Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Final Episode"
                Translated Speech Script
                        with Many Translated Subtitles

                translated by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                From the script captured by Kenji MATSUOKA
                Edited by Matthew Opel


I have nothing to say. Eva#26 the final Episode was a collage of
grafiti, and a collection of the words of cult or sect leaders.
"The instrumentality of man project" was nothing but brainwashing.

I have a good suggestion for those who read this script.  Replace the
name "Shinji" with "GAINAX", and replace "Eva" or "piloting Eva" with
"The making of Evangelion", the resulting script will completely make

Now that it is obvious that the making of Evangelion itself has been
the excuse to make Evangelion, after all.

You might know that when A.D. Vision announced the international
release of Eva, they said something like "Eva is being remade for the
international release. The resulting Eva will be of OVA quality."

I really anticipate the remake. At least the last two or three episodes should
be remade. Nobody wishes to buy LDs that contains exactly the same
scenes as the TV version.
# But I will buy.

In this sense, the video recorded TV show will be a very rare
collectors item.

Evangelion Final Episode

                It was 2016 A.D.
        The thing that people lost,
        in other words, the complementation of the mind has begun.
        However, there is not enough time to describe the entire process.
        Therefore, we will examine the complementation of the mind of
        a single boy named Ikari Shinji.

                Case 3: In the case of Ikari Shinji.


Asuka:          That I will disappear.

Shinji:         Yet, I can disappear because I think I'm useless.

Rei:            Why?

Asuka:          Because I am useless.

Shinji:         After all, I am a useless child.
                Nobody cares about me.

Misato:        Thinking nobody cares about you is the same
                as running away.
                You fear failure.
                You fear being disliked.
                You fear seeing the weakness within you.

Shinji:         You too!

Misato:         Right. We are the same.

Ritsuko:        Our minds lack something.

Asuka:          So we fear that.

Rei:            So we worry about that

Misato:         So we are trying to be one.

Asuka:          We are trying to compliment
                by the instrumentality of each other.

Rei:            That's the Instrumentality Project.

Fuyutsuki:      One cannot live without being surrounded by others.

Gendou:         One cannot live alone.

Ritsuko:        One is always unique.

Ryouji:         So, it's hard.

Asuka:          So, it's sad.

Misato:         So, one wishes to feel others' minds and bodies.

Rei:            So we wish to be one.

Fuyutsuki:      A human is made of weak and fragile materials.

Ritsuko:        The mind and body are also made of weak and fragile materials.

Gendou:         So it is necessary to compliment
                by the instrumentality of each other.


Gendou:         There's no other way to live.

                        Is that true?

Rei:            Why do you live?

                        I've no idea.

Asuka:          I might live to know why.

Rei:            For whom do you live?

Asuka:          For myself, of course.

Shinji:         Probably for myself.

                        Is that true?

Rei:            Do you enjoy your life?

Shinji:         I wonder.

Rei:            Do you enjoy your life?

Asuka:          Of course yes.

Rei:            Do you enjoy your life?

Misato:         I don't want to do anything not enjoyable.

Ryouji:         You hate being sad?

Shinji:         I don't like it.

Ryouji:         You hate hardships?

Misato:         I don't like them.

Ryouji:         So you run away.

Misato:         Yes. Do you blame me, for running away from something
                I hate.

Shinji:         I can't run away.

Rei:            Why don't you run away?

Shinji:         If I ran away, it would be more painful.

Rei:            You ran away from something painful.

Shinji:         It was painful.

Asuka:          If you know the pain, then everything's OK.

Misato:         You can run away if it's painful.

Rei:            You can run away from something you truly hate.

Shinji:         But, I won't. I don't want to run away.
                No. I shall not run away.

Misato:         It's because you already know that running away results
                in more pain.

Asuka:          You know how painful it is to run away.

Rei:            So you don't want to run away.

Shinji:         I said, if I ran away, nobody would care about me.
                Don't desert me! Please! Don't desert me!

Ritsuko:        Obeying others' words, that's his way to live.

Shinji:         Right! Otherwise, I would be deserted.

Asuka:          You fear being hurt.

Misato:         You are trying to believe that.

Kensuke:        Not only you but also others are hurt.

Touji:          Everybody feels hardships.

Hikari:         You think that, because it's easier for you.

Shinji:         Shut up! That's nothing to do with me.
                People don't care about me.

Misato:         And you always desert your worth.

Rei:            I have nothing.

Asuka:          And you try to think yourself valueless.

Misato:         Thinking that, by doing nothing, you would not be hurt.

Asuka:          People try to sustain themselves by being praised.

