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                  From Land Indexes Keokuk county, Iowa
  Grantee Index book 4 page 151
  James Morrison 
  from                                filed 15 May, 1875
  Wells Martin & Susan B.
  book one page 60
  North one half (N1/2) of north east one quarter (NE1/4) and southeast 
  one quarter (SE1/4) of the  southeast one quarter (SE1/4) of Sec 14
  [ where Lyman and Helen Morrison were born]
  and northeast one quarter (NE1/4)  of northeast one quarter (NE1/4).   
  Section 23--77--12   $2800  160 acres.
  [this would lie in an L shape --Lyman]
  [?? I think Lyman or someone left out a word or two. The only way
   this makes sense is if it is the N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Sec 23
   and the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 14
   AND the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 14 (not NE1/4 of NE 1/4)
   That gives an L of 160 acres which Lyman indicated
	  -- Dennis Nicklaus	]

  Grantee Index book 9
  Grantee James Morrison  29 April, 1893
  from        6 March, 1893
  Misel, David    Widower
  W D book 23 Page 29 
  North one half (n1/2) of southwest----- Section 2- 77-12  $4500 120 acres.
  Grantee James Morrison Book 11 P172  11/15/1892 From David Misel W D Bk 
  34 P 318, 
        N2 of SW4 sec 2 & SW4 of SW4  Sec 2 -77-12   $4250  120 acres.
Keokuk County, Iowa Grantor index book Page 150 December 9, 1875
Volume 2 Pages 81 and 82
Grantor, Paul H. Kaemmerer and wife Mary E Kaemmerer of Muskingum Co., Ohio
Grantee, James Morrison
N W 1/4 of Section 11 township 77 range 12 West
For the sum of $1800 The 27th day of Nov. 1875 filed for Record Dec 9, 1875

Copied from photocopy of original record by Lyman Morrison July 20, 1995

  Grantee book 10
  Edward Morrison
  from Wm K. Burns and wife Viginia  5 Feb. 1898   18 Feb., 1896 W D Book 
  27 P177
        W2 of NE4 & W4 of NE4 NE4  10-77-12 $2800  90 acres.
  Grantor Edward Morrison Book 11 3/12/1902  2/24/1902 To Jesse Fancher W 
  D book 33 P255.
        W2 of NE4 & W4 of NE4 of NE4   10-77-12   $5600  90 acres.
  Grantee Edward Morrison Book 14 P109 Oct 25, 1915 From Harry Brown Book 
  49 P88
        NW4 of SW4 Sec 2 -77-12   40 acres quit claim.
  Grantee Edward Morrison from Frank S.Yeager & wife Anna Book 49 P87 Same 
  land as above.
        quit claim deed.
  Grantee Edward Morrison from J. M. Morrison 2-27 1914 W D book 47 P196 
  his interest in   estate $6000
  Grantee Edward Morrison 6-10-1914 from BenJamin, Sadie, Chas. W. 
  Morrison all unmarried  heirs of James Morrison their interest in estate 
  $ 18,000. 
  Grantor book P110 Edward, Etta, Morley and Bert Morrison to Alice 
  Morrison 10-26-1915     Partiton deed Bk 48 P2 NW4 of SE4 Sec 2-77-12
  Grantor  Edward, Etta, Bert and Alice Morrison to Morley Morrison 
  10-26-1915 Partition deed 48  P2 Interest in NW4 of SE4 sec 2-77-12
  Grantor  Bert, Morley  and Alice Morrison to Edward M.10-26-1915 Book 48 
  P2 their interest In    the 160 in Sec 2-77-12 Partiton deed.
  Grantee book 15 P170 Edward Morrison from Alice Morrison 2-12-1919 WD 
  book 48 P 500 
        40 Acres NW4 of SW4 $8000.
  Grantor P 171 Morley and Anna Morrison to George F. Axmear 3-81-919 WD 
  48 P491 Nw 4 of   SE4 of Sec 2-77-12 $ 8,400 Grantee to pay off $2000 
  Grantor Book P 16 P 160 Bert Morrison, 3-3-1920 to Edward Morrison WD 48 
  P592 NE4 of SW4   Sec 2-77-12 $9600.  (Bert got his 40 back as he still 
  had upon his death). LM
  Grantor Edward Morrison to Northwestern Mutual Life Co. grant of 
  possession Book 6 P 237
        NW4 Sec11 and W2 SW4 Sec2  both 77-12.  5-4-1935 and 3-29-1935
  Grantor  Edward Morrison Sr. to Edward E. Jr. and Roscoe G. Morrison of 
  Monona Co. WD 64  P162 NW4 of 11 W2 of SW4 of Sec2.  $1.00 "except as to 
  the $20,000 mortgage held by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company 
  and Grantees take subject to said Mortgage, but do not assume the same".
On the 1874 Adams Twp. map W & J Morrison own an 160, SE 1/4 of Sec 6. 
On the 1887 Adams Twp map Wm Morrison owns the N1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec 6 (80 acres)
and W J White owns the other 80.  And of Course James Morrison owns the 160 
NW 1/4 of Sec 11 "the home place".
Merle thinks that the W & J of 1874 map are Wm and James our relatives.
Lyman think that it stands for William and Jennie.  This is backed
up by the fact that Jennie is listed as the owner of the real estate in
the 1870 census.