted on You Tube, and -from what little can be seen of her -she does not appear to be PVS. Her official website is: http://www.LifeForLauren.org. Additionally, there exists a radio interview about Ms. Lauren Richardson: http://f2a.org/radio/2008-02-12.ram, although the first part of the broadcast deals with other issues. Advance the time-bar to about 22 min 45 sec (total Program is about: 54 min 08.1 sec) to hear this program.

While this seems to be a "hopeless" case, let us not forget that many others were declared "PVS" or otherwise hopeless -when they were not PVS at all -for example, Kate Adamson, Rev. Rus Cooper-Dowda, mentioned in this St. Pete Times article, and who wrote this booklet and this mini biography. -and Police Sgt. David Mack, just to take three examples. Dr. Ronald Cranford, one of the doctors who declared Terri Schiavo to be "PVS," declared Sgt. Mack to be PVS -and was wrong -as we see:

"CRANFORD: Yes. Yes, in 1979-1980 in a legal case then. I diagnosed Sergeant David Mack (ph) as being in permanent vegetative state and 20 months later he started waking up and he regained consciousness and I've never been able to explain that case." (Source: CNN Official Transcripts.)

Last, but not least, we can not forget Terry Wallis, who was declared to be PVS, hopeless, and a long list of many other bad things -yet he proved them wrong. -The moral of the story is "never say 'never'" when it comes to declaring a person to be a hopeless PVS case. --- That's all for now, folks.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008 - Breaking News: Florida Judicial System makes international news: A British newspaper, here, gives an unbiased report of the account. While all the judges seem corrupt, the general trend is that the more corrupt judges are rewarded more and punished less, and the JQC, set up to police bad judges, is even more corrupt. Truly bizarre -but only in America, where the judiciary is in need of reform. The Judicial Qualifications Commission (aka "JQC"), a "Kanaroo Court" set up to police bad judges, which was in The Register news items below, on March 07 and March 15 of 2005, is at it again: This fine story by the St. Pete Times, was kind enough to quote Register editor, Gordon Watts: -Screen Capture Here-

Tuesday, 28 August 2007 - Breaking News: As reported by Ron Branson, of the national Jail 4 Judges site, Nancy Grant, the director of the Florida Jail 4 Judges branch, has been prosecuted for distribution of copies of the constitution to inmates, an apparent violation of her 1st Amendment Rights of free speech to said inmates. Click here for details from their news room.

Monday, 19 March 2007 - GOD SPEAKS! Through roadside billboard signs? For those theologians who worry about "adding to" and "taking from" the Word of God, don't worry: They all look to line up with the word -and are oft-times quite funny! For more details, click one mirror: Main mirror - Backup mirror - Alternate mirror

Monday, 22 January 2007 - ERATTA:
The Register makes news typo: Hillary not dishonest regarding intentions; See link for retraction.
Saturday, 20 January 2007 - BREAKING NEWS:
Hillary Clinton Caught In Embarrassing Public Lie MAIN MIRROR ~ ALT. MIRROR ~ ALT. "AOL" Mirror

Monday, 23 August 2004 - OLD NEWS: Gordon Watts misses Class of 1984 Plant City Senior High School's 20-year class reunion: For Details, click: here or here (I apologized for missing my High School reunion.)

Thursday, 10 August 2006 - BREAKING NEWS:
The Register has learned that Star Trek, the original series, has begun production with all new episodes of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, with consulting producer Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. As some of the original actors have died, there are new actors, but there are also some returning actors as well, including, but not limited to Walter Koenig (Chekov) and George Takei (Sulu). Picking up in the 4th season, where the series' 3rd season left off in 1969, the Five-Year Mission continues. For further details and free download of current episodes, please see:

******* http://StarTrekNewVoyages.com --click on the front page, and then click on the EPISODES link.

* Remembering Terri Schiavo:

In memory of Theresa Marie "Terri" Schindler-Schiavo

NEW as of Thursday, 06 July 2006:
A thorough legal treatise: The GWW Mirror ~ The AOL Mirror
A thorough moral treatise: The GWW Mirror ~ The AOL Mirror ~ The GEO Mirror

* I lost my bid to save Terri by a 4-3 split decision before the Florida Supreme Court, who denied my rehearing:
http://www.floridasupremecourt.org/clerk/disposition/2005/2/03-2420reh.pdf (A copy of the court's file, here: Case No. SC03-2420.) To put things into perspective, let's look at how well Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, did.
* Jeb Bush went before the same court, and he too tried to save Terri, using different legal tactics. He lost 7-0 in his rehearing:
http://www.floridasupremecourt.org/clerk/disposition/2004/10/04-925reh.pdf (A copy of the court's file, here: Case No. SC04-925.)
* I am a small "nobody," but when we both went before the same panel of judges, on the same issue (let's save Terri), and both asked for a rehearing of our cases, I did markedly better than him or, for that matter, anyone else, but I got paltry press coverage. Can anybody say "biased" or "paparazzi?"

