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George Dubya Bush Blows
George W. Bush. Dubya. President. 2004. election. Quotes. Busisms. Current info on out moron president. Democratic Info. Books on George Dubya Bush.  Funny George W. Bush Quotes. Dubya Quote. Bush idiot. Bush moron. George W. Bush Cartoons. George W. Bush Current Dubya Info. Democrat sites, and anti bush site. Responses to republican hate mail.  Links to Anti Bush Websites. Shrub, idiot, George W. Bush, idiot, moron, stolen election. GWBblows. Wor on Iraq, war on terror, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, occupation of Iraq. George W. Bush has ruined the economy, he has started a unjust war on Iraq, he is forgetting about the war on terror, George W. Bush is the worst president ever, he has been losing most of our allies, and is destroying all the good that Clinton did. Vote John Kerry in 2004. John Kerry. John F Kerry. Vote for JFK. John Kerry for President in 2004. Help John Kerry win. Donate to John Kerry. Join John Kerry.
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Vote Democratic
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This site has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, Clay Aiken, Kazaa (although it should be legal,) no Britney Spears(even though she's a idiot. Did you see F911?) no Cameron Diaz, no Pam Anderson or Poker. If you haven't noticed by now, I am listing off the Lycos top 50 searches in a shameless attempt to get more hits. I haven't seen Spiderman 2 as of 7/13, I have never played neopets , I don't know who Maria Sharapova is. I've only been to Las Vegas once. Dragonball is stupid. Baseball has a lot of problems but is still fun to watch every once in a while. Severina Vuckovic? Who the hell is that? I've never been on Weight Watchers, I don't Like WWE, didn't they used to be WWF? I played Pokemon for about a 2 months a couple years ago, I've never read the Harry Potter books, but I saw the first movie, it was long. FI hate the Olsen Twins, Brooke Burke is on E!? right? I never liked Hilary Duff, Fireworks are fun, Carmen Electra had a stupid show on MTV I've never gone on the South Beach Diet. Or the Atkins diet for that matter. Man this stupid list is taking a long time. Linsay Lohan, mean Girls was funny, Final Fantasy, tried it didn't like it. The Bible never read it, I don't think it was written by god. I wonder if people will read that in the search and send me hate mail?  NASCAR, sometimes watch, not often. Tour De France, GO LANCE! Jessica Simpson is a idiot. Anna Nicole Smith was fat. Marijuana should be legalized. Yu-Gi-Oh! W-T-F? Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, and Nick Berg have nothing tto do with this site. The War in Iraq is a total mess. Bush won't fix it. VOTE KERRY! Christiano Ronaldo never heard of her, Inuyasha, what? U.S. Army is in big trouble, did anyone seen their recruiting tactics in Fahrenheit 9/11? While I'm on the topic... Farenheight 9/11, Fahrenheight 9/11, Farenheit 9/11, Farenhite 9/11, Faerenheit 9/11, Ferenheit 9/11 Ferenheight 9/11, Farenheit 9-11, I have trouble spelling Fahrenheit, maybe other people do to. Anyways Christina Aguilera, Agulera, or Aguliera, Big Brother 5 and Jenna Lewis are not on this site. Taxes should be raised on the rich. I like Usher, And to finish the list!!! this site does not have Barbie, Avril Lavinge, Anna Kournikova, or JoJo on it! Hooray! Shameless guilt free Hits from people who were not looking for this site! If this works, I'll do it more!!!!
