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O.K. Here's what happened: Click on highlighted words to see details.

In my hometown of Plant City (28 miles east of Tampa), right before I came to college, there was a Social Security Office that was shutting down & laying off its workers. These Federal employees had a creative solution to this: they started grabbing healthy people & slapping them on disability, classing them as "mentally disabled." However, it still shut down: the office, formerly at the intersection of Haines & Collins streets, is now a dance club or something. (I later found out that they got persons' names from various sources: county and state agencies submitted names of people who they gave assistance to. They submitted their names to Social Security to get Federal Funding for their programs. Also, some non-disabled, healthy persons apply for benefits fraudulently.)

I fell into the first category: In my case, I went to the County for a little low income assistance for a physical. The County, which begged me to apply for Federal benefits, denies in this letter that they applied for me. I sure didn't. My parents didn't even know what was going on until Social Security contacted them. Social Security sure didn't get my name from the phone book; so, just who did apply for me?!? Notice that the Agency for Health Care Administration admits here in this letter that I was "placed on SSI [etc.]" for these programs -- obviously by someone other than myself. Oh, and here is more proof (which "Tim" of CBS in New York asked I place on the Register's web site): Joseph Stein of Hillsborough County's (Florida) Neighborhood Service Center (Plant City) finally told me that I would be allowed to qualify for Public Assistance if I just filled out the Federal Paperwork. (E.g., he told me that I didn't need to apply, only fill it out.) He changed his mind after I told him that I WOULD NOT apply for "fraudulent benefits."

So, I filled out this "application" for Federal Aid. Notice here that I clearly indicate that I WAS NOT applying nor claiming that I am disabled! So, how did the County Social worker think that he was qualified to refer a healthy person to disability? Think: Federal kickbacks! So, just who did apply? Things that make you go "Hmmmm..." (Thanks for the quote, Arsenio Hall.)

Anyhow, without any provocation, some Social Security staff began giving me harassing phone calls, asking me to take disability. When I asked what was going on, they argued with me & hung up. In order to get to the bottom of this, I visited their office, but they argued with me some more and wouldn't tell me what my "disability" was. They had no desire to really give me a check, (although they might have for a short period). They contacted the Dover Clinic in that county where I had gotten the routine physical exam. Remember, I was asking the county to give me low income assistance to pay for this while I was in between jobs.

They just wanted more "crazy check" cases so they could avoid getting laid off, but the office still shut down. Since I was living on my own at a rental address as indicated by the letter from Sen. Mack's office & self supportive as shown by the work ticket here, I was shocked to find out from my mother that she was receiving a check "for me!" The Senator's office mistakenly thought I applied for a job when I dropped off some supplemental documentation of this fraud. This goof up was good because it documented me living out on my own.

Due to this shocking discovery about a check going to mom "for a 'disabled' Gordon," I then immediately "called my Congressman." Back in 1995, U.S. Rep. Charles T. Canady (R-FL) of Lakeland, my Congressman, was assured that both Social Security and SSI were "discontinued." (I later found out that they had somehow gotten my name from a county office I'd visited when I needed low income assistance to pay for a routine physical- I checked out in good health. The county was seeking to use me as a pawn to obtain federal funds for an inflatedly priced exam- over $1,400.00!) The county guy I talked to claimed that Hillsborough County did not get this check. He said that this $1,417.32 check went to my mother with no deductions because the county gave me no "basic" services such as food, clothing, or rent assistance. Is it right for my beloved mother to take a check to spend on a healthy person. Further, it WAS NOT spent on me. Her excuse was that I owed her back rent for so much free stay. Theft, however, is theft. None of us were entitled to monies for the disabled!!! Period! Notice that this W-2 Form shows not only my ability to work but also the rental address on Franklin, different from the Pleasant Acres Drive address. If they even think you can work, they can disqualify you from "benefits." I left no doubt in their minds -- if, that is, their minds were working.

U.S. Sen. Connie Mack's (R-FL) office was also told in '95 that they had terminated my "benefits," (as was Rep. Canady). But, two years later, in 1997, they were still sending me harassing mail, indicating I was listed "mentally disabled!" In February of '97, the Senator's office confirmed that I was still listed as such! Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) had inquired faithfully as well, but SSA decided to only lie to my Republican Congressmen! Things that make you go "hmmmm..." ! They did, however, give Sen. Graham's office the runaround.

