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BREAKING NEWS: Presidential Race 2000 - The Florida Recount
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"At oral argument, we inquired as to whether the presidential candidates were interested in our consideration of a reopening of the opportunity to request recounts in any additional counties. Neither candidate requested such an opportunity." (Florida Supreme Court)

You can also visit http://www.reformnato.org to hear my friend, E.S. LaPonte's views on strengthening and reforming our international role in the world: She was in the military and has professional knowledge of these issues.

This list is designed to give you the short story so you can get a feel for the candidates. Note: Most material is taken from the official Bush and Gore websites:
in accordance with State, Federal, and International LAW .

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ISSUES * A Comparison *
Gov. George W. Bush Vice Pres., Al Gore *Register comments:
Education Minority Students Rank Highest in Math: African-American 4th graders in Texas ranked 1st in the nation in math. Since 1992, African-American 4th graders in Texas have made the greatest gains in math, and Hispanic 4th graders have made the second greatest gains. African-American and Hispanic eighth-graders in Texas ranked 1st and 2nd in the nation in writing. Texas eighth-graders as a whole ranked 4th in the nation. First in Teacher Quality: Texas ranked first in the nation in teacher quality, according to an independent evaluation by the Fordham Foundation. Greatest Progress in the Nation: Texas is one of two states that has made the greatest recent progress in education, according to the Congressionally-mandated National Education Goals Panel. The 1998 NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) showed Texas students making strong gains in writing, as well as solid improvements by fourth graders in math--echoing the results of the TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills), according to http://www.
. Set Clear Goals by cutting the number of state education goals from 48 to four: excellence in English, math, science, and history. Attack: "50th in spending for teachers' salaries" ·Under Governor Bush, the state minimum salary for teachers increased 33 percent, including a $3,000 across-the-board pay raise for every teacher. ·In 1999, Texas ranked 24th in the nation, up from the 43rd ranking when Governor Bush took office. ·When adjusted for cost of living and teacher experience, Texas ranks 9th in teacher pay. After the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down affirmative action in college admissions in Texas, Governor Bush worked with the legislature to find a common sense solution. He enacted an innovative new program that grants automatic entrance into a state college for anyone in high school who graduates in the top ten percent of his or her class. As a result, Texas’ state colleges have actually seen an increase in minority enrollment since affirmative action ended.
Since 1993, Al Gore and the Administration have nearly doubled funding for Head Start - increasing funding by 90 percent since 1993. Gore and the Administration Made the Largest Single Investment in Higher Education in 30 Years. Al Gore and the Administration proposed and won funding for the HOPE scholarship tax credit program as part of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act. HOPE scholarships assist nearly 7 million students by providing a $1,500 tax credit to help make the first two years of college universally accessible for all Americans. The 1997 Act included other tax deductions that collectively made it the largest single investment in education in 30 years. Gore Fought for Pell Grant Funding and Work Study to Expand Access to Higher Education. Al Gore and the Administration secured historic increase in the Pell Grant program in 1997 and expanded the Work Study program to include nearly 1 million students in 2000. Pell Grants helped nearly 4 million low- and moderate-income students attend college in 1998. Al Gore has been a consistent protector of the Pell Grant program - as a U.S. Senator, Gore opposed cuts in Pell Grant funding. Al Gore and the Administration, as part of the 1997 Balanced Budget Agreement, approved a Lifetime Learning Tax Credit that will assist students and workers pay for education expenses after the first two years of college. As a result of this tax credit, more than 7 million students will be able to deduct up to $5,000 in tuition or other educational expenses. Al Gore cast the deciding vote for the Administration’s 1993 economic proposal, which created the Direct Student Loan Program. This program has helped simplify the college loan process by allowing student to apply for loans directly to the federal government. Gore opposed Republican cuts that would have slashed funding for student loan programs by more than $10 billion. The Administration won funding for a down payment on the plan that provided states with $1.2 billion in 1999 to hire 30,000 well-prepared teachers. Gore and the Administration Have Supported Public Charter Schools. Gore also opposed an educational voucher proposal that would have undermined public education. Gore was an original cosponsor of the 1979 bill that created the U.S. Department of Education. In 1977, Gore argued for a Department of Education. He said, “We all know why there is a need for a separate Department of Education in the federal government. It is important to insure that education gets the attention and the support it deserves at the highest levels of government.” In 1994, Al Gore and the Administration approved the Goals 2000 legislation, which established, for the first time, national educational goals for all schools and students.

Texas Dropped from 29th to 48th Worst State to Raise a Child Under Bush. Under Bush, Texas ranks 48th worst in the nation in best places in America to raise children in 1999, a drop from 29th in 1995, when Bush first took office. [Top Ten States to Raise a Child, Children's Rights Council Study, 1999, www.vix.com/crc]

"U.S. Students Falling Behind in Science and Math In comparisons recently published by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, 8th grade American students scored 28th in math, below the average of 41 countries in the sample. Half a million students worldwide were tested. In science, U.S. students ranked 17th, slightly above average. Students in Singapore ranked first in both subjects. Countries with higher achieving math students than the U.S. include Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Canada, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Thailand, and the Russian Federation." (D/FW Heritage, From: http://www.fni.com/
.) "The solution that has spread across the United States in recent years, fanned by fears that American students are falling behind foreign counterparts, has been a simple one: Set standards for schools and teachers, test to see whether the standards are reached, then mete out punishment or rewards according to the results. ... So educators are paying close attention to a handful of states that have managed to produce success stories. Among those often cited are Texas and North Carolina. Both states have tried to create comprehensive approaches. They have provided teachers with detailed information on which concepts students need most help with; and focused on the specific needs of different racial and income groups." (By Brian Knowlton International Herald Tribune From: http://www.iht.com/
.) "In a study conducted by Whang and Hancock (1994), Asian-American students were compared to non-Asian students in mathematics in America. ... The study tried to find why Asian-American students tend to out perform their American peers." (From: http://www2.gasou.edu
.) "At every level, the U.S. math curriculum is less demanding than in other countries. In Japan, 70% of math classes focus on advanced concepts like algebra; in the United States, fewer than 10% do. ... Even Advanced Placement exams in the United States ignore the important topics of organic chemistry and biochemistry. In Germany, over 25% of such exams are devoted to those subjects." (From: http://www.
.) Register Editor, Gordon Watts comments: "When I attained a 3.71 Grade Point Average during my tenure as an FSU student from 1996 to present, the Federal Government under Clinton/Gore did not award any scholarship to me, even though I was also quite poor." The Register also formally comments: We were fair to Gore in including as much as possible, including the statistics he quotes from the CRC Study, which claimed that Texas has become a worse place to raise a child under Bush's leadership.