After we were roundly defeated in state court, in what appeared to be a pre-determined outcome, we went to federal court. I am listed on page 17 of 25 of the official court opinion, a large PDF file: http://www.ca11.uscourts.gov/opinions/ops/200511628.pdf. (A copy of the court's file, here: Case No. 05-11628.) The Tampa Tribune also published another opinion from this court, here, listing me as one of the interested parties. The rest, as they say, is history.

NEW as of Wednesday, 25 July 2006: The Low-Down on Stem Cell research: Neither moral nor practical, so it should not be legal: http://gordonwatts.com/StemCell.html ; http://Members.aol.com/gww1210/myhomepage/StemCell.html ; http://www.oocities.org/gordon_watts32313/StemCell.html ; http://gordon_watts.tripod.com/StemCell.html ~~~ NEW as of Wednesday, 17 May 2006: Book/Movie Review of Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code" ; http://gordonwatts.com/DaVinci.html ; http://hometown.aol.com/gww1210/myhomepage/DaVinci.html ; http://www.oocities.org/gordon_watts32313/DaVinci.html

NEW:Wednesday, 05 April 2006The Register does news coverage on John Cummuta's "Turning Debt into Wealth" plan here.
NEW:Friday, 10 March 2006 ** THEOLOGY SECTION:
* JESUS: God or not?
* NEW:Test for Prophets & Spirits: How can you tell the difference between a "prophet of God" and a "false" prophet -or between a "Holy Angel" of God and a "fallen" (demon) spirit? Both possibilities exist, so you must be able to distinguish: 5 Biblical tests to "try the spirits."(Newly Added: Friday, 03 November 2006)
* NEW:Two opposing views on "Praying to Saints" (A CATHOLIC topic) While these two (2) views have validity, only one-and-a-half (1 ½) of them are correct. (Newly Added: Thursday, 13 July 2006)
* GOD: Was he "once a man like us," like Latter Day Saints (Mormons) claim?
* NEW: * THE HOLY GHOST is both a "force" like Jehovah's Witnesses claim and a person like mainstream Protestants claim. Click here for proof.
* Are Michael and Jesus the same person as Jehovah's Witnesses say?
* Is Hell forever torment or mere destruction?
* Is Jesus worthy of worship?
* Is "Soul Sleep" (supported by Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Christadelphianism) true or not?
* Did the Jehovah's Witnesses have doctrinal flip-flops and change their mind on important issues? Ask Google.com or Ask Yahoo.com
* Do Jehovah’s Witnesses mis-translate the Bible?
* Did the Seventh Day Adventists make false predictions? Ask Google.com or Ask Yahoo.com
* Did the Jehovah's Witness organization make false prophecies that did not come to pass? Ask Google.com or Ask Yahoo.com
* Have the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) made false predictions? Ask Google.com or Ask Yahoo.com
* Are Jehovah's Witnesses taught to lie in court? Ask Google.com or Ask Yahoo.com
* NEW: * Is a vegan/vegetarian diet (the individual preference of many Seventh Day Adventists and Latter Day Saints aka Mormons) healthy and Biblical? YES! Click on one of the mirrors for further details: | Hometown/AOL Site | GeoCities Mirror | or the Tripod Backup _\|/_ -~- _\|/_
For a more "printer friendly" version, hit one of these pages: | Hometown/AOL Site | GeoCities Mirror | or the Tripod Backup |

My friend, Rob Cohen's Site about milk supports my own research into dietary practices in the links above: http://www.NotMilk.com

Monday, 24 October 2005 Record Hurricane Season: Why is this happening? - Three competing theories (Editorial) | Hometown / AOL Mirror | | Yahoo! / GeoCities Mirror |

Saturday, 27 August 2005 New link added here with mirrors on AOL.com and Tripod.com: News coverage of "Roe v. Wade" lawyer, Sarah Weddington's 03 Apr. '96 visit to FSU's Lecture Circuit and coverage of the 20 Apr. '99 debate held on whether the HIV virus causes AIDS.

