The Objective

To get through this minigame, you'll need to complete a very basic mission. The object is to get from point A to point B within a certain time limit. You'll have the option to make this a quik journey where you'll earn just a little bit of dough, or make it a long and difficult one where you'll earn bundles of cash for every completion. Which way you go is entirely up to you.

The Shop

The main purpose of the mercenaries game is to give players the chance to purchase weapons with infinite ammunition, and make their subsequent plays through the game much easier to dea with (the regular game, not the mercenaries game). I HIGHLY recommend doing the mercenaries game after your first completion, to at least get the Infinite Rocket Launcher. This will make tough encounters with the Nemesis a thing of the past.
The prices below are the prices for all four available items. How you earn your money is up to you, as is when you choose to spend it. You can opt to go for the Infinite Ammo right away, or just grab the Rocket Launcher and make your next couple times through the game much easier. Every time you fil or complete the mission, you'll be awarded money, which will be saved to your Memory Car.
Infinite weapons not only give you the freedom to blast as much as you want, but they also free you of those "oh my god...it's empty" reloading situations. Great for crunch times when you forget to manually reload. *When you purchase this item, all guns that you find in the regular mode will have infinite ammo pre-installed. When I say pre-installed, I mean that they'll be ready to go. No mixing, combining, or fiddling around necessary.*

Infinite M-4 Assault Rifle - $2000

Infinite Gatling Gun - $3000

Infinite Rocket Launcher - $4000

Infinite Ammo (All Weapons)* - $9999

The Characters
Below is a list of the three characters that you can play, their startling equipment, and the difficulty rating for each mission.

Carlos has the second toughest mission, which is not likely the result of his low poweded M-4 Assault Rifle. He just doesn't have enought stopping power to drop the Nemesis, making it very hard to rescue more than three civilians in one mission. As for everything els, he cuts through with ease.

Mikhail is the easiest of the three for one major reason: the Rocket Launcher! Two shots for each Nemesis and you're well on your way to earning the big bucks. The .44 Magnum drops the Hunters on the first shot, and the shotgun rips through miltiple zombies with one blast. Easy pickins...

The hardest of all, without a doubt. I compare the difficulty of Nicholai's mission to that of the now infamous "Tofu" mission from RE2. Yes, it IS possible to go through and rescue people to get decent ammunition bonuses, but it's not likely. (Even I can't beat it!)


Time Bonus Chart

These times are not set in stone, but they are shown to help you judge whether or not certain enemies are woth the time and ammo you invest. Certain enemies have a miltiplier that determines the time bonus that you'll recieve, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the amoung granted from each subsequent kill.

Enemy Time Bonus Additional Kills
Zombie +3 seconds +7 seconds, then +10 seconds
Dog +4 seconds +10 seconds
Brain Sucker (arachnid) +6 seconds +15 seconds
Hunter +6 seconds +15 seconds
Nemesis (1st Kill) +10 seconds N/A
Nemesis (2nd Kill) +20 seconds N/A
Mutated Nemesis +120 seconds N/A
Dodge/Parry +1 second Bonus doubles for each dodge after the first one


Below is a bulleted list of some important tips to remember.

1. When you encounter the first police zombie (near the beginning) you MUST blow the top of his head off. If you don't, you'll take the risk of blowing up the barrel before the zombies get there, missing out on the HUGE time bonus. Run down to the next screen quickly and line up your sights with the barrel. Let a bullet fly when the zombies pile in. This should get you between 50-82 seconds of bonus time , depending on how many you take out with the blast.

2. The other big time saver is to make it into the wrecked bus area with two minutes or more remaining on the clock. If you do, the Mutated Nemesis will jump down from atop the wreckage. Let a few rockets fly his way, and look for a 120 second bonus .

3. Know that when you kill miltiple enemies of the sam type in rapid succession, you'll be awarded larger time bonuses than the standard rate for that given enemy. See the chart above for even more details.


There are SIX secret rescuables hidden in the mercnaries minigame. Each one you rescue earns you more money upon completion. This is the best and only way to earn quick cash. There are certain time prerequisities that must be met for each of these people to show up in their given location, so if you take too long, they'll be eaten or ripped apart before you get there. Those required times were the one thing about this mode that I was unable to pin down, but it seems like the best bet is to rescue the poeple in the order given below. Just keep calmand save the troubled civilians (and soldiers) in order. Remeber, you don't have to try for all six of them in one fell swoop. Try getting two of them in one game, then go for three, and so on and so forth. *Which soldier shows up depends on which character you're currently playing. If you're playing Carlos, then Nicholai and Mikhail will be rescuable. If you're playing Mikhail, then Carlos and Nicholai will be rescuable. You get the idea...

Location Person Time Bonus Item (Carlos) Item (Mikhail) Item (Nicholai)
Gas Station The "Fat Guy " 20 seconds Hangun Rounds x60 Shotgun Shells x14 Handgun Rounds x60
Newspaper Office Woman 20 seconds First Aid Spray Shotgun Shells x14 Special H. Rounds x60
Restaurant Basement Brad Vickers 20 seconds Handgun Rounds x60 Magnum Rounds x12 Handgun Rounds x60
Electrical Substation Marvin (the cop) 20 seconds Handgun Rounds x60 First Aid Spray Handgun Rounds x60
Company Sales Office Umbrella Soldier* 20 seconds Handgun Round x60 First Aid Spray Special Handgun Rounds x60
Bar Shop Umbrella Soldier* 20 seconds First Aid Spray Special Shotgun Shells x14 Handgun Rounds x60

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