Norn Holiday

Last Update 12/18/01

Welcome to Norn Holiday. This is the new home of both the Santa Norns and the Bunny Norns.

What's New?

12/18/01: Well, after a long hiatus, I'm back to tinkering with Creatures for a short time. I won't promise that I'll get around to doing everything I ever intended for Creatures, but I have started converting my sprite sets to Macintosh format! So far, I've got the Santas and the Bunnys translated. The female Santa will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

12/5/99: New EMail address.

7/19/98: Try out the Breeding Game. The rules are easy, but the game is pretty tough to win. (Note: this is not a program or online game. It is a game you play with your Creatures program.)

7/2/98: Created the Grendels for Halloween page. On that page, you can download the baby stage sprites for the male grendel (as well as renamed adult sprites).

5/17/98: Created the Tutorials Pages. Here, you'll find information on both sprite and body data files. Also updated the Bunny norns and added Bunbun - a Quick Norn.

4/15/98: Finished the Bunny Norns. They can be downloaded from the Easter in Albia page.

For Santa Norns, check out the Santa Project. There, you will find the sprites for both male and female Santa norns. Also, you can jump from there to Santa World, where several different colored Santas can be downloaded.

Santa Project

If you're interested in the Bunny Norns, jump to Easter in Albia. There, you can download not only the sprites for the Bunny norn, but also a number of COBs just for easter.

Easter in Albia

Grendels now come in baby size! To get 'em, go to Grendels for Halloween. Only the baby males are available right now, but more are sure to follow.

Grendels for Halloween

The Santa Project and Easter in Albia have generated a lot of comments and questions. Comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated. And while I don't mind answering questions, some of them have been asked often enough that I felt I should make an Frequently Asked Questions page. If you've got a problem or question about The Santa Project or Easter in Albia, check there first.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, I've been granted a couple of awards for my work on the Santa Project and Easter in Albia. Many thanks for that - I really appreciate it!

Award! Award!

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Greg Poehlein