Grand Canyon Project:
Day Twelve
Friday May 19, 2000


At the Grand Canyon!

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During our first night at the Grand Canyon, Jane and David almost died from a combination of hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning. They had only one blanket for the two them and the temperature plummeted into the 30's, so they slept in the car. 

The only thing that saved Jane's life was a warm wool coat sent by an angel for only $10 in Holbrook, Arizona. She bought it there from a man named Eddie who was just off the Res and who needed transmission fluid so he could see his father in the hospital. At the time, Jane bought it just because she thought he needed the help, but as he left, he said, "I will pray for you. You will be OK." She was the one who needed help. Thanks Eddie, we pray for you, too.

Sure it looks harmless, but...
Amy on a morning hike
Ready to bloom

Amy spent the morning hiking into the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. During that time, she got a close-up look at the rocks, plants, animals, lizards, and insects. Many squirrels along the path let her get close to them. She also saw an amazing plant with a 10-foot-high blossom. Unfortunately, she also shared the trail with donkeys that leave pungent reminders of their presence.

What's brown and sounds like a bell?        Dunnnnng.
International autographs being added to banner

We pulled out the mural and took a photograph with it, and then we invited the people around us to sign it. Before long, people from all over the world were waiting to add their signatures. They had a lot of fun, too. One man even videotaped himself as he wrote!  Everyone was excited about our project, even though they didn't know us. It was very gratifying to know that we were so well received. We felt like celebrities.

As we worked, the sun sank to the horizon and washed across the rocks. Everything was set for a perfect sunset. Afterward, we rolled up the mural and dashed for the shuttle buses.

What absolutely stunning light!!
Sunset over the Grand Canyon
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