Grand Canyon Project:
Day One
Monday May 8, 2000


309 miles at the end of the day. The weather was very hot and humid and only got hotter.

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Here we are, ready to meet adventure. Our 7:30 departure time changed to noon after a series
of misadventures.

Jane & Amy outside of Patchwork Central displaying the mural just before they left.
Is it 'Ketchup' or 'Catsoup'?

Wow, look at all that ketchup. We should have brought corn dogs! This is the world’s largest ketchup bottle in Collinsville, IL.

Outside Dairyhaven

The people working at Dairyhaven in Caseyville, IL were very excited about our trip and happy to help us unroll the banner for its first photo moment.

The Famous Arch

We said hello and see you later to St. Louis. We’ll be back through here in a month.

With the folks at Route 66 State Park

We joined Route 66 in St. Louis, and our first official Route 66 stop was the brand new Missouri Route 66 State Park. The superintendent of the park gave us buttons to share with the kids in Evansville.

In Meramec Caves

We had a great time touring Meramec Caves! Jane found it much changed since she visited it as a little
girl with her grandpa. Will was our tour guide and performed a light show to conclude our tour by
flicking light switches to the tune of  “God Bless America”. The flickering lights on the stalactites and
stalagmites were not as dazzling as Jane remembered from 28 years ago, but Amy got a big kick our of it anyhow. Jane made a good luck piece in an old token machine and is now carrying it with her everywhere. It says, “Amy and Jane Grand Canyon Pro”.  (She ran out of room at a really good place.)

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