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One Man's Story

Alert! Social Security could do this to you!!

Speak out!!!
H i, I'm Gordon Watts, Dean's list honor student (GPA was up to about 3.71, now about 3.305), FSU Senior Double Major in Biological Science / Chemical Science. I would like to bring to your attention something that happened to me.

Some Social Security workers that were getting laid off in Plant City (near Tampa) started putting healthy people on disability to make work for themselves -- you know, to meet a caseload quota. Without cases, they don't get enough hours and sometimes get laid off. They classed me "mentally disabled" while I was living on my own & holding a job to support myself, without my consent or application! Yet, their office, still shut down, laying off or relocating staff! The local office here in Tallahassee has resisted correction of this, not wanting to admit wrong.

I'm notifying you to tell you how they told my family "confidential" information (lies about me -- claims I was mental ...). Furthermore, since their files are open to the Police and the FBI (as all files are), I would be a suspect in any weird crime that might happen in my area!!! Social Security also told my Congressmen who inquired into this that I was off the rolls in '95, but in '97, they still had me listed as crazy. See documentation of this inside.

The bottom line: the news covers the pet dog of the President but is not thrilled about investigating my problem -- which is really everybody's problem. We are all affected by the fraud of over a Billion: one Billion = one thousand Millions. (No, not 10, nor 100, but 1,000 Millions! Look it up in a basic math book if you don't believe me. And, a "trillion" is a thousand Billions, no joke. Look it up, too.) Of course, we depend on God first; but, since He expects us to do our part too, we DO depend on Social Security for services. Therefore, call your local newspapers and tv stations to expose. Like I said, homey, Social Security is going bankrupt in 2029 (see top) because of fraud like this. If that's OK with you, then ignore my clarion call -- and ignore the threats that this office has made & some were carried out! ----Gordon

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Some have complained that this page is too self centered. I ADMIT that I must tell you about myself to get the message out; but, there exists a reason (two actually):

Of course, (1) I need to get media exposure so MY situation will receive attention. But, we ALL must work together as team players because (2) ALL of us have had abuses by the government in either your lives or those close to you. Don't take my word for it? Click here to verify my story ...

VISIT the LINKS DIALOGUE to verify my story To see some really cool pictures, click here and here . A friend of mine used some "powerful stuff" to edit and alter my intro photo in the top left corner. Perhaps, he thought I was being "angelic" in my dedication to make some necessary investments in our society.

HEADLINE STORY: How the system failed one woman --
* MI Resident, Connie Sheldon, unable to get court-ordered child support payments even when former husband works *and* draws full disability

Editor Gordon Watts: Please see the email paper trail. Do know that I have called Mike and Connie and confirmed that they authored this email. The message exchange appears below, unedited. Please keep handy a towel: you might want to cry over this. Please, keep Connie and Mike Sheldon in your prayers -- and pray that God have mercy on her former husband, for He wants none lost. -gw

From: "Mike and Connie Sheldon" [sheldon@net-port.com]
To: "\"Flash\" Gordon Watts" [gww1210@garnet.acns.fsu.edu]
Subject: Re: May I get the attention you ask?
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 18:14:51 -0700
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200

you have my permission to use the letter if you feel it may help us to rid our society of those who live off of others. Thank you. Oh and would you tell me of other web sights that you have come across that have to do with social security fraud.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Flash" Gordon Watts
To: Sheldon@net-port.com
Sent: Monday, October 09, 2000 2:39 PM
Subject: May I get the attention you ask?

Dear Mike and Connie,

I have thought about how I could help you and your plight while doing service to my community and myself. I have concluded that I can do two things now, but I wanted to seek your blessing and permissions. (Your phone thing let me only leave one short message and then spudded out on me.) Briefly, I want to find out if it is OK to:

(1) Post your letter onto prominent sections of my website, even one of the "front page" stories; and,

(2) My suggestions seem to have some stock with the Bush people in Texas. While I try to get publicity about *my* matter with Social Security, I want to obtain exposure of your situation as well. Please be aware of the marvelous wonders Bush has done in Texas, where African American students are 1st in the nation in math (and possibly in reading but definitely math). This I tell you so you will not wonder about the matter of trust. As well, Mr. Bush has won some award for environmental cleaning -- I guess he had a lot of room for improvement with all that oil there! :=) I can not, of course, guarantee his usage of your materials, but I can guarantee "a chance." Isn't that all we ever ask? Please let me be blessed with your response soon. Thank you. --Gordon Watts

At 04:23:14 PM, Monday, 02 October 2000, you wrote:

From: "Mike and Connie Sheldon" [sheldon@net-port.com]
To: [gww1210@garnet.acns.fsu.edu]
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 16:23:14 -0700
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200

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Converted from: letter october 21.doc
October 2, 2000

To Whom It May Concern

I m sorry that I may not be addressing this in a personal manner but I intend on sending it to several area s including representatives, congressmen, and news associations.

My topic is definitely very frustrating to me but I will try to be as precise as I can to better make you understand my predicament.

It all began in September of 1995. This is the time when a deadbeat father discovered how to beat the system without running and hiding. You obtain a pass with Social Security.

You see since 1991, I had tried to obtain help in supporting my three children. Every time my area friend of the court found his place of employment and started to garnishee his wages he would quit and go to another job. This went on for four years, until a warrant for arrest was finely granted. After his arrest he went in front of the judge and finely I thought that all my hard work had been answered. He was then ordered to pay a fair amount of $115.00 per week child support. That very same day he admitted himself into a mental hospital and in order for the hospital and their doctors to be able to obtain their medical expenses from such a person they decided he was depressed and had anxiety. He has sense been on Social Security Disability and SSI. His child support was reduced do $8.32 per week for 3 minor children. My husband and I have since had two more children and we are now a family of seven. My husband has a full time job and owns his own business just to make our ends meet. Which increasingly seams harder to do all the time.

Now for the kicker, I have in the past 5 years sent Social Security videotape of him working and audiotape of eyewitnesses telling of his working. Nothing ever was done. So I decided to try and take it back to my area courts. I sent them the video and the audiotape and finely after five years I again got to go to court and hope for some help. The judge was absolutely astonished in the amount that the father was required to pay. I really thought I got somewhere. He admitted in court that he was working. He admitted that he didn t have to see a psychiatrist or be under any care. Only being seen when his Social Security was up for review. Which is once a year. I left my county court house rejuvenated and thinking finely he has been shown for his true colors. A fraud and now he was going to have to pay.

Got my response just the other day. Word for word it went like this Since the Social Security Administration has determined that Father is disabled, and certainly Friend of the Court has no authority to determine otherwise. Whether or not this fact finder feels Father is capable of maintaining employment is therefore irrelevant. Therefore plaintiffs petition for an increase in child support is denied.

This has finely brought me to tears. Please where do I go from here? I have appealed the decision by the courts and have been told that if my appeal seams in any way frivolous then I may have to pay court costs. I have no way of even affording a lawyer or have I ever been able too. Is this the way our system works? I ve heard that since our governor has been in office and has done away with welfare, as it once was that the amount of people on the social security pay roll has jumped up dramatically.


Connie M. Sheldon
12935 US 10
Evart MI 49631

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