The Necessities List

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  • BEER!
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • River Shoes
    (a pair of old shoes sandles or aqua socks that
    can be worn on the river
    to protect your feet from the rocks)
  • BEER!
  • A Folding Chair
  • Food...or Get Into A Food Group...better known as the "Christina Group"
  • Some Spending Money For the On Site Bar and Local Resturant For Breakfast
  • Sun Tan Lotion (Tommy, Kathleen, Kimmie, will need some liquid flannel)
  • Flashlight or Some Other Illuminating Device (i.e. lanter, lighter, butt light)
  • Did I Say Butt Light...? I meant Beer. Bring Bud Light
  • Rain Gear
    (an example of this would be
    a poncho or even "rubbers"...he he..)
    It never rains but just incase LJ isn't right
    this year bring some rain gear.
  • Speaking of rubbers....never mind
  • You might want to bring some rope to tie up the tubes
  • And of course, don't forget to bring BEER.
  • One more thing, will somebody please bring Mark and at least talk too him while he is on the trip?
  • Kathleen's Korner

  • Bug Spray
  • Water proof plasitc ziplock bags to protect lighters and smokes.
  • And bug spray. Don't forget the bug spray