I tried getting a lawyer, but none wanted to "cut off" the money. They knew that I would I be unable to pay them, the greedy dogs!!! Even the mighty ACLU didn't have the gumption to address this! Grrr....! UPDATE: Neither did the Legal Services of North Florida (LSNF) here in Tallahassee. This agency, located on Delta Way off of John Knox Road, has been around for like 20 years and assists people who can't afford a lawyer. These facts show the true nature of the law profession. Obviously, the LSNF and the ACLU do not feel that prosecution of crimes is necessary for justice and order -- every one is entitled to be free from fear that their victimizers will get off scot free, right?

Since moving to Tallahassee for college, I have requested assistance from the office of U.S. Rep. F. Allen Boyd (D-FL). And... Here we are at Wal-Mart, Sat. 17 Jan 98, discussing this matter during his "business hours." An aide took the photo -- a service to his constituents.

A couple of salient facts: Number one: Over ONE BILLION of our tax dollars are being wasted on welfare fraud. Do you know how many Millions are in a Billion? It takes ONE THOUSAND Millions to make a Billion-- check a dictionary or ask a math wonk to verify this. Oh, my proof that this much waste occurs? O.K.: The Miami Herald ran a story on this on April 12, 1994. The newspaper the monkey is shown holding is a real article. Number two: My status as a student is not confidential! According to FSU Rules & Regs, take a look see: Point C. says, "Prior consent of the student is not required for disclosure of [a whole bunch of info] ..."

Don't forget how the Social Security Administration lied to two of my four Congresspersons..... one lie to cover another, namely their slapping healthy people on the system to make a workweek and their later unwillingness to admit wrongdoing! Also compare and contrast their data bases on my mother, who is recorded as having been yelling at me, with this record of me appealing to be taken off SSA/SSI. ONE: my appeal rights were denied. TWO: I was not disabled. THREE: I was sure not crazy as reported here! That's right: crazy. Notice the opening quote: "DI [disabled individual] has a (sic) extreme mental problem ..." These records were hard to get, but they finally released them to a doctor, who subsequently released them to me.

To be able to turn off the crazy check that was coming to my mother, I had to establish that I was mentally able to manage my own crazy check funds. Seems kind of contradictory, doesn't it? If it was a crazy check, then the recipient shouldn't be mentally up to the task, eh? Well, believe it or not, many crazy check folk get their own check, yet they said I was even worse. To counter this, I needed a "PHYSICIAN/MEDICAL OFFICER'S STATEMENT OF PATIENT'S CAPABILITY TO MANAGE BENEFITS." Well, I got Dr. Rees Morgan, MD and Dr. Guy Markley, DC to fill out forms. I also tried to get some psychiatrists to fill this out, but none would, except one who checked the "unsure" box. This guy kept getting me to visit him, and I think he was just leading me on to keep me coming back. After I had taken a thorough battery of tests and exams/visits, I finally asked him to do his job and fill out the form, but after all that, this con artist claimed ignorance or insufficient data!

Anyhow, the Dr. Morgan qualified because he, as an MD, was a physician, and Dr. Markley, as a DC, was a medical officer, as the form states. It gives a little leeway there, but the local social security office didn't see it that way: do you see that tear in that 2nd page for Dr. Markley? Well, when I initially turned in that form, some over zealous staff member tore it up into three (3) pieces right there in front of my eyes! No kidding! So, folks, who's the crazy one here? Actually, this form doesn't say that I was mentally OK, just that I could manage my own crazy check funds -- but, if I could do that, then by implication, it implies that I was OK, especially in light of the other obvious things, such as me living on my own, holding a job... Oh, one more thing: Dr. Robert Mogyrosy, PhD, the psychiatrist mentioned above, promised to finally give me the a ok on this form if I were to be able to live on my own. Well, I upheld my end of the bargain; he did not uphold his end... So much for 'my' paid expert or "hired gun," as the saying goes. He couldn't shoot a gnat -- and, his services (expert liar?) probably aren't worth a gnat, either...

Click here to see a better picture of me in my dorm with the picket sign I have used both at the Capitol and at the Social Security office. Click here to see a picture of **BOTH** my current FSU Card. (right) and an old one that I have lost & re-found. (Also included is a contact card with my contact data on it.)

I've covered up some important numbers on them because the FSU Card is also an ATM card and a library card in addition to being official identification. They let me take the photo as you see it because I have Native American heritage (part Cherokee and Iroquois).

