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One oddball collecting oddball

About the Author

I am a baseball card set collector. I prefer to trade but I will buy and sell at reasonable prices.

Here is a summary of what I like to collect.

  • Baseball Sets
    Topps, Upper Deck
  • Oddball Food and Store Issue Baseball Sets
    Cards and discs like Holsum, Tetley, Hostess, Kellogg's, MSA, etc.
  • Favorite Players
    Carlton Fisk with my sister and Frank Thomas with the White Sox with my sons.

Site Description

The menu bar to the left will help you navigate my site. There are three main sections. They are Information, Availability and Wants.


This section contains hobby related links. You can see what I've been up to on my deal status page. My links page lists hobby, dealer, collector and club links. I also have other fun stuff like oddball set checklists, eBay activity and more.


This section has links for stuff that I have for sale or trade. I list cards by team, by set, by player, complete sets, newer cards and inserts. Hopefully this will make it easy for you to find what you like. If you do not see what you are looking for on these pages, I probably do not have it. If the update date on the page you are viewing is over two months old, contact me and I will email you an updated list or I will try to update the page.


This section lists stuff that I am actively looking for. I like the oddball baseball sets. If you have something different and I do not have it, I will be interested.


I do prefer to trade. I use the most current Beckett high book values as a guide. I do trades through The Bench and Sports Card Forum websites. On even trades, I expect you to mail at the same time unless we make other arrangements. If you are buying from me, I will mail once I receive your payment. I may delay mailing 5 days if you are paying by personal check and you do not provide a reference. I do have Paypal now if you prefer to pay online. If I am buying from you, please specify which forms of payment you take and please provide some references like your ebay or some trading card forum ID.

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