Ben.....My Cairn Terrier
My name is Ben, thats me, the cute one on the top. Welcome to my web page, a site dedicated to me which was created by my mummy, aren't I lucky??

I live with my mum  Anna and Jill in Australia, they look after me really well. My favourite toys are my cuddly teddy bear, my old bones which I dug in the backyard (but don't tell my mum), and my squeaky toys, chewy shoe which I found in my mum's cupboard. I love going on my walkies in the park, and going in mummies car for drivers.

I had my 6th Birthday, mum bought me a really cool new lead, one that stretches really far, so I can run in the park then she reels me in if I go to far. I also got another lead it's blue with doggies, and a matching collar, I look so handsome. Grandpa bought me some new bones, I buried them until they where really dirty and smelly, mummy wasn't happy when I tried to bring them into the house.

Have a look at my birthday pictures just click

In my site to you learn more about us Cairn Terriers.  We orginate from Scotland, and I have been told that we are a very smart breed :).

In my site you will meet my friends, Max, Poppy,  Bow, Megan Anne,  and the Gang from Queensland. Xe, Misty, Loche, Jewel

Hope you enjoy your stay,

Little Ben

PS: Don't forget to sign my guest book and email me if you would like to say hello, I can't use the computer but mummy would be able to write back to you
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