Sunday, 17 July 2005 Editor, Gordon Wayne Watts, busy with other things, has a personal website, not large, but easy to remember, and here it is: GordonWatts.com

Monday, 02 May 2005 "The Concerned Citizens for Judicial Reform (CCJR) in conjunction with other groups and friends of Terri Schindler-Schiavo has organized rallies in Tallahassee, FL and Washington, DC to take place on May 2, 05 beginning at 9AM EST." For details, please log onto: this PRWeb.com press release; or, if you prefer PDF version (takes slightly longer to download), please click: here. Please note that this rally is TODAY, and is formally scheduled to go from 9am to 5pm, and, if you are going to the one in Tallahassee, word on the street has it that it will start in front of the Florida Supreme Court on 500 South Duval Street, which is close enough to the State Capitol, that there are bound to be participants at both places.

Monday, 25 April 2005 Editor's Note: The links sections below have been rearranged and updated. The "Outside Links" switched places with the "Other Links of Interest" to keep the right-hand column from being too long, a spacing consideration for the large amount of content that had been placed there. For further details, scroll down below.

Monday, 11 April 2005 Headlines: New evidence shows that living wills are not effective: "LivingWillsAndPVS.html" Press Release Here

Monday, 04 April 2005 Register editor and reporter, Gordon Watts, has been on special assignment on site at "Ground Zero," the Woodside Hospice, and has traveled to the Federal District courthouse in Tampa, as well as the Pinellas County State's Attorney Office, to continue court action, report, and participate in protests of the various abuses of the disabled patients who, while able to eat and drink, are sometimes denied food and water, not to be confused with feeding tube implements. Staff has been unavailable to update the site but are expected to be back in the office sometime soon. We thank you for your readership and patronization of The Register.

Tuesday, 15 March 2005:You are still being asked to help impeach judges involved; details in Monday's Alert below
Update: Currently, only seven (7) methods exist to save Terri Schiavo:
(1) EXECUTIVE BRANCH: The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is an arm of the Executive Branch, as are the local police, and thus do not need court authority to step in and take custody of an abuse victim. Florida Governor, John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, is the head of all law enforcement in the state. Based on past experiences in which illegal and oppressive court decisions have led to civil unrest (Rodney King decision, acquitting guilty police officers) and have also led to civil war (The "Dred Scot" decision of the United States Supreme Court, declaring Blacks to be slaves, which led the United States into Civil War), many voices are calling on the Florida Governor to be a good leader and stop this judge, who has ordered that Terri Schiavo NOT have an autopsy but to be cremated, in a thinly veiled attempt to cover the illicit attempt to perform an illegal euthanasia. He could do this by sending in the DCF to take custody of Terri. State Police could escort the DCF employees to ensure their safety. If local police interferred with the State Police, it is pretty certain that local citizens would defend the State Police and allow the abuse victim to be taken into protective custody; this would prevent civil unrest and avert what many think could spark a civil war.
(2) JUDICIAL BRANCH: The Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) outlined below, has indicated that it will not be able to meet in time to save Terri, even were it to agree with the premise that the judges involved be removed and impeached.
(3) JUDICIAL BRANCH: Many suits are outstanding and/or on appeal, so they won't be covered here.
(4) THE NEWS MEDIA: The "Fourth Estate" is the real power in control, and refuses to expose the illegalities committed in this case, evidence of possible "state controlled" media influence, the "state actor" being the judicial branch and its interests.
(5) THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: The State House has the Constitutional authority to impeach bad judges. This is rare and difficult, but see below for how you can be a part.
(0) THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: This is "number zero" - The new laws being proposed on the State and Federal leval are all "zero" because any law passed can be conveniently ignored by a corrupt or "unjust" judge.
(6) THE HEAVENLY BRANCH: Before we ask you to pray, crack open your Bible and look in the book called "Matthew" and see chapter 25, verses 31-46. The speaker is JESUS, and He is very ticked about the way in which someone had deprived His younger brothers and sisters of some basic necessities, including, but not limited to, food and water, with no mention of feeding tubes -or excuses being accepted. It is the editorial board's interpretation that Jesus is seen telling some bullies to "Go to Hell," in this account. The conclusion that one may draw is that if you pray for Terri to be given basic necessities, then you are pleasing to Jesus, and if you pray for her to be put out of her misery or otherwise deprived, you may end up on Jesus's bad side, so, before we ask you to pray, we direct you to this passage: We don't want Jesus to accuse you of picking on His younger sister, Theresa Schiavo.
(7) YOU: While we believe God will eventually judge the wicked, He has told contacts at The Register that He will not intervene at this time unless people who have received His blessings act to defend the defensless and then pray for His help: The Almighty's official word on this is that while Terri is not to be blamed for this, it would not be fair to all the other righteous nations for Him to rescue our heroine, Terri, in the same way He rescues their heros of the faith when our nation's citizens have been much more apathetic and lukewarm than their diligent citizens.