Other Voices: Here is what the FAMUAN, the School Newspaper of FAMU has to say, it being a Historically Black College / University:

"The downside to Gore's plan is that he calls for increased Pell grants but doesn't put any money in the budget for them."

"How can Gore expect low-income families to send their children to college? If anything, they should have been the first people acknowledged when making a plan for a college education. Perhaps Gore is just looking for votes instead of solving problems that have been a burden to the economy for the longest time."

"True enough there are some low-income families whose children receive scholarships, but what about those who don't?"

"George W. Bush's plan fully funds Pell grants up to the maximum $5,100 for the first year of college for low-income homes."


"Here is something that should definitely get FAMU's attention. Bush plans to add $600 million in new funding to predominately black and Latino colleges."

(Source: The Famuan / October 30, 2000, Opinions, page 6, -Antione Davis for the Editorial Board)


However, the net results of the gains Bush has made speak loudest: Bush accomplishes gains in education, and Gore does not. POINT: Bush.

Environment Clean Air: Support the new Tier II standards that will require lower sulfur, cleaner-burning gasoline and cleaner cars. Texas is #1 in the nation in reducing the release and disposal of toxic pollution by 43 million pounds, according to the EPA. Texas has reduced industrial air emissions by 11%. Two 1999 landmark clean air measures became law, which will reduce industrial emissions from older industries (previously "grandfathered" under the Clean Air Act) by more than 250,000 tons each year – the equivalent of taking 5.5 million vehicles off Texas roads. Texas became one of the first three states in the nation to require older electric utilities to reduce emissions (nitrogen oxide by 50% and sulfur dioxide by 25%, by 2003), though these utilities had been exempted under the Clean Air Act. Over 450 contaminated brownfields were cleaned up, restoring $200 million to local property tax rolls. State natural resource spending increased by almost 30%, and funding for the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission by 14%. Kyoto Protocol: Oppose the Kyoto Protocol because it is ineffective, inadequate and unfair to America. It exempts 80 percent of the world, including major population centers such as China and India, from compliance. Secretary Cheney also fought to preserve wilderness areas. "I will always have a warm spot in my heart for him for his work on the Wyoming Wilderness law... Wyoming has a wilderness because of him. There were powerful interests fighting against wilderness designation out there, but Dick Cheney felt it was appropriate that some of Wyoming's magnificent lands be protected. He did it. He put himself on the line for it, and he pulled it off" --Phil Hocker, former Sierra Club leader. [St. Petersburg Times, 3/11/89] On August 9, the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission proposed one of the country’s most aggressive plans to bring Houston into compliance with the Clean Air Act by reducing industrial pollution in Houston by 90%. George Smith, a longtime Sierra Club activist for clean air, told the Houston Chronicle, “I haven’t seen the whole thing or all the numbers, but it looks like it’s a strong plan, and a pretty vigorous step” (July 22, 2000, emphasis added). Last year, the Administration adopted new Tier 2 emission standards for passenger cars, SUVs and other light-duty trucks, producing cars that are 77 percent cleaner than those on the road today. These measures are the equivalent of removing 164 million cars from the road, and once implemented, will prevent 43,000 premature deaths and 173,000 cases of childhood respiratory illness each year. In 1999, 27 of the 30 highest ozone readings were in Texas. And on "Meet the Press," host Tim Russert said to Bush, "And the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, says that while you've been governor, that emissions have gone up 11 percent in Texas." In 1998, Texas released more than 110 million pounds of toxic air pollution-the state with the second highest emissions emitted about 75 million pounds. [EPA, 1997 Toxic Release Inventory Report, 1999; EPA, 1998 Toxic Release Data, 2000; Washington Post, 10/15/99; NBC, "Meet the Press, 5/10/00] Houston Overtook Los Angeles For Unhealthiest Air, Leads This Year As Well. In 1999, Houston for the first time overtook Los Angeles as the city with the most violations of federal health ozone standards. As of September 7, 2000, Houston was again leading Los Angeles as the city with the worst smog. In 1999, Houston also had higher peak days than Los Angeles. Ozone is a key component of smog, and a respiratory irritant. In fact, pollution in Houston was so bad, even if every car were taken off the road, Houston would still not be in compliance with federal safe ozone levels. [Houston Chronicle, 10/12/99, 9/7/00; Boston Globe, 10/19/99] The current Land and Water Conservation Fund that is supported by the Clinton-Gore administration, could provide Texas with $200 million a year for conservation purposes. "This will be the largest infusion of capital for conservation in the state's history," said Andy Sansom, Texas Parks and Wildlife executive director. [Austin American-Statesman, 5/18/00; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 5/12/00] This is a mis-mash of seemingly contradictory evidence. Houston does not have “dirtier air” than Los Angeles. According to the EPA's recently released “Air Quality Trends” report, of the six principal air pollutants, Houston failed to meet federal standards for just one in 1999 - ozone. By comparison, Los Angeles failed to meet federal standards for three of the six principal air pollutants in 1999 - ozone, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter.

In May 2000, the American Lung Association (ALA) released its “State of the Air 2000” report, which is based on a weighted average of ozone data from 1996 to 1998. According to the ALA, the top four worst metro areas for ozone pollution are all in California, with Los Angeles ranking #1. Houston ranks #5.

