AP clip art

All images are believed to be in the public domain

1.GrowUpPill 2.height 3.compare 4.compare 5.compare 6.inches
7.height 8.compare 9.big spurt 10.compare 11.line-up 12.art
13.height 14.compare 15.party 16.sketches 17.TFing 18.measure
19.compare 20.compare 21.height 22.wish I may 23.art 24.height
25.I grew 26.compare 27.compare 28.compare 29.compare 30.height comparison
31.height 32.size 33.compare 34.compare 35.compare 36.compare
37.compare 38.fake 39.compare 40.compare 41.measure 42.knowledge = power
43.compare 44.compare

misc. pics

1.outgrown 2.misc 3.misc 4.misc
5.misc 6.misc 7.misc 8.misc
9.misc 10.misc 11.misc 12.misc
13.misc 14.misc 15.misc 16.misc
17.misc 18.misc 19.misc 20.misc
21.misc 22.misc 23.misc 24.misc
25.parrotines 26.misc 27.misc 28.misc
29.misc 30.shrink costume 31.misc 32.misc
33.misc 34.misc 35.misc 36.misc
37.misc 38.misc 39.misc 40.outg
41.misc 42.misc 43.misc 44.misc
45.misc 46.misc 47.misc 48.misc
- .gif


ag36 scanned by allogagan
ag41, misc40 scanned by prexus
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