The media has been too busy chasing people like Our Lady Diana --how childish-- to have any time to focus on real issues that people would want to know about. The only media involvement so far has been the inquiries of two ABC TV News reporters and one small AM talk radio host. I will give them the credit due them:

Ken Kaltoff of WFTS TV-28 (ABC-Tampa, FL) called Sen. Mack's office and was able to confirm that they were working on my case, but Jim Harrison, Sen. Mack's aid was, for some reason, unable to confirm that they had been lied to by Social Security in that 1995 letter you may have clicked on earlier. Ken lost interest in this and referred me to Tallahassee's ABC sister station, CH. 27, since I had moved from the Tampa Bay area to Tallahassee to go to college here at FSU.

WTXL TV-27 (ABC-Tallahassee, FL) sent a cameraman out to interview me the day I was picketing the Social Security office during the 1997 college spring break, but someone must have had a big story that day: I was edited out of the evening news and did not show up on later clips.

To their credit, however, Brett Buell, their investigative reporter, called Sen. Mack's office but got the same partial confirmation as his colleague in the Tampa/Plant City area where I used to live.

Marvin Gray, the host of "The Government Watchdog" of WTALK "TALK RADIO" AM 1450 (Independent-Tallahassee, FL), received a similar answer and likewise lost interest. UPDATE: WTALK is now: both AM 1450 and FM 105.7 and they have bulletin boards. To visit them, go to my "media contacts" page, & click on Tallahassee TALK radio.

In case you're curious, I DID contact all the newspaper and TV press in Tallahassee and Tampa Bay and did provide them with enough paperwork to COMPLETELY verify my story. What a waste of time, money, and energy!!! I could not convince any other media to call any other Congressperson or investigate further with only one exception: The Register.

I think, however, that their involvement was more due to the fact that I have friends on the editorial staff and work there part-time, than the merits of the case. I would, however, like to point out how well they chewed out the media in their editorial for the media's many foibles. By the way, in light of their passing comment about the royal family, movie/sports stars, & politicians, I must point out also, the date it ran: July 21,1997. This comment about the royal family was before the tragic death of Princess of Wales, Diana. The Register is perceptive on Big Media's preoccupation with fame, etc., but no one here foresaw what was coming or else it would've been mentioned. I give you my word that we did not go back and editorially insert the comment after the fact (of her death-- you know, to act like we knew something), but this fact is not easy to verify as no one in the media really paid attention to the article when it ran. I guess that when they weren't chasing celebrities like Princess Di, the Paparazzi media were hounding Socks the Cat or Buddy the Dog, pets of our President. It's pretty bad when the press considers a dog more important than a person with potentially a real matter!

As we were a small paper with limited circulation (until we jumped all over the world wide web), only a few "normal people" remember when it ran, but most people I know are "normal" enough to confirm to me that this is an issue that they'd like covered & exposed. Only problem is big media goin' after the "big" story doesn't seem to agree or really care.

Rep. Boyd has indicated that he is willing to speak to the press, and some press have indicated that they are willing to speak to my Congressmen if they call, but practically no one is budging. For example, Susan Wilson of WTOG TV-44 (UPN- St. Petersburg, FL) has told me to 'have' my Congressman call her. And, Andreas Brunais of the Tallahassee Democrat's editorial department has told me to 'have' my Congressman to write a guest editorial to represent his district in this matter. None of my Congresspersons have taken the invitation; nor, have any other media called them to verify my story!!! No one is budging, and I think no one cares!!!

UPDATE: I've contacted US Rep. Jim Davis at the suggestion of a Florida State Rep. Rep. Davis' office insists that I contact *my* congressman, Rep. Boyd, but the problem at the Dover clinic originated in either Rep. Davis' district or Rep. Mike Bilirakis' district, I think. I further think that this problem affects all constituents. This response reminds me of the story I heard about a wreck that occurred where the car was on the county line -- half in each county. The two Sheriffs argued over who would handle the wreck paperwork. Quit bickering already! And, just lets work together as a team (instead of trying to get out of doing your jobs!)!