The Register does some research here:
Also, some comparison of the "equivalent" numbers of cars removed: http://recenter.tamu.edu/
lists Texas as having a population of 20,044,141 in 1999 and 16,986,335 in 1990. U.S. Population is shown as 248,709,873 in 1990 on http://recenter.tamu.edu
. http://www.census.gov
estimates December 01 1999 U.S. Population at 273,828,000; and, December 01 1990 U.S. Population at 250,567,000. That means that, taking the averages for the two 1990 U.S. figures, it appears that Texas had about 6.804% of the U.S. population in 1990, and about a 7.320% share in 1999. That means we expect about a 7.062% (the average of these percentages) share of U.S. "car equivalent" reductions if Bush and Gore are equally environmental. What we then expect is for Texas to have removed the equivalent of about 7.062% of 164 Million cars from its roads, or 11.58 Million. In fact, they claim to have removed only the equivalent of about 5.5 Million vehicles, about half of the estimated figure. However, the claim by Gore analysts that Texas air emissions rose by 11% seem to refer to overall figures, not the "industrial" figures. While this may seem bad at first glance for Texas Governor Bush, remember that he can not control the citizens of Texas. In fact, Industrial air emissions fell by the same percentage in that time period, 11%. Both men have done a lot to clean up the environment, with Bush having the tougher challenge. Additionally, Gore property is accused of massive environmental pollution: According to the EPA, the company which runs the zinc mine on Gore's property ranks #5 in Tennessee for total toxic releases. (1998 Toxic Release Inventory; State of Tennessee Fact Sheet; May 2000) Al Gore and his family own stock in the largest oil producing company in Texas -- according to tax filings, Al Gore and his family have between $500,000-$1 million invested in Occidental stock, which is the largest single producer of oil in Texas. This and other things raise a credibility or "dedication" issue: Will Gore slack off when faced with industrial opposition threatening to cut contributions to the administration? Due to his outstanding work in raising environmental awareness in the past, at least, he gains major points here. POINT: Tie between Bush and Gore

Abortion / Family Issues * Pro life with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother

* Set the goal that all children should be welcomed in life and protected by law

* Supports parental notification, banning use of taxpayer funds for abortion, and banning partial birth abortion

* Supports efforts to increase adoptions

* Opposes doctor assisted suicide, believes the role of a doctor is to relieve pain and suffering, not to end life

* Make permanent the $5,000 adoption tax credit

A Strong Supporter of the Roe v. Wade Decision. As a Member of Congress, Al Gore cosponsored the Freedom of Choice Act, which sought to codify the Roe v. Wade decision into federal law so that states could not limit or chip away rights provided by the decision. [The Washington Post, 7/6/92, The Chicago Tribune, 11/14/91]

Increasing Family Planning. The Administration's FY 2000 budget includes $240 million for family planning through Title X, a $25 million increase, and the largest increase in 15 years. These funds will be used to prevent over a million unintended pregnancies a year by improving the delivery of comprehensive reproductive health services as well as to increase the accessibility of contraceptive counseling and services. [Clinton-Gore Administration FY 2000 Budget Summary]

As a Member of Congress, Gore supported legislation that provided $15 billion in child care assistance, the bulk of which came through an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and also included grant money for states for child-care assistance. Gore had cosponsored an early version of the "Act for Better Child Care" in 1988. He also cosponsored an amendment in 1989 that improved federal assistance for child care services. [Gannett News Service, 10/22/90; Senate Roll Call Vote 94, 6/22/89; Roll Call # 326, 10/27/90]

The Facts: Gore supports both 'regular' abortion and the "Partial Birth Abortion" Procedure. He opposes the "Ban on PB Abortions" except if there is a clause in the Bill which would allow the doctor to perform it to save the life of the mother. The Register does not understand why this clause would be necessary because laws already exist on the books allowing for "Justifiable Homicide." In the case that a medical professional takes the life of a child (who would be partly out of the birth canal in this procedure), he or she would simply go to court under existing laws and have the case examined on its merits. This is no different than if a bank customer inadvertently kills a robber to save the life of other customers. This too would go to court on an individual basis. Many people think that the PBA Procedure is barbaric, as the child is partly born.

The Procedure: Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's leg with forceps. The baby's leg is pulled out into the birth canal. The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head. The abortionist jams scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole. The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed. (Some information used in descriptions was obtained from http://www.nrlc.org/
. Although this is a "pro-life" site, it is commonly known that this description is fairly accurate, agreeing with that from Medical Manuals in common circulation.

The Stance of the American Medical Association (AMA): The AMA supports 'regular' abortion and is liberal in ideology, yet opposes the PBA Procedure: "Partial-Birth Abortion (Intact D&X) Intact D&X came to the forefront of public awareness in 1995 during a congressional debate on a bill banning the procedure. ... During this debate, opponents of the ban asserted that the procedure was rarely performed (approximately 450-500 per year) and only used in extreme cases when a woman's life was at risk or the fetus had a condition incompatible with life.[1,2] Following President Clinton's April 1996 veto of a congressionally approved ban, conflicting information surfaced. Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, had stated in November 1995 that "women had these abortions only in the most extreme circumstances of life endangerment or fetal anomaly."[3] However, he later admitted that his own contacts with many of the physicians performing intact D&X procedures found that the vast majority were done not in response to extreme medical conditions but on healthy mothers and healthy fetuses.[3] In newspaper interviews, physicians who use the technique acknowledged performing thousands of such procedures a year. ... Maternal Considerations.—There exist no credible studies on intact D&X that evaluate or attest to its safety. The procedure is not recognized in medical textbooks nor is it taught in medical schools or in obstetrics and gynecology residencies. Intact D&X poses serious medical risks to the mother. ... Fetal Considerations.—The centers necessary for pain perception develop early in the second trimester.[11] Although fetal pain cannot be measured, acute stress in the fetus is indexed by blood flow redistribution to the brain, as shown by Doppler studies of human fetuses of at least 18 weeks' gestation undergoing invasive procedures that involve penetration of the fetal trunk.[12] Fetal hormonal stress response to needling of the intra-abdominal portion of the umbilical vein can be measured from as early as 23 weeks' gestation.[11]" (M. LeRoy Sprang, MD; Mark G. Neerhof, DO, Rationale for Banning Abortions Late in Pregnancy, The Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 280, pp. 744-747, Aug. 26, 1998.)

That's a polite way of saying that the baby feels pain, and the mother's life can be endangered. The medical professionals take the Hippocratic Oath to: "First do no harm." Thus, Mr. Gore, in pretending to be more educated than even these liberal professionals who would be the first to support this grotesque procedure, is clearly opposing truth. HOWEVER, Mr. Bush supports abortion in the cases of rape or incest. Since it is known by geneticists that, although a societal taboo, most rape, even incest, cases result in normal, productive children, Mr. Bush out to consider one thing: He can not honestly look in the eye of one of these children, a product of incest - or rape - and say: "Your life did not matter."

