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		     Notes for James Morrison
			  by Lyman Morrison
			     18 Jan 1994

Some of this information is based on a letter from my Uncle Ellis and
written to my mother, Teresa Morrison.  Some of it came from a
professional researcher hired by Ellis.  I also have some information
from Great Aunt Sadie, that Trudy H. made available to me as well as a
lot of information that she got by doing research.

James Morrison came to America from Ballyferis, Ireland in 1864.  In
the 1880 US census he was living in Adams township, Keokuk county,
Iowa.  This is one of the places that I differ from Ellis's records.
James and Harriett had a son born December 2, 1880 and died June 16,
1881 (Thomas).  I believe that the family departed for California
sometime after this.  I have a copy of land deed showing him
purchasing 10 acres of land in Pasadena on the 21st of April 1883.  He
then sold it for a good profit on the 3rd of November,1884.  This
would have been some 8 months after the death of "Hattie".  In the
1900 US census he lived on a farm in Adams township, Keokuk county.

He retired from active farming about 1906.  The reason that I think
that it was 1906 is that was about the time that his son Edward moved
back from Adair county.  The 1910 US census shows him and six children
living in North English, Iowa.  Sadie didn't feel that her father had
done very well financially.  I think he did very well because he lived
in town with six children for six years and never worked.  Aunt Alice
said that he loved to play croquet, and that he challenged anyone that
happened by to a game.

I wonder if Harriett might have come with a sizable dowry.  It seems
that the poor Irish boy accumulated quite a bit of land in a short
time.  He landed in 1864 and worked on farms and then married in 1872.
In 1875 he bought 160 acres for $1800 and in 1883 bought the
California land for $2500 in gold coin.

I have a copy of his will and probate report.  He was fairly well to
do.  He had 320 acres of land and a house all free and clear, he also
had some stock in the North English Bank.  His son Edward was the
executor of the will as was appointed as guardian of the minor
children.  I suppose that would have been Bert and Alice as Morley was
19 years old.  Sadie got the house in town and the furniture that went
with it free and clear.  This was in appreciation of her caring for
him and the rest of the family and managing the household.  The rest
of the assets were divided equally among the eight children.