O.K.: I've pointed out how government can do stuff like declare people "unfit parent" (via HRS), "unfit citizen" (which is what they've done to women and minorities through denial of suffrage and worse!), "mental disabled," "bad credit" (via the IRS), or (as they did with me) both "mental disabled" and "unable to manage my financial affairs!!!" ** Do you know what they said to this self supportive, law-abiding citizen? That's right! That I was even worse off than the many crazy check people who could get their "own" check & use it on drugs, prostitutes, etc. (I've known a few such crazies!) When I started asking questions, they deemed me "mentally unable to manage my finances" as well! Hmmmm...

O.K.: Enough is Enough! That's the problem and reason behind it! What is the solution? Since this is going on the World Wide Web, many people are seeing it under all the major search engines & cool key words. That means that if you complain to your local media, then your voice will not be alone. You know, people in all countries can access the web (that is, if their governments aren't 'restrictive' yet). Their voice can be additive to yours, so don't give up there, hoss. If the media won't do a story on me, then I will do a story on them!!!

We know that Democracy is a fragile thing, sometimes unable to be supported (e.g., abuses by Communist gov'ts causing people to flee & run fast up, out, & away!!!). When these Communist countries were normal (they all were at one time, you know), the government started becoming restrictive. PHASE II: The citizens did not use their speech & press abilities -- due to laziness & apathy. They didn't want to rub the gov't the wrong way. YOU SEE WHERE THAT GOT THEM! Maybe I'm just wasting my time here. Maybe no one really cares (enough to speak up, that is). Well, when the inevitable occurs and you are oppressed, you will then care; but, you will be unable to do something, and what a pickle you will be in.

New Section about GOD

Here are some media contacts, but is it worth your time?

Consider the Law of Pascal's Wager for probabilities by French Probability Mathematician, Blaise Pascal: If there is "no 'God'," then being 'good' is equal to being 'evil.' (We all return to dust.) Playing the "Lottery of Life" is an even bet so far, so we need a tie-breaker. Now, some of you Christians (I am a Christian too, yes!) are saying, "Don't say what IF there's a God, but SINCE there is a God. Well, Jesus said "if" himself:
The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 22, Verses 41 & 42: "41 And he was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast, and kneeled down, and prayed, 42 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done." Or: "...O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." according to Matthew 26:39. Or, Mark 14:35-36 says: "35 And he went forward a little, and fell on the ground, and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from him. 36 And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt." **And, get this: Jesus even QUESTIONED God by asking "WHY?" like Job did when he uttered "questionable" words, but in this did Jesus NOT sin. My reference on the "WHY" quote: The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 27, Verse 46 "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" **> Therefore, His perfect example shows us that even this "if" is OK. By the way, I do believe in God, but He expects me to do my part: fair is fair; His Son tested out a human body, and there are no plans to recall the model: it works, and they service what they make. Oh, and they believe in me! That's even more important. Here is a picture of different races in a team effort as Jesus taught me. (So, any 'real' God *would* send His Son... and He wouldn't ask us to 'not sin' unless it were possible! So, it must be possible!

Well, now that I've gotten Bibical permission to ask "IF," I guess I'll go ahead and do it for constructive purposes:

If there is a 'God,' then it is more likely that He/She/They/It is/are good. Why? My Father always told me that evil is, by its very nature, disorganized and self destructive. It is less likely that there is and 'evil' God than a 'good' God. An 'evil God' couldn't create life before self destructing!!! Why, even we can't create life.

If you think that we can, then *YOU* try evolving a dinosaur as on Jurassic Park! Can't do it even with all our technology AND DNA material? What? You need a Billion years? It only takes as long as putting a sperm and egg together if you know what you're doing, so this PROVES that there is some sort of 'God.' (Hint:

By the way, I hold to the "THEY" theory of GOD. Why? Let "US" make man in "OUR" image. See Genesis 1:26 for my reference: "26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: ..."

That breaks the tie: even the slimmest chance of a good God makes being and doing evil an ETERNAL risk, like our life of 70 or so years is NOTHING compared to infinite eternity. So the question is "what is 'good' and 'right'?" (Recall: in a lottery, the money put in is usually more than the average return). Like if 1 Million dollars were the pot and 2 million people played, then the average yield would be 50 cents. A ticket of a dollar would be a "bad" bet. You'd lose money; the lottery is not planning on losing money! But, GOD has enough blessings that playing his "game of life" is a winning bet!

