My name is Nicole Johnson & welcome to Bivoir cavies, located on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.
My brother Murray and I are members of the NSW Cavy Club and we currently exhibit and breed: Rex,
Sheba Mini-Yaks, Tri Colours, Pink Eyed White, Dark Eyed Whites and Chocolate Himalayans. Bivoir has around 50 pigs at the moment and you can meet most of them on my MEET MY PIGGIES PAGE! or on my photo's page. More pics to come, more piggies are arriving all the time! Read stories about my old Boar Gwenny, now deceased, on his tribute page. If you'd like to look at more piggy sites, go to my Links pages. Through my passion for animals of ALL types, I also do animal art and you can see my work HERE. If you have any questions at all on Guinea Pigs or if you are looking to buy a particular type of piggy, you can contact me and maybe I can help! You can see all the different types of Piggies on my Varieties page. How about having a look at my Showteam? Meet my very own Magpie, Moreton. Have fun and don't forget to sign my Guestbook! And YET MORE Pigtures on this page!!!
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Champion Chezrika Chenoah with all her trophies and ribbons won at the New South Wales Christmas Show on the 1st December 2002.
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