Yautja Encyclopedia: Weapons

Yautja get certain weapons as a right of passage, and some are assigned from clan supplies based on group hunts. The pole-arm and wrist blades are always personal weapons.



[Ki-cti-pa (Blades)]

The Ki'cti-pa is the weapon chosen for most Yautja. Twin blades, double-edged, and sharp enough to tear through bone, these retractable blades are effective against large and small opponents. Using it shows the Yuatja pride, because they must fight face-to-face. They are the recommended first weapons because of their effectiveness. The barbs on the back are typically used against unarmored foes, and the weapon can be used to parry/trap other blades. Length is 6 to 18 inches. Width is the blades can be spread from two to eight inches apart.

Acid-resistant claws are almost identical to normal Wrist blades. In fact, the housing is the same. These new blades are only an inch longer, and are immune to all forms of damage including alien acid. The blades are virtually indestructible. The damage is only slightly more though. Those who have fought for many battles usually have made this simple upgrade.



[Yautja Scattergun]

The Scatter gun is a hand-held plasma gun that fires a net of energy out to a long range. The weapon is, unfortunately, very clumsy, taking up a hand which can be replaced by melee weapons. Most prefer the shoulder mounted plasma caster.



[Yautja Naginata]

The Naginata is part weapon, part ceremonial trophy. It is a beautifully, plated, and encrusted pole arm with double bladed ends. Each end is a super sharp collection of knives causing devastating damage if struck upon a hapless victim. The blades can flawlessly cut through almost ever substance and is totally immune to alien acid. The Naginata also has a conducting field which allows it to be cloaked when in hand. When the weapon strikes, however, it becomes visible. The Naginata is an image of Honor and demands respect when brandished.

It is 7 feet long and weighs 8 pounds.



[Yautja SpearGun] [Yautja SpearGun]

The Dart Gun is the closest Predator equivalent to a pistol. It fires self-propelled flachetes that inflict little damage but do come with a poisoned dart. The weapon is small and easily concealed. The launcher uses a highly compressed air charge.

Length: 2 inches of blade, four inches of shaft that fit into the launcher.

Weight: the firing mechanism weighs 4 oz, darts have no appreciable weight (1 oz.)



[Yautja Netgun]

The Net Launcher is small and usually reserved for when a Hunter is planning to enter a major combat area and the temporary incapacitation of a subject is necessary. The net launcher is not a kind weapon. The net usually pins a victim to the floor or a wall with razor sharp wire that viscously cuts into the flesh, making an escape a painful experience. It has several high penetration spikes around its outer rim.

The net is only large enough to entrap one creature roughly Yautja sized, but it fires with enough force to pin a creature against a wall or thick column. The force of this projectile can also lift a 100 kilogram target off the ground and throw him up to 12 feet and flies at 200 mph to 500 mph, depending on the thickness of the oxygen in the immediate area. The net needs a blade to be cut. This keeps up until the subject is released or is killed. The net can also release on a trigger from the weapon.

The projectile launching device is hand held by the Yautja, and the trigger is hit by the thumb on the top thumb support. The launching device is carried inside of a holster that can be attached on either the backpack, or one of the kneepads.

Length is six inches, weight is 6 oz.


Forearm Plasma Caster and Laser

[Yautja Forearm gun]

Used in tandem with the more powerful, shoulder mounted version, the forearm plasma gun has far greater accuracy in the short range. The weapon, unlike the larger one, is not fired by the Predator's lower mandible (tusk), but is actually triggered when the hunter fully extends his arm. It weighs 2 pounds and has a range of 400 feet.

Forearm Laser

Almost identical to the small plasma caster, this weapon sacrifices a little power for a lot of range. The weapon is also fired when the hunter fully extends his arm. It weighs 2 pounds and has a range of 2000 feet.



[Yautja CombiStick]

The Combi-Stick is self powered, telescoping spear that is merely one meter at its shortest length. The CombiStick extends by two meters at each end, making it a formidable weapon for close range attacks. Made of nearly unbreakable alloys, sharpened tips on either end produce electrical charges as it slices through any surface.

Once thrown, it will maintain a 99% straight trajectory until it runs into something, or until it goes 1000 ft, when it will fall to the ground. When this happens, it retracts into its travel form and waiting to be found by the hunter that threw it. Also an excellent pole-arm for whirlwind Bo-style attacks.

By twisting the grip and pumping the shaft like a shotgun slide, the hunter can send up to a dozen skewers into his prey. It weighs 6.5 - 10 pounds. Its battery lasts 2 years.