However, on the balance, Bush is much closer to the truth on this issue: abortion dehumanizes life, such as other "legal" decision -- for example the U.S. Supreme Court "Dred Scot" case, which "legalized" slavery; and, the 1940's German laws "legalizing" the killing of "non-human" Jews. The public made an outcry against slavery - resulting in a U.S. Civil War. And the Nuremberg Trials during World War II (WWII) result in Nazi War Criminals still being hunted down to this day! Finally, a just God can not support the killing of children simply because we say that the twin who exits the womb first is somehow "different" than the one who stays inside for a bit longer: The is being Prejudiced, with a Capitol 'P', based on where the child lives, and hearkens to Prejudice against some who live in the Inner City.

One last thought: Those who say: "I'm 'personally' against abortion, but it's alright with me if others perform them - it's *their* business" remind me of those in the Deep South who said words like: "I'm 'personally' against Slavery - or the persecution of women and Jews - or Child labor - but, it's alright if others do these things - it's *their* business." Can you see the picture, now?

The Register comments: That is wrong, and so is Abortion of any form. Finally, regardless of what 'public' opinion might be, The Register acknowledges the truth: Abortion is Murder and is never justified except in rare cases where the child is endangering the mother's life. POINT: Bush. (Make that 5 points, not a popular stance, but still a little bit closer to the truth.)

History - and God - will write the final chapter in this book. What will it say about you?

Minority Issues Governor Bush Announces Funding For Historically Black Colleges And Universities And Hispanic Serving Institutions

From above, "Education" area on The Register: Under Bush, Texas Blacks top in the nation in math, and top gains made in Black and Hispanic 4th-grade students. This speaks to ability to reach out to minorities.

Endorsements for Governor Bush: Harry Alford, President and Founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce

Austin - Harry C. Alford, Jr., President and co-founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), endorsed Governor George W. Bush today. Alford, a known authority on black business development, is an accomplished businessman and former Company Commander of the U.S. Army. Since establishing the NBCC, Alford has been responsible for opening doors that have led to hundreds of million of dollars in new business for African Americans owned businesses throughout the nation.

“Governor Bush will work for small businesses and, in particular, minority owned businesses. In the last eight years, small businesses have suffered under the Clinton/Gore Administration. It`s time for a change,” said Alford.

“I am honored to have Harry Alford’s support. Harry has made great inroads in helping the African American community achieve in the world of business. He and I both want more opportunities extended to more minorities. As President, I will do my part to ensure minorities and small businesses have the opportunity to succeed,” said Governor Bush.

Opposes quotas and racial preferences

Supports 'affirmative access' to open the doors of opportunity through programs such as the Texas 10 percent plan, where those who graduate in the top 10 percent of their class are automatically admitted to any state college or university

Advocates needs-based contracting and breaking down government contracts to smaller sizes to encourage entrepreneurship in all communities

"Response To Black College Closing And Dallas Deed Restrictions Attacks Dear Friend, ... As an African-American and someone who lived in the same neighborhood as the Governor, let me assure you – there is absolute no truth to this rumor at all. There was no deed restriction on the Governor’s house because such restrictions – written decades ago in the Jim Crow era – are null and void under Texas law. In fact, they have been null and void for years. ... As someone who lives in the same neighborhood where Governor Bush once resided, I can put to rest any fears you may have. ... Not only did I live close to his home, I was invited into his home many times – and our daughter spent many nights with the Bush daughters in the Bush home. ... In fact, the record of George W. Bush as Governor is one of opening the doors of opportunity for all Texans, regardless of race or gender. For example, after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down affirmative action in college admissions in Texas, Governor Bush worked with the legislature to find a common sense solution. He enacted an innovative new program that grants automatic entrance into a state college for anyone in high school who graduates in the top ten percent of his or her class. As a result, Texas’ state colleges have actually seen an increase in minority enrollment since affirmative action ended.

On a personal note, I cherish my friendship with Governor Bush. He is as kind as he is wise, as earnest as he is fun-loving. He is a dear friend. And I consider myself fortunate to know him. I hope you will forward this e-mail to anyone who may have been subjected to these vicious rumors about Governor Bush. These rumors are ugly, unfair, and untrue. The truth is Governor Bush is a good man who would make a great President.

Thank you for your time."

Alphonso Jackson

Al Gore and the Administration have worked hard to increase enforcement of our civil rights laws. In this year’s budget, the Administration has proposed a 13 percent increase to put civil rights enforcement funding at $698 million. Specifically, the budget includes $98 million for the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division (an 86% increase over the 1993 level), $322 million for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (15% more than the FY00 budget), $50 million for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Housing Initiatives (14% more than last year), and increases in funding for the Civil Rights Offices of the Departments of Agriculture and Education.

Gore Opposed Efforts to Roll Back Civil Rights. Al Gore has strongly opposed state and local efforts to end affirmative action programs that help create opportunities for African Americans, Hispanics, and other minority groups. Gore urged voters to reject Proposition 209 in California and opposed similar measures in Houston and in Washington state.

Gore Fought To Increase Investment in Urban Areas, Help Minority-Owned Businesses, and Gore Fought Wage Discrimination: The Vice President also announced a new initiative between the Small Business Administration and the “Big Three” U.S. automakers to increase the contracts awarded to minority-owned businesses by nearly $3 billion over three years. The Administration has strongly encouraged Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. This legislation is designed to combat wage discrimination. This year, the President has proposed a $27 million initiative to help the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and the Labor Department fight wage discrimination.

Al Gore and the Administration are working to ensure that this year’s Census accurately reflects all ethnic groups in a fair and accurate manner. The Census Bureau estimates that the 1990 count missed 8.4 million people, including 4.4 percent of all African Americans. In order to correct these disparities, Gore has advocated the use of statistical sampling methods - recommended by the National Academy of Science - to ensure that all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, are included in the Census count.