In plain English, The Word of the Lord is that He does not think it is fair for us to expect the same blessings as other, more righteous, nations, if we are lazy. He will eventually rescue Terri, but He is likewise displeased by those who refuse to demand impeachment and removal of unjust judges and other officials at fault -He is displeased with those who only speak of good but do not back it up with righteous deeds:

Proverbs 3:27 (KJV) "Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it."

James 4:17 (KJV) "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

"Wanna do good? See below, and then act."

Monday, 14 March 2005:
Alert! You are being asked to help impeach judges involved in the Terri Schiavo case. The online petitions method is not working (it is ignored by those who could impeach) -and the "JQC" method, shown here is *NOT* working. The authorities in the JQC say they don't meet in time to impeach Greer and various appeals court judges who persecute and threaten Terri Schiavo -even if the JQC agrees with us that he should go, they tell The Register that their panel does not meet in time to act. THEREFORE, you must invoke Art. III, Sect. 17 of the State Constitution. Please see below --and note the March 07-08 stories for details on how to do. (Time is ticking, and she dies on 18 March 2005 if no one helps, and remember, impeachments actions are both rare and possibly slow, so let's get a move on it!)

Wednesday, 09 March 2005 PRESS RELEASE: Papers filed today in Schiavo case
HERE on this GeoCities Mirror ~ HERE also on the AOL Mirror

Tuesday, 08 March 2005 NEWS FLASH: The Register legal committee concludes American Court System in crisis, leads the way to address it:
After one unnamed office aide to Florida State Representative, John Stargel, informed The Register that there had not been any constituent requests to being an impeachment proceeding (e.g., to "impeach Greer" or any other judge), as outlined in the State Constitution (see story below), it was discovered that the "online petitions" to impeach a judge while a great morale booster, were not being effective to their stated goal -to get rid of bad judges. Therefore, staff at The Register researched the proper method. For any person wishing to impeach a judge, it is suggested that you contact your state representative, as Editor-in-Chief, Gordon W. Watts, has done. Click here for the letter in Microsoft Word 97 format which was sent by conventional postal mail, or here for the letter, in "web page" format, showing what was sent by e-mail.

Monday, 07 March 2005 David Allen, host of The David Allen Show heard on WJGR: 1320 AM, "The Patriot," Where your opinion counts, has asked The Register to post contact information for Florida State Representatives.
There have been many misguided attempts to initiate impeachment proceedings against the various judges involved in the Terri Schiavo case. To begin with, the appeal court judges bear even more responsibility than circuit judge, George Greer, because they have higher authority. Secondly, the attempts to impeach many judges has resulted in "online petitions" galore; However, in Florida, there are only two constitutionally acceptable forms of addressing the misconduct of judges. One is through the Judicial Qualifications Commission. The Florida Bar erroneously claims here that the JQC is the only body that can investigate judicial misconduct: "Under the Florida Constitution, only the Judicial Qualifications Commission has authority to investigate complaints against Florida judges. Persons wishing to file a complaint should address materials to: Judicial Qualifications Commission 1110 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, FL 32303 (850) 488-1581" ~ However, THE FLORIDA BAR is incorrect: The Florida Constitution, under Article III, Section 17: Impeachment Proceedings, also may investigate bad judges. Just like the U.S. House impeached former President, Bill Clinton, and the U.S. Senate tried and convicted him, finally imposing a minor reprimand as punishment, the State House may impeach, and the State Senate may try. ~ Therefore, when David Allen became aware of the movement among citizens who are saying that "enough is enough" with respect to judicial misconduct, he asked The Register to post links to the contact information of Florida State Representatives. If you live in Florida, and you want a judge -or a group of judges -impeached, then you are advised to NOT sign any petition -until after you have contacted both the JQC (see above) and your State Representative -via some methods listed below:

********** http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/legislators.aspx (The official state site - look down the list, or click the "Find Your Representative" icon in the top right, and enter your zip code.)
********** https://mmm1108.verio-web.com/flor54/vpkwritenow.html (This is a private website, and you must trust the website to really send the email. This method is not preferred. Instead, it is suggested you look in the front of your local telephone book for your state representative. Your state senator can not initiate impeachment proceedings in Florida, only your representative; the senate, however, does try the defendants, that is, the judges who terrorize Joe Average Citizen.)
********** http://action.csgv.org/legdirectory (This private website is user-friendly. It is suggested that you enter your address, and the site takes you to a page showing who your representatives are.)
********** http://action.csgv.org/legdirectory/Index.asp?step=6&state=FL&chamber=003 (This site is similar to the above, but you must sift through the list to find your representative; If you don't know your representative's name, you'd better break out the local telephone book, and look in the "blue pages" in the front, right before the white pages.)
********** http://www.nssflorida.org/fl_house.shtml (This site is my personal favorite: The National Space Society provides this contact information for Florida legislators with the stated hopes of people advocating in letter writing activities "in support of space exploration and the nations vision for space exploration." ~~~ Scroll on down in this very pretty page to view photographs and data on your local legislator -if you know his/her name.)

