Global Warming Linx

1. Climate Crisis Coalition:
2. Independent Progressive Politics Network:
3. Bill McKibben/Step It Up 2007:
4. Al Gore/An Inconvenient Truth:
5. Strategic Environment Initiative/Mission to Planet Earth:
6. NCAR- National Center for Atmospheric Research:
7. NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
8. IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:
9. Stern Report on Global Climate Change:
10. James Hansen/NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies/Columbia University:
11. California Senator Barbara Boxer:
12. Green Festivals USA:
13. Live Earth Concerts:
14. Stephen Schneider/Climate Change:
15. Ross Gelbspan/Boston Globe:
16. US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement:
17. UK Rapid Global Climate Change Conference:
18. Institute for Local Self-Reliance:
19. Greenpeace/Global Warming Campaign:
20. National Resources Defense Council/Global Warming:
21. US Climate Action Coalition:
22. Environmental Defense/Global Warming:
23. Pew Center on Global Climate Change:
24. World Resources Institute/Climate Change:
25. World Watch Institute/Climate Change:
26. EPA- Environmental Protection Agency/Climate Change:
27. American Solar Energy Institute/Climate Change:
28. US Global Change Data and Information System:
29. US Climate Change Science Program:
30. Climate Science Watch:
31. WBCSD- World Business Council on Sustainable Development/Climate and Energy:
32. UCS- Union of Concerned Scientists/Global Warming Campaign:
33. California Climate Change Portal:
34. California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger/Environment:
35. Global Warming News:
36. BBC News/Climate Change:
37. Global Warming Information Center:
38. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change:
39. UNEP- United Nations Environment Program/Climate Change:
40. Ralph Nader/Environment:
41. International Green Party:
42. Steve Conner-Science Editor/The Independent Newspaper UK/Climate Change:
43. San Francisco Environmental Commission:
44. Aspen Global Climate Change Institute:
45. Global Environmental Authority:
46. European Commission/Climate Change:
47. UK Chief Scientific Advisor Sir David King:
48. European Environment Agency/Climate Change:
49. UK Environment Agency/Climate Change:
50. UK Centre for Homeland Security:
51. IPS-Inter Press Service/Climate Change:
52. Alliance for Climate Protection:
53. Global Warming Linx:
54. Global Climate Change- A Planetary Emergency: