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                    James Morrison's Will
  I, James  Morrison, being  of  sound mind  and  memory and  
  seventy years of age do make and declare this to be my last 
  will and testament; that is to say:----
  First- I direct my  executor to pay all  my just debts and  
  funeral expenses.
  Second- I will and bequeath  to my beloved Daughter, Sadie  
  Morrison my  home consisting  of  Lot five,  Block  two in  
  Leonard's addition  in  the Town  of  North  English, Iowa  
  County, Iowa. And I further direct my executor to clear the 
  home property  from all  encumbrance  by payment  from the  
  remainder  of  my  estate.  I  make  this  bequest  to  my   
  Daughter,  Sadie  Morrison  as  remuneration  for  special   
  services' rendered  in caring  for  myself and  family and  
  managing my household.
  Third--The remainder of my estate both personal and real, I 
  direct to be divided equally  between my eight children to  
  share and share alike; the names of my eight children are as 
  I hereto set my hand and seal to the foregoing as being my  
  last will and testament made at North English, Iowa on this 
  11th day of March A.D. 1911 in the presence of W. W. Boland 
  and E. D. Baird as witnesses  to my signature which I have  
  signed in  their presence  and which  they have  signed as  
  witness at my request, and in the presence of each other.
  We W. W. Boland  and E. D.  Baird by the  request of James  
  Morrison saw him  sign the  foregoing instrument  which he  
  declared to be his last will and testament and which we sign 
  as witnesses in his  presence and in  the presence of each  
  other this 11 th day of March A.D. 1911 at North English ,  
  Probate record no. 5672
  Typed by Lyman Morrison