The Maul is a personalised designed weapon. It varies in appearance, but its general usage is the same - used in similar style to a sword, but its power is greatly increased by its counter-balanced design.

Mostly created from a forged alloy and double-edged, the Maul is capable of being used as a slashing weapon in all arcs of movement; but it can also be spun like the Naginata, to rain a barrage of blows onto a target.

Other designs are reminiscent of the 'mace heads' or 'morning stars' of the gladiatorial era - either solid material with protruding spikes, or forged from a metallic alloy and covered in pointed nail-like objects.



[Yautja Smartdisk]

The Smart Disk is thin and ultra light. This internally powered airborne weapon is crafted of materials that produce the Combi-Stick, easily slicing through an opponent with its devastating razor edges. The blades extend when drawn, bringing it from an oval configuration to a circular one. When thrown, it will leave the thrower's grasp and do severe harm to anything living in its flight path. (It creates a disruptive field around itself, which can cut through the hardest of metals.) Much like a boomerang, it returns loyally to the hand of the thrower, but this is due to electronics, not aerodynamics. The disc will burn out its power core if not picked up by someone within thirty minutes.

The diameter is 7 inches when sheathed, 11 inches diameter when in use. Weight is 3.5 pounds.

The Elders decree that the concentration needed to retrieve a combat standard disk is not present in minds of young Yuatja, therefore disks are not given until proven they can use it wisely.




The Shuriken, very similar in characteristics to the Smart Disc, is carried and transported as a flat circular device, but the push of its surface transforms it into a multi-pointed, sharp edged throwing star. Also like the Smart Disc, it is self-charged by an internal power supply. The Shuriken can be thrown at an opponent, or used in hand-to-hand combat if necessary, cutting through many substances with its many razor edges. When thrown, internal computer-controlled gyros (or possibly a remote homing device) returns the Shuriken to its wielder.



[Shoulder Plasma Caster]

The Shoulder Cannon, the most powerful aid in a Warrior's arsenal, is a mounted and lightweight weapon capable of firing multiple long-range blasts of super heated plasma. It has a 180 degree firing arc horizontally and 90 degrees vertically and fired the Predator's lower mandible (tusk), as the fire controls are located on the inside of the mask/helmet of the Predator's armor.

The destructive power unleashed by these bursts is immense. The weapon tracks with the head movement of the firer. The weapon must be attached to a Hunter's Mask or a Bio Helmet for this to work. It can be used with the Laser Sight to increase the targeting capacity. It is powered by the power pack of the suit.

It is one of a Yautja's most powerful weapons, and is used only in hunting prey with similar capabilities. This weapon is often discarded by older warriors.

It weighs five pounds and has a range of 1200 feet. The batter running the laser rack can run up to 10 years, and the battery generating the rounds is effective for up to 8 months, but can be recharged with a special kit.

Dual Shoulder Mounted Heavy Laser Cannon

A fully wartime weapon, this blaster system uses a single targeting mark to home both blasts in on. A favorite when harvesting "bug" queens. It weighs 12 pounds (total) and has a range of 5000 feet.

Shoulder Mounted Micro Missile Launcher

Also a wartime/harvest weapon, this launcher system uses a similar targeting system to direct the small semi guided rockets towards their targets. These shots can also be laser guided to a moving target if the Yautja keeps his tri-beam locked on to it. The system has a single mount to the center back and one shoulder, or can have a second launch arm added for half again the cost. The weight is 35 pounds. The missiles themselves weigh about a pound. Its range is 4000 feet.

Anti Vehicle Plasma Bolt Cannon

This weapon would never be used for a hunt. Designed primarily for defending Predator landing craft, this weapon launches a "packet" of compressed plasma to a distance of three miles! Fired in the same way as a bazooka or rocket propelled grenade (RPG), it is considered barely "Yautja portable". This weapon has the approximate power of a shipboard laser cannon. Only good for sixty shots before needing an overhaul.

Simply put, this is a dirty radiation weapon. The relatively unfocused energy is deadly for even mildly prolonged use to any race with human like tolerances to radiation. The Yautja have a strong immunity to high radiation levels, so they use this weapon with impunity as needed.

The weight is 175 pounds and its range is 3 miles.



This is often carried by Yautja on bug Hunts. It is a hand-held flame-thrower. Each blast is equivalent to a blast of napalm.



This is a standard 12 inch blade common with the lower castes.



This sprayer can fire a multitude of toxins and drugs, or acid, all of which are used when an energy weapon is inappropriate, or the hunter wants to take his trophy alive. The sprayer uses a highly compressed air charge.

It is 1 inch in length. The sprayer mechanism weighs 3 oz, the chemical housing 1 oz.