Gritzo Family Fun
A place for us to put pictures, news, announcements, etc., for our family and friends to see.  We'll update as often as we can given the busy lives of a growing family.

Jessie and Kendra are doing very well in school this year but they're looking forward to summer vacation.  Jessie science fair project on how clouds are made turned out wondefully.  Kendra is still taking piano lessons every Tuesday and seems to really enjoy them.  Both girls are taking swim clinic at HighPoint.  Leah is  working full time at a shift leader at Papa John's during her sabatical from school.  Its convinced her to go back to school in the fall.

Daytona Beach and Orlando were a blast!!  Follow the link on this page to some of our photos.  We have lots more but it takes about an hour just to load eight of them. I'm working on getting a better host site and software so that we can just upload as many as we want but in 1/4 of the time.

Lou and I went to Lubbock, TX in April to attend a function at Texas Tech.  While there we also visited old friends of his and he showed me his old haunts.  BTW:  Lubbock is flat.

Lou and I are going to try to make some time to go to the Inn on the Alameda in Santa Fe before the wedding.  I received a gift certificate from my company as a bonus.  Otherwise, no more fun trips until the Honeymoon to Los Cabos, Mexico, in July.

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