The Administration named 14 African Americans as U.S. Attorneys, 12 African Americans as U.S. Marshals, and have nominated 57 African Americans to the Federal bench. The Administration has tripled the number of Asian Pacific Americans appointed by the previous Administration, including appointing the first Asian American member of the President’s Cabinet, Norman Mineta. The Administration has appointed more Hispanics to senior level positions than any other Administration.

Al Gore worked to encourage passage of the Administration’s 1994 Crime Bill, which included provisions to combat hate crimes. The Administration has filed more cases between 1993 and 1997 to enforce fair housing laws than any other Administration (more than 500 cases). Among other cases, this Administration desegregated a Vidor, Texas, public housing complex and ordered a Mississippi bank to implement remedial lending plans for minority customers who were unfairly denied loans by the bank. Gore and the Administration Eliminated Discriminatory "Redlining" Practices. The Administration negotiated agreements with health care agencies to eliminate discriminatory "redlining" practices denying home health care services based on residential location.

As a Senator, Al Gore was an original cosponsor of legislation to designate the third Monday of every January as a federal holiday in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King.

Al Gore and the Administration, joined by House Speaker Dennis Hastert, have called for the creation of a New Markets Initiative to promote private sector equity investment in underserved communities nationwide. In underserved communities across America, this bipartisan legislative initiative includes a New Markets Tax Credit to encourage $15 billion in private business investment, allows HUD to match 200% of private investment with low cost loans, and creates New Markets Venture Capital Firms to provide start-up capital for small businesses.

In 1997, the Administration fought for and won $3 billion for a Welfare-to-Work jobs initiative as part of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act. This initiative provided resources for cities and states to help welfare recipients find and keep jobs. In 1998, Gore announced an addition $273 million for 75 Welfare-to-Work Competitive grants to fund innovative local job training initiatives. During the Clinton-Gore Administration, between 1993 and 1999, welfare caseloads have dropped by 7.5 million and welfare rolls are down 53 percent. Welfare rolls are now at their lowest level since 1968, and the percent of Americans on welfare - 2.4 percent - is at the lowest level since 1966.

The Register does not have a whole lot to say: the facts speak for themselves, and this is definitely a close call, as both candidates seem to be somewhat accomplished in this area. Although minority executions and imprisonment are unequal in both Texas and the U.S. as a whole, -- and that is most unfortunate, this much seems clear: if you commit a crime against a Black in Texas, you stand a *much* greater chance of getting punished than in the U.S. as a whole under Gore. POINT: Bush.
Crime and Guns Crime is down. During Governor Bush’s tenure, violent crime decreased 20 percent while overall crime decreased 14 percent.

Juvenile crime is down. During Governor Bush’s term, violent juvenile crime decreased 44 percent and overall juvenile crime by 17 percent – the first decline in over a decade.

Effectively abolished parole for violent offenders. Under current parole policies, violent criminals in Texas are serving over 90 percent of their sentences; violent sex offenders are serving 100 percent of their sentences.

Automatic jail time for juveniles illegally carrying guns. Proposed and signed legislation requiring automatic jail time for juveniles who carry firearms illegally or commit crimes with a gun.

Toughened penalties for selling guns to kids. In 1997, signed legislation making it a felony offense for selling or giving a handgun to a minor.

Held parents accountable. In 1995, signed legislation providing criminal penalties for parents or guardian who knowingly and recklessly leave a weapon accessible to a minor who subsequently commits a crime or causes serious harm.

Created weapon-free school zones. In 1995, signed legislation prohibiting weapons within 300 feet of a school and made a violation of the weapon free zone a felony.

Cracked down on violent juveniles. Established boot camps -- alternative “tough love” schools for disruptive juveniles -- and lowered the age at which violent juveniles can be tried as adults.

Allowed law-abiding citizens to protect themselves

Created a responsible concealed carry law. Similar to 31 other states, Texas law allows responsible, law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Under Texas law, a citizen 21 years or older, who passes a rigorous background check, completes a gun safety and conflict resolution course, and passes a firearm proficiency test can obtain a state license to carry a concealed weapon.

Made child safety locks available to Texas parents

Project Childsafe. Launched a five-year, $5 million program to provide free child safety locks and firearm safety information to Texas parents with the goal of making child safety locks available for every single handgun in Texas.

Governor Bush believes the best gun control measure is to vigorously prosecute those who illegally sell guns, those who illegally carry guns, and those who illegally commit crimes with guns. Governor Bush’s priority as President will be to keep guns away from criminals and juveniles. He will make federal gun prosecutions a top priority, reversing the 46% decline in federal gun prosecutions under the Clinton-Gore Administration. In addition, he will protect law-abiding citizens’ constitutional Second Amendment rights while at the same time enacting reasonable, common-sense restrictions on the unsafe use of firearms. Semi-automatic assault weapons ban for juveniles. This would extend the current limitations (subject to the current exceptions) on youth possession of handguns to semi-automatic assault weapons.

Lowest Level of Violent Crime in a Generation; Since 1993, the number of violent crimes has fallen nearly 34 percent to its lowest level in more than a quarter century. In fact, the number of violent crimes has decreased every single year since Al Gore and the Administration took office. Since the beginning of this Administration, the level of violent crime has dropped more than 33 percent to its lowest level since 1973 (the year the survey began).

Gore Worked for Anti-Drug Media Campaign. In 1998, the Administration began a $195 million national youth anti-drug media campaign to educate children about the dangers of drugs and to encourage a dialogue between parents and their children about substance abuse.

As a member of Congress, and as Vice President, Al Gore has fought to keep dangerous guns out of the hands of criminals. He supported a ban on assault weapons, worked to craft a compromise on the Brady Bill, and has fought for additional penalties for gun-related crimes. In addition, the Vice President has been a vocal advocate for eliminating guns in our schools.

Gore was Instrumental in Securing Passage of the 1994 Crime Bill. As Vice President, Gore fought to enact the landmark 1994 Crime Bill, which included a provision taking 19 types of dangerous assault weapons off the street. Gore Voted to Ban 9 Types of Assault Weapons. As a Senator in 1990 and 1991, Al Gore supported legislation that would have banned the manufacture and importation of nine assault style weapons. As a Senator, Gore voted for a proposal to establish mandatory minimums for those who use or possess a firearm during violent or drug-related crime. In 1984, Gore cosponsored a bill to impose mandatory 5-year terms for those using armor-piercing bullets during the commission of a federal crime. That same year, he also co-sponsored a bill to provide for mandatory 15-year sentences for "armed career criminals.

