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Manx Radio Nostalgia
Hanging out with the pirates!
l-r  Don Allen, Paul Burnett,
George Ferguson, Bob Stewart on the 91.2FM tower on the roof of
Broadcasting House
The team circa 1969:
George Ferguson, Peter Kneale, Don Allen, John Hughes, Louise Quirk and Bill Chrisp
The Foxdale AM transmitter 1977
A 1960's day glo sticker also available as Manx Radio and in fluorescent green!
        Daffy Don Allen in 1969
Broadcasting House circa 1977
Flashback to 1968 with Bernie                         Quayle!
An early road show in Peel 1977 with the new OB vehicle
The Disco Divas! Stu Lo and Paul Moulton circa 1977
View from the studio at DouglasHead
An early fan club card. What station cares enough about listeners these days to have a fan club??!!
Early Letter Head proclaiming the
first commercial radio station in the British Isles!