One last thought on God: he asks us all through the scripture to NOT sin. Why would He ask us if it weren't possible? (Hint: He WOULDN'T!) Therefore, by Plain Logic, it seems clear that it IS! possible to not sin in at least for certain periods of time and/or in certain areas. References: Romans 6:1&2 "1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 2God forbid..." and Exodus 20:20 "And Moses said unto the people, Fear not: for God is come to prove you, and that his fear may be before your faces, that ye sin not." And, finally, I John 2:1 "1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:" {Did you see that?: IF we sin, not WHEN we "Inevitably" sin.} So, you don't get saves by being righteous; YOU GET RIGHTEOUS by being saved. More about God below

I believe that the *right* thing to do would be to ask for a change. For those people that say "well, if they've taken you off, then everything is O.K.," I have a little message: First, they've lied before & may be lying now. I might not really be out of their 'crazy farm system.' They did insinuate some pretty serious threats if I were to, like, speak up and make a stir about it: For the details, re-read the article, there, chump! Second, and more important (surprisingly) than the dishonesty factor is what you are asking me to do. Suppose the cops finally caught some criminal and then discovered that he was a high person in local city government? If they were able to return your property in abused condition after several years of pursuit and the Police Lieutenant then said something like "No, Mr. or Ms. So-and-so, we can not press charges. Everything is O.K. you see, we've returned your property," then would you accept that as an answer? How about this one: "They're not bothering you anymore, so everything's O.K." ?!?!? Hmmmm.....

That analogy is correct, because the attacker is the government; and, the news media is the cop -- and the judge and jury in the court of public opinion -- along with the viewing audience.

You expect me to let the criminal get away scot free to commit more crimes; and, what was stolen (my reputation-- stolen and abused for a few more dollars) is worth more than fine gold and copious money!

You know what to do: call the various mediae (old English-like plural of 'media'). They are TV, Radio, Cable, Newspaper, and the Internet, like I am doing. Haven't ye heard: good always wins. And, the Action Sixties television ministry of CTN, the Christian Television Network, has weighed in on this issue -- in my support.

One final comment: Considering the fraudulent placement of me on Social Security AFTER THEY KNEW I WAS LIVING ON MY OWN and considering the resistance offered by all three (3) Branch Offices to admit wrong AND considering their lying to my Congressmen, IT IS CLEAR that the threatening comment about how easy it would be to Baker Act me (e.g., put me in an institution to silence me) was not a misunderstanding. So, in conclusion, some have said that if they "took me off the rolls" so to speak, then everything is "O.K.," right? They aren't messing with me NOW, right? This makes me look paranoid, right? Wrong. NUMBER (1): They may be lying again. But, NUMBER (2): Even if they have removed my name from the rolls, since they haven't been prosecuted for their crimes, how many other people will they threaten? Also, if I were to (God forbid it happen) slip and fall and become temporarily disabled and unconscious, what's to stop them from shipping me to a "mental" facility for "further evaluation" (read: "they check in, but they DON'T check out")? That's what I thought. Nothing. So, if YOU were in this situation (and it could happen to you), then you know what you'd want others to do. That's right: alert the media. "Just do it."

Good luck on your big venture. --Gordon More about God
HERE are some commonly asked questions:
[1] What * is * a 'Messiah'?
[2] 'Are there one (1) or two (2) Messiahs?
[3] How does one pay for sins? With money? A credit card?
[4] How is dying on a cross useful? I attempt to answer them below, in my story. [5] THE BIG ONE: Is raising from the dead what makes a certain man, Jesus, Savior???

(I'll give you a hint here: Lazurus raised from the dead, and so did some people in the Old Testament Holy Bible, as well as in other religions' Holy Scriptures; and some now-a-days raise from being 'clinically dead.' Yet, THESE *are not* Savior. Thus, there must be some *other* thing that makes one a Savior!)

Well, here is the complaint that I made to my Creator, The Almighty when I was younger:

I said: ""God, I am working at a McDonald's (or later, a Taco Bell). (This was when I was younger.) And, God, I am being paid too little. I am being mis-treated! God, I wish that * you * would take on human form -- a human body, if you please -- and experience this stuff. You would feel my pain, but you would also be powerful enough to make corrective changes."" I went on to say: ""God, I wonder if even *_You_* can live in a human body without sinning. If even You can't, then all life is HOPELESS!"" ( I also made this same request of my managers at these businesses, but they did not want to be treated -- mistreated -- like an employee. They preferred to get paid much more and do less work! Hypocrites! Dogs!) Here was God's answer: (He did not speak to me verbally, but I still got the message.) He said: ""Look, I went to the trouble to *make* you, didn't I? Well, then I can certainly work on your matter and fix and repair it, but I am loving and concerned even more than that. You know that, right? Well, Gordon [he said], Listen: I *_did_* live in a human body... two thousand years ago! I am so close to my Son, Jesus, also perfect like me, that what He felt, pain an all, so did I. Thus I understand your pain, but I was able to deal with it. The proof: Jesus lived in a human body and experienced our temptations, but He did not succumb to sin! Thus, I want you to know that you too can deal with it ... with my help. Jesus, your Messiah, showed you that it could be done!"" ********