Anti-Bush site, antibush, bushcom,,, antibushcom,, wwwantibushcom, wwwanti, www.anti, tshirts, web, lick cheney, antibushcom,, shirts, dick, campaign, this is not really a blog site,  httpwwwantibushcom, I like tom tommorow and this modern world, but he was too easy on bush in 2000. My site has political cartoons, cartoon. Hooray! thismodernworld, no beheading on this site. No beheadings. No berg video. thismodernworldcom, wwwthismodernworldcom,,, tomtommorow, what's taguba? Atrios, eschaton, blogspot, atriosblogspocom,, Iraq sucks, I'm not gay, why are you searching for the word transcript? this site has no dolls, music, fishing, weddings, beth ostrosky, for him magazine, free Howard Stern! There is no FHM or Howard Stern on this site. No paper dolls, barbie, or stepford wives. No morgan fairchild, nicolette sheridan or Brenda Vaccaro. No T-Boz and Chilli, no TLC, no Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes, no INXS,  no Mark Burnett, no Survivor, or The Apprentice, No Ryan Cabrera, no Jessica Simpson, no Joe Simpson, no Ashlee, no Pieces of Me, no Fishing lures, State parks or wedding invitations. Family GuY Rules! Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Brian!  Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Peter Gryphon, Lois Gryphon, Peter Grifon, Lois Grifon.
naked prisoners at Abu-Gahreb prison, nude prisoners photos at abu-Gareb prison
GWBblows Blog
Jib Jab or JibJab made This Land that was hilarious.  Internet cartoon making fun of both Bush and Kerry
Pistons killed Kobe Shaq and the Lakers in the NBA championship. I have no idea what Sailor moon is, a cartoon from Japan? Who is Beth Ostrosky? I have no idea.
John Kery, Kirry
NASA, looking costume on Kerry was stupid. Sperm dumb suit, asinine,  ugly embarresing, pathetic.
Let's see what's in the news... Airline Flight Tracking, weather cancellations, I don't really know what that means, I hate flying. Their were more beheadings in Iraq, man that country sucks, Kerry better get elected.  Eugene Armstrong was killed in Iraq, I didn't hear about that. Haloween is coming up, if you want a scary costume go as Bush. I love Texas Hold'Em Poker, but I'm not very good. I can't wait till Christmas. Man I love football. Florida has been getting hit by a ton of hurricanes, the latest one hurricane Ivan, anyone think this has anything to do with global warming, the enviorment is so screwed up that were getting more hurricanes then ever before? Jack Hensley was killed in Iraq, god that country sucks. Al Jazeera is like the middle East's Fox News. NASA has a mars rover out now? I had no idea. NOAA Oceanic & Atmospheric, I guess people are searching that because of the huricanes. Amy Acuff, never heard of her.  Anyone heard of Votergasm, lmao. Kerry, straight up kicked Bush's ass in the Demate. Bush looked stupid, couldn't put together a sentence, and got destroyed in a debate on what was suiposed to be his strongest subject. He Blew.
Updated fairly often
GWBblows Blog
Vice President, Vice Presidential Debate. Kerry won the first Debate. Edwards beat dick cheney in his debate.
The new jib jab video on Atomic films is hilarious, they use the song I wish I was in Dixie for I wish I was in D.C. It's called D.C. Land, DC Land, they have bush cheney, kerry edwards mcgrevy, gore liberman and the supreme court in it. Dan Rather (Rathergate, lmao) CLinton McCain, Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh are in it.
Did anyone see Jon Stewart destroy Tucker Carlson on Crossfire? That was hilarious. Stewart was great, Begala stayed out of it for the most part, Carlson looked like a fool. Stewart took the whole show to task for their partisan hackery. The next show, "Douchbag of Liberty" Robert Novak  resorted to personal insults calling stewart unfunny and uninformed. He's such an ass. So is Carville for not calling Novak for taking Novak the traitors side over Begala's. He's blind if he can't see crossfire is a theater for partisan hacks to yell talking points at each other.
Republicans Round Election Time
New 3/6/05
2008 presidential? race nominess coul?d be Joe Biden or ?Hillary Clinton. ?Barrack Obama, ?or is it Barack? ?Barac? Barak?? Barrac? Ba?rrak? Obamma or Obam?an. Whatever.Soci?al Security is? not in crisis. Bi?ll Clinton made i?t solvent for 50? more years and so wil?l the next dem pr?ez.
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Updated 3/30/05
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