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Rina's Update (6/9/04):
I removed the link to the album page, finally.
Rina's Update (13/6/04):
HAPPY ANGUS KING DAY for tomorrow everyone! Hope you have lots of fun!
(and yes, I do realise my new banner is rather... well, you can insert any word you feel like here)
Rina's Update (23/2/04):
Stuff of the Week 9th Feb - 12th Feb 04 is up.
Rina's Update (8/11/03):
I added the Instructions for the Photo Album. Haven't yet linked it anywhere.

"Read? I didn't know you could read?" - Draco Malfoy
Life in any school is a rollercoaster ride (how cliched), but it's even more of a bumpy one with our group... half the time we don't get along.

Emmy's Note:
I hate this boxcar - it looks so tacky - but I left it for the sentimental value it holds.

Picture of the Moment:

Happy Angus King Day Everyone! I thought the website should at least look like it's celebrating.
*chucks confetti* WOO!!!

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