Shinji:         NOBODY ACCEPTS ME.

Misato:         You are trying to think that.

Shinji:         So, I have to pilot Eva.

Misato:         You've been trying to think yourself worthless since the
                very beginning.

Shinji:         I have to do that.

Kensuke:        No, that's not so.

Touji:          You are trying to think that, anyway.

Shinji:         I am worthless. I have nothing to be proud of.

Asuka:          So you pilot Eva.

Shinji:         Piloting Eva lets me be myself.

Asuka:          Piloting Eva lets me be myself.

Shinji:         Before piloting Eva, I had nothing.
                The fact that I pilot Eva lets me stay here.

Asuka:          I have nothing else.

Rei:            I have nothing else.

Shinji:         I have nothing. NOTHING.

                        The value to live?

Shinji:         No don't I have it. I hate myself.


Asuka:          I hate you! I hate you!

Touji:          Ah hate you.

Kensuke:        I hate everything about you.

Hikari:         Sorry, but I hate you.

Ritsuko:        I hate you.

Makoto:         I hate you.

Shigeru:        I hate you.

Maya:           I hate everything about you.

Ryouji:         I hate everything about you.

Misato:         I hate you!

Shinji:         Now, everybody hates me.
                Probably, people hate me.

Rei:            You are just trying to think that.

Shinji:         NO. Because I hate myself.

Rei:            So, you are trying to think that others hate you.

Asuka:          I hate, I hate I hate you!

Shinji:         But, I am praised.
                I am praised when I pilot Eva.
                I was praised.

                        So, you were happy.

Shinji:         I was praised by people!

                        But, not happy.

Rei:            Which is your true heart?

Shinji:         I don't know, or, both of them are my true hearts.

Misato:         So you pilot Eva.

Shinji:         I have nothing but Eva.

Rei:            Otherwise you cannot keep yourself?

Misato:         It's true that Eva Unit One is part of your mind.

Ritsuko:        If you depend on Eva too much,
                Eva itself will be you.

Ryouji:         Eva will be all of yourself.

Misato:         The true yourself will be nowhere.

Shinji:         It's OK. I've had nothing from the beginning.
                I've been learning cello, but it didn't go anywhere.

Asuka:          I didn't try to do it from your side.

Shinji:         But, now that I can pilot Eva.

Asuka:          And, when you lost Eva, you couldn't do anything, like me.

                        Why do you pilot Eva?

Shinji:         Because it's all of me.

        Final Episode: The Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World

                             FINALE Take care of yourself
Shinji:         Rain, gloomy mood, just like my mood. I don't like that.

Rei:            The sinking sun, fading life, my wish. I don't like that.

Asuka:          Morning, the beginning of today, the beginning of
                a bad day. I don't like that.

Shinji:         Blue sky. Something warm, something unfamiliar,
                something horrible. something useless. I don't like that.

Asuka:          I hate everybody!

Misato:         What do you want?

                        Do you hate anxiety?

Asuka:          What do you need?

                        Do you hate peace?

Rei:            What do you want?

                        Don't hate me!

Asuka:          Don't hate me!

Shinji:         What I fear is,


Rei:            What I need is,

                        Contact and Approval

Shinji:         May I stay with you?

Rei:            May I stay here?

Asuka:          Do you love me?

                        Your Mother,

                        Do you love her?

Asuka:          You wanna go to where your mom is?

Asuka:          No, I don't.

Shinji:         Don't you wanna go your to your dad's?

Shinji:         No, I don't.

Rei:            Why not?

                        Because I fear.

Shinji:         I fear to be hated.

Asuka:          Because I would disappear.

                        So what?

Misato:         What do you want?

                        Erasing anxiety.

Rei:            What do you need?

                        Erasing sadness.

Yui:            You are not happy, are you?

Shinji:         Before that, I need. I need my worth.
                In order to be appreciated, in order not to be

                        I need my own WORTH.

Yui:            That is what you must admit to yourself.
                You must admit your own value.

                        So you pilot Eva.

Shinji:         I don't have any value.

Asuka:          I don't have value worth living for.

Rei:            Then, what are you?

Shinji:         Then what am I?

                        Where am I?

Shinji:         What the hell am I?

                        So, you need the barrier of the mind.

Shinji:         What? It's me. The shape that I show to others,
                the symbol representing me.
                This, and this, and this, all these are representations
                of me. Nothing but the things that make others recognize me.
                What am I? Is this me? The true me? The false me?

Rei:            You are you. Yet, you have your own region and border.

Shinji:         Let's see. My clothes, my shoes, my room.
                Those are part of myself.

Rei:            The things linked together by your will.