Gore Supported the 1994 Crime Bill which Increased Penalties for Gun-Related Crimes. Since 1992, we have seen a 35 percent drop in crimes committed with a firearm.

Prosecution of Gun Criminals Increased. Since 1992, federal prosecutions of offenders who commit crimes with firearms have increased by 16 percent. Overall gun prosecutions at the federal, state, and local level have increased by 22 percent since 1992 - thanks to better coordination with state and local law enforcement.

The Register comments:
This is confusing. Bush claims that there were "the 46% decline in federal gun prosecutions under the Clinton-Gore Administration," but Gore claims that "Since 1992, federal prosecutions of offenders who commit crimes with firearms have increased by 16 percent. Overall gun prosecutions at the federal, state, and local level have increased by 22 percent since 1992 - thanks to better coordination with state and local law enforcement." Both can't be right.

Based on the Texas record for prosecutions and the weak reputation among Democrats, this seems to go in Bush's favor, but The Register does not feel it has enough facts to take a firm stance. Wait a second: we recall how much the Republican-led Congress has pushed for tougher crime measures, and how the President (Clinton) has been getting all the credit! Just like the times that the Democratic-led Congress pushed the Economy downhill, and yet Presidents Reagan and Bush got blamed. Remember checks and balances: The bad moves of the Congress can not be overridded by a Presidential veto if there is a "Super Majority," so Congress is somewhat to blame or credit as the case may be. Republicans are known to be responsible on the crime issue, as was Bush and the Republican U.S. Congress in reducing crime. (Probably Texas' State Congress had Republicans deserving credit too.)

POINT: Bush.

Homosexual Issues Response to Attack on AIDS funding in Texas

An email has been circulating lately, especially in the gay community, that makes outrageous and patently false claims.

A George W. Bush administration will work hard to prevent the spread of AIDS, both in the U.S. and in Africa. The email claims that “death and dying in Africa and the US would accelerate” under Bush. This is an asinine and baseless assertion. Furthermore, as in many states, AIDS deaths have declined dramatically in Texas under Governor Bush’s leadership.

Editor, Gordon Watts comments here: The word "asinine" is directly off of Mr. Bush's website, however, use of this word might be necessary to properly describe the problem. As Mr. Bush said after he was caught describing a New York Times reporter as a "major league @$$--e," he responded by stating that he is just a 'plain spoken man'. We all speak out at times. Since Mr. Bush is otherwise fairly polite, The Register will not take issue with this matter.

Governor Bush has a strong record in Texas on AIDS funding. Total funding (state and federal) for HIV medications and education increased from $39.8 million in FY 1994 to 87.9 million in 2000, an increase of about $48 million, or 120.6%.

State general revenue funding for HIV medications and education increased from $19.0 million in FY 1994 to $25.3 million in FY 2000, an increase of $6.3 million or 33.2%.

Texas is also providing a sufficient state match to draw down on all available federal funds. (For many federal-state cost sharing programs, the state has to put up a certain amount in order to access federal dollars)

In the patient protection legislation signed by Governor Bush, he ensured that people with chronic, disabling or life-threatening illness are able to request that a specialty physician be their primary care doctor.

Governor Bush supports pharmaceutical companies currently conducting research and development on drugs to combat AIDS through his support of a permanent extension of the R&D tax credit.

Governor Bush also supports the National Institutes of Health in continuing their AIDS research programs and the Ryan White CARE Act so that states and cities can adequately respond to those with AIDS.

Sexual Orientation: Al Gore has made clear that it is time for all Americans to recognize that the issues that face gays and lesbians in this country are not narrow, special interests - they are a matter of basic human civil rights. As President, Gore will work to increase the country's understanding that dignity and fundamental rights for all Americans must include homosexuals.

Gore Cosponsored the Equal Remedies Act. Al Gore was an original cosponsor of the Equal Remedies Act, which attempted to lift the cap on damages that can be recovered for workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, and disability.

Al Gore will fight for increased penalties for crimes motivated by race, gender, or sexual orientation, appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices committed to defending civil rights, and ensure that our federal government workforce is as diverse as the nation it represents.

Gore supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to end discrimination in employment and housing based on sexual orientation - following the example of the Federal government, which under the Clinton-Gore Administration has adopted a non-discrimination policy covering sexual orientation. Everyone deserves basic freedom from discrimination.

As President, Gore will continue to fight for Hate Crimes legislation that protects everyone in America, by urging Congress to pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and expand the definition of hate crimes to include those of gender, sexual orientation and disability, and allow for the prosecution of these crimes under federal law.

The Register now examines some facts:

Gore Flip-Flops On Defense Of Marriage Act

Gore Quoted In San Francisco Newspaper Saying He Would Not Have Voted For It

Austin - In last night's debate, Al Gore changed his position on the Defense of Marriage Act. In remarks quoted by the San Francisco Examiner during the primary, Al Gore said, "I don't think I would have voted for it." But last night, Al Gore flip-flopped saying, "I did support that law."

"During a campaign stop during the primary in California, Al Gore said he would have voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. But during last night's debate, before tens of millions of voters, Al Gore said he had always supported that law," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. "Al Gore's flip-flop last night on the Defense of Marriage Act raises questions about his credibility on such an important issue."

Gore Said In The Debate That He Supported The Defense Of Marriage Act:

Bush: "I'm not for gay marriage. I think marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. And I appreciate the way the administration signed the Defense of Marriage Act. I presume the vice president supported it when the president signed that bill and supports it now. But I think -- I think marriage is a sacred institution. I'm going to be respectful for people who may disagree with me. I've had a record of doing so in the state of Texas."

Lehrer: Vice President Gore?

Gore: "I agree with that. And I did support that law.I think that we should find a way to allow some kind of civic unions. And I basically agree with Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman. And I think the three of us have one view and the governor has another one." -- Presidential Debate, October 11, 2000

Earlier This Year, However, Gore Told College Students In California That He Would Not Have Voted For The Law.

