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I really like Richard Thomas - I think he's a dead good actor and everything he has chosen to do in his career has been class stuff.  This page contains just a few bits and bobs about his career, if you go to the bottom of the page there are some links to other Richard Thomas information on the Web.  I am hoping to add more and more info to this page as time goes on, as it seems that there is a great shortage of Richard coverage on the internet!  If you are a fellow fan please do get in touch and help me make this the most informative Richard Thomas website in existence! :-)

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Stuff that Richard has been in.....    Go To 1990s  1980s  1970s  1960s  1950s

2000's  Back to top of page
2002 Anna's Dream
2001 Beyond the Prairie Part 2, The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder
2001 The Miracle of the Cards
2001 Just Cause Link to the Official Just Cause website, from PAX TV
2000 Bloodhounds Inc.
2000 The Christmas Secret / Flight of the Reindeer 
2000 Wonder Boys / Wonder Boys, Die
2000 In the Name of the People
2000 Beyond the Prairie, The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder
1990ís    Back to top of list    Back to top of page
1999 It's a Miracle
1999 The Million Dollar Kid 
1998  The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson
1998 Big and Hairy
1997 Flood, A River's Rampage
1997 A Thousand Men and a Baby / Narrow Escape
1997 A Walton Easter 
1996 Promised Land / Home of the Brave
1996 Timepiece
1996 What Love Sees
1996 West Virginia
1995 The Christmas Box
1995 The Invaders
1995 Down, Out & Dangerous
1995 A Walton Wedding
1995 Death in Small Doses
1994 To Save the Children
1993 A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion
1993 A Lust for Murder / Linda
1993 Precious Victims
1993 Stalking Laura / I Can Make You Love Me
1992 Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232 / A Thousand Heroes
1991 Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus
1991 Mission of the Shark
1990 Stephen King's It
1990 Common Ground
1990 Andre's Mother
1980ís     Back to top of list    Back to top of page
1989 Glory! Glory!
1988 Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure / Andy Colby's Incredible Video Adventure / Andy Colby's Incredibly Awesome Adventure / Andy and the Airwave Rangers
1988 Go Toward the Light
1985 Final Jeopardy 
1984 Master of Ballantrae, The
1983 Hobson's Choice
1983  Living Proof, The Hank Williams Jr. Story
1982 Fifth of July
1982 Johnny Belinda
1982 Pavarotti & Friends
1981 Barefoot in the Park
1981 Berlin Tunnel 21
1980 Battle Beyond the Stars 
1980 To Find My Son
1970ís     Back to top of list    Back to top of page
1979 All Quiet on the Western Front 
1979 No Other Love
1979 Roots: The Next Generations 
1978 Getting Married
1977 9/30/55 / 24 Hours of the Rebel
1975  The Silence
1974 The Red Badge of Courage
1972 - 1977 The Waltons Link to the Waltons Website

Link to the Unofficial Waltons Website

197? The Thanksgiving Story
1972 Sixteen / Like a Crow on a June Bug
1971 The Todd Killings / A Dangerous Friend / Skipper
1971 The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
1971 Red Sky at Morning
1970 Cactus in the Snow / You Can't Have Everything
1960ís     Back to top of list    Back to top of page
1969 Last Summer
1969 Winning
1966 - 1967 As the World Turns 
1964 - 1965 A Flame in the Wind /  A Time for Us
1961 The Edge of Night / Edge of Night
1961 1, 2, 3 Go
1950ís     Back to top of list    Back to top of page
1958 From These Roots

Have I missed stuff off this list?  Please let me know if I have!  Please also let me know if you spot any errors or have any additional information.  Thanks!

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IMDB Database page   The ultimate guide to all of his movies and shows

Richard Thomas Yahoo fan group  Why not join the friendly chat with other Richard fans

The Waltons Website  The official one....

The Waltons Website  The unofficial one...

The Better Hearing Institute  ...with which Richard is very much involved.  As someone who is deaf in one ear myself, I have great sympathies with this project.

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