If you live in Florida and you wish to let your voice be heard with respect to renegade, loose-cannonball judges, then you will at least try to contact your Florida State Representative and the JQC with respect to impeachment proceedings.

"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke [1729-1797] ~ If you do not make the effort, then by your actions, you have shown yourself to support the highly-paid state judges who will do anything they please to you when you enter their courtroom.

Friday, 25 February 2005 Florida Supreme Court splits 4-3 on surprise last-minute filing in Terri Schiavo Case
While many parties have become involved in the Terri Schiavo case, there has been much activity under the radar, not reported by the mainstream press.
LAKELAND, FL (The Register) Terri Schiavo supporters have been bolstered by a surprise, last-minute filing from an unexpected source...
Click here for further details.

Wednesday, 23 February 2005: New filings today in the Terri Schiavo case defy news media who have said that Register Editor, Gordon Watts, does not have legal standing to proceed: While many have made fun of Watts' efforts in court, the Florida Supreme Court has refused to dismiss the Habeas Corpus proceedings brought by Watts, and they have sat in court since late 2003. Due to the recent turn of events in the Schiavo case, many have asked Watts to petition the courts to put his court filings on a fast track before it is too late. Click on the HomeTown/AOL Mirror here or on the Yahoo!/GeoCities Mirror here for detail of this case.

Friday the 15th of Oct. 2004: THIS JUST IN: Fla. Dept. of Revenue Guns for Michael Schiavo
No other news agency gets scoop

Why did the Fla. Dept. of Revenue do an MSN Search for the court records of Terri Schiavo?

While it is obvious that A Website tracker has done double caller ID on the Dept. of Revenue --seeing who visited and who referred them --in which they clicked on The Register's home pages and browsed around, what is not so obvious is why. (Hint to the reader: You can take the "" and the "" numbers and go to the ARIN Whois database and look up the IP addresses to see who owns them. In this case, the Florida Dept. of Revenue can surf the net on it's block from: to

While our investigators do not know for sure, three theories emerge:

1) The rumors that Mike Schiavo has taken out a hefty insurance policy on his wife, with the intent to deprive her of antibiotics and kill her, and collect, abound, and are discussed right here.

2) The fact that Mike Schiavo is on record as having violated this felony law, s.825.103 might seem interesting to the Dept. of Revenue --because, while the police have never charge him with this crime, Mr. Schiavo is on record with the Court System as having his award money for his lawyer' fees --and for using Terri's award money for his lawyers' fees. He is permitted under the State Law to use the $300,000 he won for whatever legal purpose he wanted, but since the court orders from the medical malpractice trial jury were for the approx. 700,000 dollars for Terri to be used only on her medical care, this constitutes a first degree felony within the meaning of s.825.103.

3) The Register's favorite theory is that the class 2 and class 3 felonies committed by Michael, and outlined in this brief posted on this page and also on The Fla. Supreme Court's website, and posted right here may have something to do with it, combined with the fact that Terri is illegally detained at a hospice, when she is not terminal and continually denied retained rights to an attorney and standard medical rehabilitation.

One thing is certain: Only four people know - Mike Schiavo, his attorney, the Fla. Dept. of Insurance investigator -and God!

In God we trust. One nation under God. So help me God. God bless the USA.

God help us!

Arizona's Dept of Insurance in the news

Monday, 20 September 2004 -- published 0420am

The only "big" thing that puts them in the news is that an anonymous reader of The Register reading this story inquired about the proper dept to address insurance fraud in his/her state.

In this case, the reader would be advised to go to http://www.id.state.az.us, the home page of the Arizona Department of Insurance; Phone numbers include: (602) 912-8444 (Phoenix Area) or (520) 628-6370 Tucson Area --- Toll Free Statewide: (800) 325-2548.

This should be sufficient cause to put this dept in the news, as The Register strives to be interactive with readers, which, coincidentally, is one of the requirements that Al Ruechel of Bay News 9 mentioned in a recent correspondence as a requirement for featured websites.