“Gore was evasive when a questioner asked him what he thought of Clinton's signing of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

“Pressed by the same questioner after the event about the issue, Gore said, ‘I don't think I would have voted for it.’ But he admitted, at the late hour of 12:30 a.m. Thursday, that he could not recall exactly Clinton's reasons for signing the bill, which outlawed gay marriage on the federal level.” -The San Francisco Examiner, February 3, 2000

The Register comes to the very unexpected conclusion: The Republican, Texas Governor, George W. Bush, really is the compassionate conservative he says he is based on the weighing of the facts. POINT: Bush.

Taxes Results of Governor Bush’s Tax Reform Proposal

* A family of four making $35,000 will receive a $1,500 tax cut, a 100 percent reduction.

* A family of four making $50,000 will receive a $2,000 tax cut, a 50 percent reduction.

* A family of four making $75,000 will receive a $2,500 tax cut, a 25 percent reduction.

* Tax Relief for Single Parents

A single mother with one child making $22,000 will receive a $1,000 tax cut, a 100 percent reduction.

A single mother with two children making $32,000 will receive a $1,500 tax cut, a 95 percent reduction.

Governor Bush reached across party lines to deliver the two largest tax cuts in Texas history: $1 billion in 1997 and $2 billion in 1999. Under Governor Bush:

Texas has the 3rd lowest state tax burden in the country.

State budget surpluses have increased from $333 million to a high of $3.5 billion.

Texas remains one of only a handful of states without an income tax.

Governor Bush believes that roughly one-quarter of the surplus should be returned to the people who earned it through broad tax cuts – otherwise, Washington will spend it. Why the concern??? ---> BECAUSE: Americans work more than four months a year on average to fund government at all levels. And, the typical family now pays nearly 40 percent of their income in taxes after accounting for all federal, state, and local taxes. This is more than twice the rate paid by the typical family in 1955.

Bush's plan would promote economic growth and increase access to the middle class by cutting high marginal rates. It will also double the child credit, eliminate the death tax, reduce the marriage penalty, and expand Education Savings Accounts and charitable deductions.

Gore and the Administration Have Overseen the Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History. Al Gore and the Administration have pursued responsible economic stewardship, and they have presided over the longest economic expansion in history. After growing at 1.7% annually from 1988 to 1992, the U.S. economy has enjoyed a 3.8% average annual growth rate under the Clinton-Gore Administration.

Gore and the Administration Have Helped Bring Inflation to its Lowest Level Since 1965. In 1999, inflation was 1.9 percent (the underlying core rate). This inflation rate represented the lowest rate of inflation since 1965 and was 60 percent less than the average underlying core inflation rate under Reagan and Bush.

Gore and the Administration Worked for the Lowest Unemployment in Three Decades. The Clinton-Gore Administration has worked to create an economy in which every American seeking a job is given the opportunity to work. Unemployment has dropped 48 percent since 1992 to 4.1 percent in July of this year. Unemployment has remained below 5 percent for almost three years, and the unemployment rate has been decreasing for 7 years. Furthermore, the 1999 unemployment rates for Hispanic- and African-Americans were the lowest annual rates ever recorded.


Al Gore was one of the main advocates of the balanced budget act and worked to ensure the bill's passage. The 1997 Balanced Budget Act helped continue the Administration's hard-earned economic turnaround.

The Vice President supports marriage penalty tax relief by increasing the standard deduction so that a married couple would get the same standard deduction as if they remained single.

Both candidates oppose the "Marriage Penalty" Tax. This is not useful information in comparing the candidates.

The "Economy" has gotten better under Clinton/Gore, but most polls show the public believes that the Clinton/Gore Administration is not as responsible as the 'average' citizen. The Republican-led Congress must also get some credit. As well, under Reagan/Bush, the Democratic-led Congress made it hard for Bush, Sr. to keep his "no new taxes" promise. That was not wise of him to promise, sinse his veto could get overridden in Congress, but he tried.

In this case, the burden of proof of good stewardship must go to the candidate who has tried the hardest.

The Democrats have made a reputation for themselves as "Tax-and-Spend," but Clinton and Gore have moved a little to the center - presumably to get votes. These are "New Democrats."

The Register, however, goes with the weight of the evidence: The Republicans get a slim-margined win. POINT: Bush.

Final Analyses - - - - - - The Register's Final Analysis:

The points seem to add up to indicate that Bush wins handily, but it is not that easy. First, the general electorate (The "Majority") in the Democratic Process is not always right. Remember Germany. Recall that ROME fell! The U.S. has made many mistakes, poor health habits and numerous civil rights violations being a few of them. The public "opinion" polls fluctuate from week-to-week, in the Presidential race, in fact!

On the possible category of "HEALTH," which The Register did not examine, both candidates would have failed: Our country has numerous heart disease, obesity, and cancer problems the third-world nations do not have. We do not wish to insult other countries by complaining. They have beaten us with better health, lower crime rates, and lower divorce rates, fair-and-square -- as well as smarter high school students.

While Al Gore has lost a lot of weight from his younger days, Mr. Bush really shows a good example of discipline: he jogs several miles each day, and sets a good example for the youth of America.

Another deciding factor is the fact that Democrat, Al Gore, punishes the innocent unborn in abortion more than guilty criminals, who he would most likely pardon or attempt to free from the death penalty. There is a scripture somewhere in the Bible which says that with bad leaders, the citizens of a country encounter oppression and inequity, and the curses of God Almighty.

Can anyone beat God? Will anyone ever win an argument or a lawsuit against Him? Will he be a 'stupid' judge who pardons the unrepentant criminal? -- He will surely be compassionate, but when the rubber-meets-the road, God Almighty shall be more like a Texas judge than one from Tennessee, the home state of Al Gore.

Some of those tax issues would confuse a team of economists, but it boils down to a matter of trust. Following the direction of God, who says to Love Him, others, and ourselves, in that approximate order, the truth becomes crystal clear: After careful consideration, The Register endorses George W. Bush for President, this election, 2000.

