After playing through the entiring game a few times, I noticed certain techniques that weren't quite so obvious the first few times through. This section was designed to give rookie players some helpful insight when it comes to plugging through the game several times in succession.

Mine Thrower E (Tracking Missiles!)

Bored with the regular Mine Thrower in RE3? It doesn't have enough stopping power and it's just plain hard to aim, right? The new and improved Mine Thrower E (only available with you purchase Unlimited Ammo from the mercenaries game for $9999) comes pre-loaded with infinite tracking missiles! Just aim it anywhere, and the missiles will just rip right through any enemies in the area. Great for Spiders, Hunters and Zombies alike.

Skip Cinemas for Better Times

Tired of habing to watch every single CG, real-time cinema and cut scene a thousand times over? Simply press select during any of the game's cinemas to skip over them completely (you'll probably need to mash on the button for a while, as it takes a few moments to register). Not only does it save you from boredom, but it cuts down on game completion time if you're going for a record. Certain movies, however, must be watched (at least in part).

Combine Grenades with Powder

I didn't notice this 'till the second time through the game. It's no super secret, but it is kind of useful at certain times. Take a pack of Grenade Rounds and mix it with the powder shown below to get custom rounds.

Grenades + Powder A = Flame Rounds x6

Grenades + Powder B = Acid Rounds x6

Grenades + Powder C = Freeze Rounds x6


The ranking that you earn at the end of the game will determine which secret costumes you earn. Obviously, the more Ink Ribbons and First Aid Sprays that you use, the lower your rank, and vice versa. Also note that the time that you take to complete the game has major influence on your ranking as well.

Rank Costumes
S 5
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
E 0

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