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Old video of Terri Schiavo resurfaces; depicts converstation with father. Click here for details

New: The Register was asked to do some research into what the Bible had to say about Theresa Schiavo by one intellectual reader seeking answers. Our answer: | In Microsoft Word format (best) | In HTML (web page) format | In Text format (smallest file size) |
New: Interesting Website: | http://AngelsOnAssignment.org The classic documentary of an old preacher visited by angels is finally online and at no charge -with a follow up sequel. "It changed my life," says one entranced reader who could not put the book down and alleges that he had to finish it in one sitting. One reader saved it to his hard drive just in case it was not available elsewhere.

Monday, 23 August 2004: Gordon Watts misses 20-yr class reunion: Details Thursday, 19 August 2004: More Help Needed for Hurricane Charley victims | The Register contacts WFLA, 8 on your side, a Tampa TV station regarding unbalanced coverage of Schiavo matter Tuesday, 17 August 2004: A short "Open Letter to the Governor" Sunday, 15 August 2004 Help needed for Hurricane Charley victims: Click Click here for where to send supplies. Commentary here on "other" types of bad weather in the forecast. Review of Mel Gibson film: The Passion. <-~ CHECK OUT: Info about the star of the movie, Jesus, the only proper role model. The Register get scoop on Jeb Bush reply in 'Terri's Law' dispute. ** Letters to the Editor ** New Allegations of Possible Insurance Fraud by Michael Schiavo Surface: Click Here for story. Thur 29 July 2004: TERRI'S LAW CASE TAKES BIZZARE TURN: Our fearless editor, Gordon Watts, files friend of the court brief, supporting Michael Schiavo. When contacted, Watts had no comment, but asked The Register to issue this joint statement. Documents and updates for this case here. Related: The full statement from the 23 Outraged Citizens -not edited for length | Tampa's AP Bureau's repeated embarrasments to Fla. press corps | The Register corrects Globe columnist Ellen Goodman on what law says

Florida Supreme Court has, for over six (6) months now, refused to dismiss current Habeas Corpus petition (for Terri Schiavo) and Mandamus actions (to enforce felony abuse laws) filed by The Register's mercy chair, Editor, Gordon Watts. Generally, bad cases get dismissed very quickly, suggesting Watts' petitions have merit. See Court Cases links below for details on this case, No. SC03-2420.
Do the news media and the Pinellas Cty Courts think that Florida Lawmakers were just joking when they made it a 2nd degree felony to deprive Theresa Schindler-Schiavo of standard (non-feeding tube) food and medical treatment under s. 825.102(3), Florida State Law? (If police allowed them to deny Theresa protection of these laws when she was moving around and possibly able to see/hear, what happens to you if you get knocked out cold unconscious -or worse, if you are conscious but unable to speak? "Things that make you go 'Hmm...'.") ~ For a Biblical perspective, see Proverbs 24:11-12; Prov. 31:8-9; and the last several verses of Matthew, chapter 25. See if you can figure out what the two wisest men of all times might be thinking about Theresa's plight, which could be your or my plight if fate so chooses. ~--> NEW: <--~ ~ Points to ponder: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." (Proverbs 29:2, Holy Bible, KJV)

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More developments on Schiavo above & below, but 1st this: Click * HERE * for a rather graphic picture (at bottom) of an overdose, not for shock value, but in hopes that all you parents will have a frank discussion with your kids about knowing their limits & when to just walk away. When you view this pic, remember: This didn't have to happen...

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Gordon W. Watts
Gordon W. Watts


The Register


Briefs filed in Schiavo case: See Headline Story

TUE 16 Dec. 2003: Fla. 1st DCA hands down ruling in Reno/McBride "Recount Lawsuit"

Read more in Schiavo case

Read background in Recount Case case


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Wed., 16 June 2004 hearing by Terri Schiavo's family to challenge the guardianship of estranged husband and guardian, Michael Schiavo, before Judge George W. Greer, Fla. 6th Cir. Special Correspondant, Cheryl Ford, RN, reporting: Click: **_HERE_** for story.

Register exclusive: Only The Register covered the Terri's Law Oral Arguments Hearing this Monday, June 14, 2004, held in Lakeland's Second District Court of Appeals.

Click *_HERE_* to read the Register's report on two (2) other women, who were given up for dead, but who were able to hear doctors talk about starving them. Another news agency reports on one of those women: Kate Adamson, a New Zealand-native, was described by doctors as being in a "vegetative" state, but this mother of two could feel pain and hear the doctors plan to starve her to death. Original Story Here: (Note: The article initially calls her "Kate Anderson.")

