Hello! This is my spanking new webpage! It was last updated on Feb18, 2006 It still sucks, but just wait, it is getting a bit better.

Meanwhile, check out Picture Page!

It's a collection of snapshots my boyfriend and I collected through our years of traveling together.

Hmmm, lets see...You probably would like to know a little something about me. Well, I'm a 28 year old college grad. I have an Associate of Science. I studied computers. However I do not work with computers as a profession. But I do like to tinker with them a bit at home. I'm obviously into traveling and photography.

Atom and I have put our travels on hold for a while because we just dumped all of our money into buying ourselves a little yellow house!WOHOO!

I'm also madly in love with my dead cat - Mittens
That's me and Mittens. Um...I was 8yrs old when this photo was taken. May she never get dug up by the neighbors dog.

Here are a couple pics of my new cats! The Orange guy is Galahad, the black is Lancelot:
So do you want to see what I do when I'm not typing up webpages about myself?
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