Shinji:         The thing that I think is myself is me.
                I am nothing but myself.
                Yet, I don't understand. Where am I?
                What am I? What am I?
                Nobody understands me.

                         And so, you wished for a
                         barrier around your heart

Asuka:          You idiot! Of course not!
                Nobody ever understands you.

Misato:         The one who takes care of you, and the one
                who understands you, is nobody but yourself.

Rei:            So, take care of yourself.

Shinji:         But I still don't have myself, so I don't understand myself.
                There's no way to take care of myself.

                        You are unstable.

Rei:            You are still unstable.

Misato:         The present you,

Asuka:          The people around the present you,

Rei:            The environment that surrounds the present you.

Misato:         None of them last forever.

Asuka:          Your time is always flowing.

Rei:            You are made of the changing world.
                You are the thing that may change according to
                your own mind.

Shinji:         What? The world of nothing. The world with nobody.

Shinji:         The world of freedom.

Shinji:         Freedom?

Shinji:         The world of freedom which will never be restrained by

Shinji:         Is this Freedom?

Shinji:         Yes. The world of freedom.

Rei:            As a result, there's nothing.

Shinji:         Unless I think.

Misato:         Yes, unless you think.

Shinji:         What the hell! I don't know what I should do.

Rei:            You are uneasy.

Asuka:          You don't have your own image.

Shinji:         Too vague.

Misato:         Everything is vague.

                        That's freedom.

Ryouji:         The world where you can do anything you like.

Misato:         Yet, you are uneasy.

Fuyutsuki:      Don't you know what you should do?

Shinji:         What should I do?

Gendou:         I give you a constraint.

Asuka:          Now you have a top and a bottom.

Rei:            Now you have lost one degree of freedom.

Misato:         Now you have to stand on the ground.

Ryouji:         But you obtain a comfort.

Makoto:         Your mind becomes slightly easier.

Shigeru:        And you walk.

Maya:           That is your will.

Shinji:         Is this my will?

Ritsuko:        The world with a floor is the world surrounding you.

Touji:          Yet, you can move freely.

Kensuke:        If you wish, you can change the position of the world.

Hikari:         The position of the world does not stay the same.

Ryouji:         It changes through the flow of time.

Fuyutsuki:      You can also change.

Gendou:         The things that form you are your own mind and
                the world surrounding you.

Ritsuko:        Since this is your own world.

Misato:         The real form that you conceive.

                        That is reality.

Shinji:         This is the world of nothing, space with nothing,
                the world of nothing.
                The world with nothing but me.
                I am understanding myself less.
                I feel as if I'm going to disappear.
                My existence is fading away.


Misato:         Because there's nobody but you.

Shinji:         Nobody but me?

Misato:         Because you have no existence outside of yourself,
                You can't figure out your own shape.

Shinji:         My shape?

                        My image.

Misato:         Yes. You are getting to know your own shape through
                seeing others' shapes.

Asuka:          Seeing others' walls, you imagine yourself.

Rei:            You cannot see yourself unless there are others.

Shinji:         Because there are others, I can exist.
                If alone, I am always alone anywhere.
                The world is entirely from me..

Misato:         By recognizing the difference between yourself and
                others, you form an image of yourself.

Rei:            The very first other person is your mother.

Asuka:          Your mother is a different person from you.

Shinji:         Yes. I am I. Yet, it's true that others form the shape
                of my mind.

Misato:         That's right, Ikari Shinji-kun.

Asuka:          You're too slow to understand.

Asuka:          Stupid Shinji!
                Wake up now, Stupid Shinji!

Shinji:         Oh, it's you, Asuka?

Asuka:          All you say is, "It's you Asuka?"
                Every morning, I come to wake you up so you won't be late
                for school. Are those the words of gratitude to say to a
                childhood friend?

Shinji:         Ah, I mean thanks, so, let me sleep a little more...

Asuka:          What a lazy guy! Wake up! Wake up right now!
                Oh! NO! You, mean stupid horny guy! Unbelievable!

Shinji:         It's morning, I can't help it.

Yui:            Shinji is a lazy kid. He should be more grateful
                for Asuka, who comes to wake him up.

Gendou:         hmm.

Yui:            Stop reading newspaper, dear!
                You have to get ready.

Gendou:         hmmm.

Yui:            You're older, but you're still a kid like Shinji.

Gendou:         Are you ready?

Yui:            Yes. It's always me who is scolded by Dr. Fuyutsuki
                when you're late for a meeting.

Gendou:         Since you attract others.

Yui:            Stop saying stupid things. Change your clothes!

Gendou:         hmmm, alright, Yui.

