Yautja Encyclopedia: Death


The Soul/Death

The central issues concerning the meaning of our existence on Earth always raises questions about the possibility of an afterlife, and if we have a soul.


Black Warrior

The Black Warrior eventually wins all battles.

For a brave being, one would probably care for the dead before it's usl-kwe (final rest).

All Yautja are worried about their deaths and the proper manner of them. There might not be any witnesses to carry the tale to their friends and relatives. No one would know if they had died bravely or not. But in the end they would know. All beings died, later, sooner, no one escaped the Black Warrior. But if it happened in battle, did they not meet the gods with blood on their blades, their laughter at Death still echoing around them? That was the thing; that way lay honor.

Smiling into the face of Death was sometimes said to unnerve even the Black Warrior.

A noble death was as much a victory as a noble conquest.