I know that some Jews and followers of the Hebrew religion do not spell God's Name with vowels completely -- out of respect, but **_my_** God will allow me to call Him by name because He loves me. He only asks that I be appreciative and thankful of His blessings and that I love also my fellow man and woman -- my neighbors here on Earth. I mean no disrespect to either God or you by using His name. That is why He identified Himself and has a name, I am sure.********

So, [1] what is a Savior or Messiah? ANSWER: Someone who shows us by example that a perfect person CAN live in a human body, and that we can too. He keeps us from giving up hope. Since God made us, He can also work on us and fix us when we are broken, like a good repairman or car mechanic! Thus, He can answer prayers, and later, He will return to finish answering the prayers, but not yet: We must learn a lesson: If we sin by stealing and damaging the environment, then we will hurt ourselves. We must be allowed to harm ourselves a little or else we won't learn the lesson, and we would REPEAT these mistakes in Heaven!

[2] There is only need for ONE Messiah. He is human as described in Isa. 53, and also God as described in Isa. 61. Also, I WOULD NOT trust a Messiah who was only human! He must have God-like knowledge to test-drive the human body. ALSO: I would not trust a Messiah who is only God! He would be a hypocrite, afraid to come down to our level, who doesn't care about us, who only lives in the rich Ivory Tower above!

[3] How did He pay for sins? Well, His 33 and one half years [[ 33 y media an~os]] of life certainly had pain! That's a LONG, LONG time, even for a 'God' to endure pain! Don't believe me? Just you try it!

[4] How is dying on the cross useful? Well, many people died on a cross under Roman rule, but that did not make them Messiah. This thing was only one experience in Jesus' life, but an important one. {{{Remember, I already answered number five (5) above.}}}

THE CONCLUSION: Even if the Bible is false and Jesus is not Messiah, yet, [[sin embargo]] nonetheless, the existence of the universe and life are proof/evidence and indicate that there *_is_* a God, a Creator of some sort; and, our intuition and gut feeling indicates that it illogical to think that this God would be evil, because evil is less likely than good, statistically, to be stable enough, organized enough to make a Universe. Even WE cannot make life from raw materials, such as a dinosaur from Jurassic Park. So, since we are going die anyhow, we have nothing to lose by trusting in God. In fact, we are less nervous and can accomplish more by believing, depending on, and trusting a Creator. Even if He does His part, we must do ours. He provides a job, but He expects us to apply for it. Same with finding a spouse (husband/wife), or college/school, or buying a house/home or even buying a car, truck or other automobile. I hope this helps, When you wish to find motivation to be a helpful friend to your friends and family. Remember, doing good works doesn't save us. We become encouraged enough to do good works by being saved, and we get saved by asking, but we keep our salvation by the both [exercise of good works, which strengthens our faith -- and --God's grace and generosity].

LIKEWISE: We don't gain the love of our parents [mother & father] by our works. We do good works as a son or daughter by encouragement we receive from our parents' love. And, we receive their love [because they're our parents] just by asking. But, we hold their love and attention, partly by being good children, and partly by their grace and love and affection. ... Just like above, except that God is COMPLETELY perfect, but we can be perfect sometimes, and refrain from sin. God is always asking our spirit to not sin. THUS, it must be possible to avoid sin and be righteous, or else our heavenly Father would not ask us to do so. My Big Brother, Jesus, through the help of the Holy Spirit, is pleading our case, asking for mercy. Don't give up hope. God is always sending help. However, He sends help in His time, not ours. Again, I say, I hope this helps when you wish to find motivation to be a helpful friend to your friends and family. --Gordon W. Watts


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Here is KBCQ - Pop Radio from Roswell, New Mexico probably beamed through a UFO-satellite-alien link! You must have Real Audio or higher for this link. Simple as Kay-Bee-Cee-Que!