Asuka:          Hurry, Do it now!

Shinji:         OK, I know, You're so noisy.

Asuka:          What was that?!

Asuka:          I'm off, Ma'am.

Shinji:         I'm off.

Yui:            Bye! Good luck.
                Dear, how long are you going to read?

Gendou:         hmmm, alright, Yui.

Shinji:         I hear that today we have a newcomer.

Asuka:          Well, yes. This city will be the new capitol city
                after the capitol transfer the next year.
                The population is increasing.

Shinji:         Right. What kinda girl? I hope she's cute!

Asuka:          Hmph!

Rei:            Phew.. Late for school! It's bad to be late for school
                the very first day!

Shinji:         (breathing)

Shinji:         Oh Ouch! Ouch!

Rei:            Ouch!   Oh, sorry, I'm really in a hurry.

Shinji:         Ouch,

Rei:            I'm very sorry.

Shinji:         Oh,

Asuka:          gee.


Touji:          Really! Then you see it? I mean the girl's panties.

Shinji:         I didn't mean to look, but, only a little...

Touji:          WOW, What a lucky boy you are so early in the morning.
                Ouch! What are you doing ?

Hikari:         Suzuhara, don't say such stupid things!
                Here, replace the water in the vase. You're on duty this week.

Touji:          What an annoying girl...

Hikari:         What did you say?

Shinji:         Touji is gonna be whipped.

Asuka:          You will too.

Shinji:         How come you're saying I'll be whipped?

Asuka:          Well, I said nothing but the truth.

Shinji:         Why?

Asuka:          You are what you appear to be.

Shinji:         Asuka, You're always talking ..

Kensuke:        It's so peaceful.

Touji:          Misato-sensei is coming!

Fool Trio:     WOWOWOW.

Touji:          Misato-sensei is great.

Hikari,Asuka:   That trio of fools, They are truly stupid.

Hikari:         Stand up. Bow. Sit down.

Misato:         Rejoice, boys! Today, I introduce the transferee
                everybody is talking about.

Rei:            I am Ayanami Rei. Nice to meet you!

Shinji:         WOW!

Rei:            You! You are that stupid guy that peeped at my
                   panties this morning.

Asuka:         Stop it! Don't say such a thing.
                You're the one who showed Shinji!

Rei:            You shit, why are you covering for that guy?
                Does that mean you two are a couple?

Asuka:          Childhood friend, you bitch!

Hikari:         Stop! It's time for school. Be quiet!

Misato:         Well, You're having fun. I am curious too.

Students:       Laugh

Shinji:         I've got it. This is also a world.
                The possibility within me.
                The me at the moment is not always the me as I am.
                There are many of myself.
                Yes. There must be a me who is not an Eva pilot.

Misato:    Considering that, the real world itself is not always bad.

Shinji:         The real world might not always be bad.
                But, I hate myself.

Makoto:         It's your mind that conceives that the reality is bad
                and hateful.

Shigeru:        The mind which confuses Reality with the Truth.

Maya:           The angle of view, the position. If these are slightly
                 different, what is inside your mind will change a lot.

Ryouji:         There are as many truths as there are people.

Kensuke:        But there's only one truth that you have,
                which is formed from your narrow view of the world,
                It is revised information to protect yourself,
                the twisted truth.

Touji:          Oh, yes. the view of the world that one can
                have is quite small.

Hikari:         Yes, you measure things only by your own small

Asuka:          One sees things with the truth, given by others.

Misato:         Happy on a sunny day.

Rei:            Gloomy on a rainy day.

Asuka:          If you're taught that, you always think so.

Ritsuko:        But, you can enjoy rainy days.

Fuyutsuki:      Through different ways of conceiving, the truth
                will change into very different things; it's a weak thing.

Ryouji:         The truth within a person is such a cheap thing that
                people wish to know deeper truths.

Gendou:         It's only that you're not used to being liked by people.

Misato:         So, you don't have to look to others' faces.

Shinji:         But, don't you hate me?

Asuka:          You idiot! It's only you who is always trying to believe

Shinji:         Yet, I hate myself.

Rei:            Those who hate themselves cannot love or trust others.

Shinji:         I am wicked, cowardly, weak and ..

Misato:         If you know yourself, you can be kind to others.

Shinji:         I hate myself.
                But, I might be able to love myself.
                I might be allowed to stay here.
                Yes. I am nothing but I.
                I am I. I wish to be I.
                I want to stay here!
                I can stay here!

People:         Congratulations!

Shinji:         Thank you!

                        Thank you, my father.
                        Good  bye, my mother.
                        And to the all the children,


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