10/26/04- There has been a switch now with Nick moving from Drums to Guitar and we are bringing in a new dude name Mark on the drums. Its going to be about another 3 or 4 weeks to get our acts together and learn all these songs so We estimate around December our Metal will be back in the Venues. The old Material is still going to be kept and there some new stuff thats even better then the old stuff. More Head banging, More Dark and Hatefull, and Much more intense and technical then any thing else we have ever done. Right now we may be still interested in another Guitarist joining the team so if your interested  you can still contact us.

9/12/04- Our Guitarist has just quit the band because he is not serious enough about it so now we are looking for a new one. One that is Serious and one that can play some True Brutal Metal. If you are interested then e-mail us immidiatly at

8/6/04- We have a show on Friday, 13th of this month Aguest. It is at The Foxx Club directions are on there website I am told that this will be all Metal and the line up includes Cease to Exist, Procrastination, The Fued and more. Its $10.00 at the door or $7.00 with a flyer. See you there!

8/4/04- Thanks to all the people that hung out with us at our show yesterday, it was fun. We will have our next show on the 13th more information to come soon!

8/2/04-On Aguest the 3rd, Tuseday we will be playing at Lyrics with Ozwald and Day Zero. It starts at 7:30 and the cost is $5.00. Come check us out!

5/20/04- We just got rid of our Lead Guitarest. We are in search of a new one. If you are interested then call Nick at 760-662-0770, David at 760-947-6103, or e-mail us at
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