Mixing Herbs and Gunpowder


If you've played any of the previous Resident Evil games, you'll be familiar with mixing herbs. If you haven't, then use this chart as a crash course. The best technique is to wait until you have enough herbs to make a whole whack of Red, Green, and Blue herbs, since carrying one of them grants you 100% health replenishment, a cure if you're poisoned, and a brief time of invulnerability. Now that's what I call "value!"
green herb Green Herb: A common herb that restores 25% health green + blue herb Green + Blue: Heals 25%, also cures poison (worthless)
blue herb Blue Herb: Cures poision (definitely handy) red + green herb Green + Red: Restores 100% health (best value)
red herb Red Herb: When mixed with a Green Herb, heals 100% green + green + green herb Green + Green + Green: Also restores 100% health (rip-off)
green + green herb Green + Green: Resores 50% health (quite useful) mixed herb Green + Red + Blue: Full health, poison cure and invulnerability


1. Mix powder only when you absolutely need to.
2. Combine powder of the same type to receive greater amounts of the desired bullet.
3. Make lots of Shotgun Shells! They offer the best bang for the buck (A + A + B works well).
4. Make small amounts of Grenade Freeze Rounds. They work great against the Nemesis.
1. Make bullets as soon as you find powder. It's better to save the powder until you run low on ammo.
2. Make any sort of Handgun Bullets (they're worthless).
3. Experiment to find "wacky" combinationa. I made this list so you wouldn't have to!
4. Waste time trying to make "special rounds"
Powder Type Results Powder Type Results
Gun Powder A 15 Handgun Bullets Gun Powder AAB 20 Shotgun Shells
Gun Powder B 7 Shotgun Shells Gun Powder BBB 30 Shotgun Shells
Gun Powder C (A + B) 10 Grenade Rounds Gun Powder AC 10 Fire Rounds
Gun Powder AA 35 Handgun Bullets Gun Powder BC 10 Acid Rounds
Gun Powder AAA 55 Handgun Bullets Gun Powder CC 10 Cold Rounds
Gun Powder BBA 65 Handgun Bullets Gun Powder CCC 24 Magnum Rounds
Gun Powder BB 18 Shotgun Shells

Handgun & Shotgun Shells

You've probably noticed an interesting section in the Game Instructions B Manual entitled, "Mixing Level Improvement." Not only can you get better at mixing powder, you can actually crate unique ammo called "special ammo." Below are the results of my mixing experiements.
Mixes Powder A (By itself) Powder B (By itself)
1 - 3 15 Standard 7 Standard
4 - 6 17 Standard 8 Stabdard
7 20 Standard 9 Standard
8 - 11 20 Standard or 17 Special 9 Standard or 8 special
12 - 14 23 Standard or 20 Special 11 Standard or 9 Special

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