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Tribute to Dad

When the Lord Was Creating Fathers
by Erma Bombeck

When the good Lord was creating
Fathers, He started with a tall frame.

A female angel nearby said
"What kind of a Father is that?
If You're going to make children
so close to the ground, why have
You put the Father up so high?

He won't be able to shoot marbles
without kneeling, tuck a child in
bed without bending, or even
kiss a child without stooping"

God smiled and said, "Yes, but if I
make him child size, who would
children have to look up to?"

And when God made a Father's
hands, they were large. The angel
shook her head and said,"Large
hands can't manage diaper pins,
small buttons, rubber bands on pony
tails, or even remove splinters
caused from baseball bats."

Again God smiled and said, "I know,
but they're large enough to hold
everything a small boy empties from his
pockets, yet small enough to
cup a child's face in them."

Then God molded long slim legs and
broad shoulders, "Do you
realize you just made a Father without
a lap?" The angel chuckled.

God said, "A Mother needs a lap.
A Father needs strong shoulders to
pull a sled, to balance a boy on a bicycle,
or to hold a sleepy head on
the way home from the circus."

When God was in the middle of creating
the biggest feet any one had
ever seen, the angel could not contain
herself any longer.

"That's not fair. Do you honestly think
those boats are going to get
out of bed early in the morning when
the baby cries, or walk through
a birthday party without crushing one
or two of the guests?"

God again smiled and said, "They will
work. You will see.
They will support a small child who
wants to ride to Branbury
Cross or scare mice away from a summer
cabin, or display shoes
that will be a challenge to fill."

God worked throughout the night,
giving the Father few words,
but a firm authoritative voice; eyes
that see everything, but remain
calm and tolerant.

Finally, almost as an after thought,
He added tears. Then He turned
to the angel and said, "Now are you
satisfied he can love as much
as a Mother can?"

The angel said nothing more.

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To Any Daddy
By Isabelle Tucker

There are little eyes upon you,
And they're watching day by day;
There are little ears that surely
Take in every word you say;
There are little hands all eager
To do everything you do.
There's a little boy who's dreaming
of the day he'll be like you!
You're that little fellow's idol,
You're the wisest of the wise.
In his little mind, about you
No suspicions e'er arise;
He believes in you devoutly,
Holds that all you say or do
He will say and do, in your way,
When he's all grown up like you.
There's a wide-eyed little fellow
Who believes you're always right;
His keen ears are always open
To catch your words, day or night.
You are setting an example,
Every day, in all you do,
For the little boy who's wanting
to grow up to be like you.

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Please Daddy, Let's Go
~Author Unknown~

A little girl with shining eyes,
Her upturned face aglow,
Said, "Daddy, it's almost time
For Sunday School, you know;
Let's go and hear of Jesus' love
Of how He died for all,
To take them to His home above
Who on His name will call."
"Oh no," said Daddy, "Not to-day;
I've worked hard all the week;
And I must have one day of rest,
And fishing's find they say;
So run along, don't bother me,
We'll go ANOTHER day."
Months and years have passed away,
But Daddy hears that plea no more--
"Let's go to Sunday School..."
Those childish days are o'er.
And now that Daddy's growing old,
And life is almost through,
He finds some time to go to church,
BUT, what does daughter do?
She says, "Oh, daddy, not to-day.
Was out almost all night;
I've got to get a little sleep:
Besides, I look a fright."
Then daddy lifts a trembling hand
To brush away the tears;
Again he hears that pleading voice,
Distinctly through the years,
He sees a small girl's upturned face,
Upturned with eyes aglow,
Saying, "It's time for Sunday School.
Please, daddy, won't you go?"

I do not remember a time our Dad
was not there for all of us!
Thank you Dad!

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Short History of Father's Day

Father's Day is a day on which
the people of many countries
express gratitude and
appreciation for their fathers
by giving them gifts or greeting
cards. In the United States
and Canada, Father's Day falls
on the third Sunday in June.

Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of
Spokane, Washington, got the
idea to set aside a special
day to honor fathers in 1909,
after listening to a sermon on
Mother's Day. She wanted to
honor her father, William J. Smart.
Smart's wife died in 1898, and he
raised their six children on
his own. Dodd drew up a petition
recommending adoption of a
national father's day. The Spokane
Ministerial Association and the
local YMCA supported it.
Through Sonora Dodd's efforts,
Spokane celebrated the first
Father's Day on June 19, 1910.
Over the years, many resolutions
to make the day an official national
holiday were introduced. Finally, in
1972, President Richard M. Nixon
signed Father's Day into law.

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