Grand Canyon Project:
Day Four
Thursday May 11, 2000


Temperatures started at around 75 and went way up. Jane’s van thermometer read 105 at one point. It was very sunny. By the end of the day we’d gone 1155 miles.

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We were grateful for our room at the Trade Winds Motel in Clinton, OK and for the opportunity to lounge in the room where Elvis slept, which is now preserved as a shrine.

...but Elvis has left the building.
Lady Lounge Lizards

We tried to follow the old Route 66, but found it a challenge. Here’s one great old section that we managed to find west of Clinton, OK. It proved to be good trash picking ground, too.

"Mmmpf mmmpf!!!"

Next we traveled to Jigg’s Smokehouse to find the folks there were looking forward to our visit. We sampled the mile high Pig-cicle. Yum

Our car was overheating a little as we drove, so we stopped in Shamrock, Texas and found a service station. Ray, the mechanic, checked out the engine, then told us about his dream vacation. He wants to drive to Alaska. He figured out exactly how much it will cost, and now he's saving up until he can go. It sounded very familiar to us.

At the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, OK we met Wanda, who used to run her own Indian Trading Company along Route 66. Her business was one of the many that closed when I-40 was built to replace Route 66. Wanda hired a Native American welder/artist to create “Myrtle the Kachina Doll” to go in front of her store, and now the sculpture is located in front of the Route 66 Museum.

"Myrtle the Kachina Doll"
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