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Deep-scan analysis of the Terri Schiavo case - with possible solutions: Click HERE for analysis of the disputed "Terri's Law" - and other violations of the current mercy-killing laws, not in dispute - not currently covered by "mainstream" media.

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FIRST Amendment Rally: Wednesday 07 Jan 2003 & Thursday 08 Jan 2003
Demanding State Atty Bernie McCabe do his job & Protect Terri Schivo from ILLEGAL Abuses

Passed along to The Register by an anonymous but trusted source. -Editor

The volunteers of TerrisFight.org have learned that supporters are planning a demonstration on the steps of the Criminal Court House in Clearwater, Florida to demand that Pinellas County's State Attorney, Bernie McCabe, conduct a full investigation into charges of abuse against Terri Schindler-Schiavo by her guardian. If you would like to be a part of this effort, please join us in peaceful demonstration.

14250 49TH STREET

4:00 - 7:00 pm

UPDATE: A Report on TERRI Schiavo Rally in St Pete / Clearwater yesterday evening Date: 1/9/04 8:59:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Gww1210
To: Gww1210

Dear fellow-supporters of Terri Schiavo, FYI, here is a brief report on the demonstration / rally we held yesterday evening in St Pete / Clearwater at the Courthouse where State Atty Bernie McCabe works:

Friday, 09 January 2004
** Since my out of state friends have told me they're a little jealous that I live only 60 miles from yesterday's rally, I will give them an update:

Almost as many people showed up to protest Bernie McCabe as yesterday, a little less media exposure, but different members of the Schindler family were kind enough to come out again and thank us for trying to help out and speak out.

Brian, a WTVT-TV Fox 13 reporter was kind enough to interview Rev Rus Cooper Dowda, myself, and a third person, a member of Not Dead Yet, whose name I didn't get. My parents, who stayed up late enough to watch FOX 13's 10-O'Clock broadcast said they *did* show footage of the protest and gave some news coverage, even though they did not air the interviews. However, they'll have the interviews as "file footage" for anything they plan to do in the future.

We got there earlier, stayed later, had more signs, were able to use cardboard to make the signs a little more sturdy and less "floppy," and passed out more flyers. (good) Also, after we got finished picketing &handing out fliers at the courthouse, after it closed at five pm, we moved to the bus stop and continued, picketing, talking to people, and passing out fliers that had the the facts and laws related to this matter. (I gave the Fox 13 reporter one of the newly updated information sheets and told him of my lawsuit and furure plans of more people to continue legal and picketing actions.)

We had a good time, got to know one another a little better, and hopefully let people know that these abuses and denial of medical treatments &rehab could happen to them, as well as the chance that someone could try to starve them when no one's looking.

MY COMMENTS: "We need publicity to pressure the 'high people' in government to enforce the law and follow the law, as the current laws, while not perfect are generally good. Otherwise, what happened below (see my signature) could happen here."

Gordon Wayne Watts

Map to Location - Signs to Bring - Why this demonstration is so important State Attorney Bernie McCabe has refused to investigate charges of physical abuse against Terri Schindler-Schiavo, a disabled Pinellas County woman - even though a bone scan indicated Terri was the victim of trauma.

Mr. McCabe has also refused to investigate well-founded allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation against Terri - even though there is evidence which supports such charges and offenses of this nature are felony crimes under Florida law.

If you are in Florida and can join us in demanding that Mr. McCabe do the job he was elected to do, please be there.



4:00 - 7:00 pm


Terri's life is at stake!

Please Help a Disabled Woman!




14250 49th Street

Clearwater, Florida

MapQuest MAP for 14250 49th Street, Clearwater, FL:

Click here for Map.







- He never did CPR!!!!

- He delayed calling EMS !!!

- He left Terri FACE DOWN!

-Terri had stiff neck, multiple fractures, broken bones

- Terri is responsive!!!!

- Michael never "remembered" Terri's wishes UNTIL 10 YEARS later!


- when Terri had hypoglycemic shock -- after Michael visits -- insulin was found at her bedside










The Recount Lawsuit continues without Janet Reno
More FLA Elections Problems
This just in as of Tue. 16 Dec. 2003:
The Florida First District Court of Appeals has affirmed the lower court ruling. Appeals are planned.

The Fla. 1st DCA, in the case, Watts v Florida Dept of State, case number 1D02-5120, affirmed the lower court ruling in a per curium decision, without comment or a written opinion. (Browning, Hawkes, and Polston, JJ., concurring) Appeaing such cases without opinion is historically difficult, but The Register intends to continue digging for truth and avoid a "catch-22" scenario, where major media avoid coverage without an "upset" ruling - and the court refuses to look at the laws, issue an "upset," without pressure from the press.