Op-Ed Piece: Why Republicans should hop on Al Gore's Recount offer

Title: Some Republicans want a Recount too

I hope that George W. gets President, particularity because his track record of improving Education in Texas for minority students was much better than "Asleep at the Switch" Gore and Clinton combined - for U.S. kids. However, I must step off the beaten path and demand a hand recount, not only in Democratic strongholds, but, in fact, statewide, as unpredictable a result as that may bring. Here are the reasons why:

1) The "winner" in this presidency would operate under a cloud of doubt in public opinion unless ALL Florida votes are put through manual inspection. The probable winner, George W., doesn't need that! Most public want a complete count, even if it takes a few more days or a week.

2) If we anger even a few of our 271 potential Republican electors and they switch - become "unfaithful electors" - due to concern over the "Florida taint," then we will have a problem! Our Republican electors are already under enough pressure to switch from Al Gore (so far) leading in the U.S. popular vote. We don't need to pressure them any further. Remember: These Electors are the ones who vote for President, NOT the "Popular Vote."

3) Congress may, on a simple majority vote of both Houses, reject Florida's 25 Electoral votes if it deems them "tainted." As split as the *new* Congress will be, and with Al Gore remaining a tie-breaking President of the Senate for a few more weeks, even after new Congress-persons take office, we can not risk that. (I do not know if a Presidential Veto could veto this, but I am sure that Mr. Clinton would be inclined to NOT veto such a measure!) Remember: U.S. Senator, Joseph Lieberman would still be in the Senate, and a "Tie Vote" down party lines would be broken by the "President of the U.S. Senate." Al Gore, who would still remain "President of the Senate," would break this tie, which would be in the "new" Senate, the "split" one newly elected! However, it would take both Houses of Congress to reject Florida's Electoral votes.

4) Even with a count and a re-count, it is not right to ignore scrutiny because this is a close election. I personally feel that the best reason to hand re-count every vote is because it is the "right" thing to do, even though it makes it more difficult for my candidate, George W., to win the presidency.

BONUS: I do NOT, however, say that the majority is always right! Even IF a majority voted for Al Gore, we remember that by a one vote majority Mr. Adolf HITLER got in!!! Now, do you understand that the majority may not always be right?!?

"Because it's right" is probably the best reason, however, there is a more ominous problem yet!

5) If we Republicans do not accept Al Gore's offer to get a hand recount Statewide, then we may miss an opportunity to recount Republican leaning counties, and he may be successful in finding uncounted votes in Democratic counties. The problem with that? Any gains found in new votes would, statistically, tend to increase proportionate to the amount of initial votes, increasing new votes for Gore at a faster rate than for Bush. We Republicans need not worry that people might think us weak for accepting Gore's offer: It is obvious that he had no choice but to offer it or else look unfair. We would be equally frowned upon if we do not accept it. The Democrats appear to be set to receive the go-ahead from the courts to Hand Re-count "their" counties, comprising about ONE MILLION votes, one county alone having about half-a-million. We re-counted only six (6) of out counties, which are sparsely populated, maybe comprising several hundred thousand votes at most. (!!!) That figure seems correct since, of the 67 counties in Florida, Republicans won about 63, or about 4 Million of the approximately 6 Million votes cast. But, with only 6 of our about 63 counties re-counted, this figure is more like 300 or 400 Thousand, that is, about 10% of the 4 Million votes in these counties. The Democrats won only about 4 or 5 Florida Counties, but these counties, like (Democrat-stronghold) New York, are VERY densely populated. We Republicans, on the other hand, are more like Country folk instead of "city slickers."

(oh, I forgot)

6) Partisans would be happy because we already did two (2) counts, both by computer, the second (2nd) constituting a recount. But, would this really be the 'right' thing to do?

Also, this childish behavior on our part may influence the Court to rule our overseas ballots invalid in "borderline" cases where a postmark is missing, something that is out of the control of U.S. service personnel, who, as you know, tend to vote strongly Republican.

The people doing the recount are proud of their part in making history, usually working long hours for little or no money. Also, they are under constant scrutiny, with a Republican witnessing all counts - able to reject a vote to the "check later" pile. And, any further mistakes, statistically, occur at about the same frequency for us as against us. We Republicans have said that we trust the people: We now MUST trust the people, and even more, we must trust our God to oversee this endeavor in as many counties as possible who may want to recount their ballots! God bless America.

Who am I?

I am an FSU student, senior in Biological and Chemical Sciences, expecting to graduate with a double major this Spring 2000. Also, I am a Golden Key National Honor Society member.

In addition, I am the student who is believed by many to be the ONLY American in recent years to reject a "mass handout" of Welfare by State and Federal Agencies, detailed on my Website. Most others, however, involved in this fiasco accepted aid! Details are on this web site.

(I am an Honest Person who doesn't want the State and Federal employees making their 40-hour pay weeks by Bankrupting Social Security and State and County Welfare funds!) Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Lieutenant Governor Frank Brogan should both remember meeting with me in person at the AP News Office (Jeb) and the "Lieutenant Governor's Debate" (Mr. Brogan) with former Florida State Senator, Rick Dantzler, respectively.

I am also the student who emailed Jeb at his "personal" email address (publicized once in the Tallahassee Democrat a while back), being perhaps the ONLY person in the State to bring to his attention the health risks associated with Milk and Meat Consumption. (I was right!) Now, my greatest fears are realized: Time magazine headlines: "EARLY PUBERTY Why Girls are Growing up Faster: Is is hormones [in the food or milk]...Is it something in the water? ..." (Time magazine, Front Page Headlines, October 30 Issue, 2000)

Lastly, I am the student who distributed fliers showcasing Governor Bush's Educational achievements in Texas. One letter was published in the Tallahassee Democrat on October 24, 2000. Another ran on 11/02/2000 in the FSView & Florida Flambeau. Excerpts include: "Both the 1998 National Assessment of Educational Progress and the congressionally mandated National Education goals panel find Texas Education under Bush to be at or near the top in the nation in both improvement and absolute performance, especially for minority students."


"Additionally, minority university enrollment is up in Texas after elimination of race-based Affirmative Action -- because "merit-based" and "poverty-based" Affirmative Action have replaced it, guaranteeing top students (merit) of even poor schools (poverty) admittance to universities."

These excerpts are included to show my fidelity to my fellow-conservatives, while at the same time showing open-mindedness to liberal viewpoints.




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