Summertime Souvenirs 2007

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Mother's Day Welcome Baby Landon Arielle's Horse, Pre-Groomed, Eli's Duke U Award, Arielle's Horse, Post-Groomed

Mother's Day

We celebrated with a wonderful dinner at the Atrium. The kids played volleyball and kickball there. Present were Fergy, Skyler, Uncle Charles, Cousin Stephan, Cousin Charly, Cousin Christopher, Mom, Pop, Arielle, Cousin Samantha, Aunt Tammy, Grandma Sara, Poppa Joe, and Gram.
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Welcome Baby Landon

Absent from our Mother's Day dinner, above, were Uncle Bud, Aunt Jen, and cousin Mason. They were at the hospital. Our newest cousin Landon gave us the best Mother's Day present of all...he blessed us with his birth.

Arielle's Horse, Pre-Groomed

Just when Arielle was about to give up on the one and only dream she has ever had, we were able to make that dream of having a horse come true. Arielle visited her horse a few times before we were able to bring her home. That ripple on her butt is not muscle. She is 100# over weight (not much for a horse). We call that her second butt. She is also pregnant. Her foal is due around Halloween. The sire to her foal is the Bay Thoroughbred below.
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Eli's Duke U Award

Eli was one of 768 honorees for scoring very high on the ACTs out of 70,000 across the US who were invited to take the ACTs. Eli scored a 23, and he was only in 7th grade! Congratulations, Eli!
. . . . .

Arielle's Horse, Post-Groomed

Arielle worked hard building a pen for her new horse. She had a little help from Ferg & Mom. Everyone has been anxious to meet her, groom her, and ride her. Even Skyler, Cousin Stephan, and Cousin Christopher welcomed her.
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