Florida, not known for the wisest choices, even if technically legal, in regards to voting and elections, is hoping to avoid more embarrasment, but The Register believes that the laws are not solely for the rich and connected. Original Story Below:

Suit Challenges Governor's Seat

*___________*THE REGISTER*___________*
Copyright © 2003 The Register TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2003 Printed in Lakeland, Fla. $1.25


From staff reports
LAKELAND, Fla. -- As Governor Bush heads into his seventh month in office, one disenfranchised Lakeland voter says he wants to continue to challenge his legitimacy.

Bush, popular second-term Florida Governor, easily beat Bill McBride with 61 percent of the vote back in November. Although pre-election polls had him in a tight race with McBride, he held a comfortable lead throughout election night. But still unresolved is a lawsuit filed September of last year by one voter -- Republican Gordon Watts of Lakeland.

Watts claims the State Department

Lakeland resident and non-lawyer Gordon Watts filed a lawsuit
on behalf of himself and other similarly situated Florida
voters/taxpayers in September of last year.

broke the state’s mandatory recount law by refusing to grant Democratic Gubernatorial Primary contestant, Janet Reno, a machine recount after she was defeated by less than one-half of a percent. His suit seeks a recount of the votes in that primary. The law requires an automatic statewide recount of the votes when one candidate is defeated by less than one-half percent of the votes cast -- as was done for Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential race in Florida.

Tallahassee Judge P. Kevin Davey refused to grant Watts an “immediate hearing” as state election law requires, and eventually dismissed the case.

Reno, now out of the public eye, had tried to obtain a recount but eventually gave up after almost a week following the state’s decision to deny her request. She could not be reached for comment.

Watts currently has two pending appeals in the First District Court of Appeal and the state’s Supreme Court.

“People shouldn't sue judges,” said George Waas, Senior Assistant Attorney General. Waas, who works directly for Attorney General Charlie Crist, is the attorney appointed by the state to represent Judge Davey, who is a defendant in Watts' suit.
Please see VOTER, Page 6A

6A/ THE REGISTER * TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2003 * http://hometown.aol.com/gww1210


Continued From 1A

The other defendant, Florida's Department of State, responsible for counting the state's votes, is represented by Jerry York. York had no comment when contacted by The Register.

Watts’ situation is similar to that of former Vice President Al Gore. Gore, who requested manual recounts in selected precincts, was given a statewide machine recount after he was defeated by less than one-half of a percent. Watts, a registered Republican, claims that the "rule of law" should apply to Reno as well, in spite of the fact that she has given up her request for a statewide recount. “The law should apply equally to all, whether Democrat or Republican, and she should be given the mandatory machine recount like Al Gore was,” Watts said. “The State Department obviously thinks that they are above the law and not bound by the rules, but who else will they trample next if left unchecked?”

A survey performed by Watts claims that, with a 2.7 percent margin of error, 93 percent of voters want the election laws followed and news coverage given at any cost or, at the very least, if the costs don’t run into the millions.

Nonetheless, news coverage of this has been sparse, with press choosing instead to focus on lesser lawsuits, such as the resign-to-run suit against State Representative Kevin Ambler of Northwest Hillsborough County. Even though Ambler had resigned an elected post in the Northdale Special Tax District on October 18, there was news coverage in local television and print media long afterwards, with at least two articles appearing in the Tampa Tribune on October 25 and November 9 of last year. The four Tampa voters, who brought this suit against Ambler, eventually lost and decided not to appeal.

Watts is also seeking the impeachment or removal of Judge Davey: “This judge illegally refused me a hearing, and no one is above the law. While most people have forgotten about the election or were unaware that laws were broken, nonetheless, when told of it, most reported that all people should be given their day in court, and that the election laws should be followed -- because violation of voting laws -- or denial of the right to have your grievances heard in court -- strike at the very foundation of America’s principles and hurts everybody.”

The state House can impeach state judges, and, in certain circumstances, the governor or the state’s Supreme Court can remove a judge from office.

“And,” Watts added, “since most people with whom I’ve spoken want news coverage, I don’t understand why the news media has been so slow to report on this.”

The case number for Watts’ Supreme Court suit is SC03-385, and that of the 1st DCA case is 1D02-5120. Both cases are styled Watts v. The Florida Department of State.

*-_-* Gordon Watts can be contacted at Gww1210@aol.com for interviews or to make contributions to defray his lawsuit costs.

Click here for further details of past actions on this.


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Gordon W. Watts
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