Heath was born on April 4th, 1979 as Heath Andrew Ledger at King Edward Memorial Hospital (Subiaco) in Perth/ Western Australia. So his zodiac sign is Aries. He's having brown eyes (the most beutiful eyes in the world!!!) and darker hair (sometimes it's dyed blond) and he's 6'1 tall. His mom Sally and dad Kim named him after Heathcliffe, a character from Wuthering Heights. So maybe his entire name is Heathcliffe but I don't know about it. His ethnic background is half Irish and half Scottish. When he was a little kid he went to "Mary's Mount Primary School" in Gooseberry Hill near Kalamunda, where he mainly grew up. When he was older he went to Guilford Grammar School, which is an all-boys-school, also located in Perth. There he made his first experiences with acting and drama with a focus on Shakespeare. He was also playing a lot of field hockey and cricket. He was really good at it and so he was picked to represent West Australia in its hockey team. But last but not least: with 15 he did more and more acting and we are all glad about that, aren't we????His stage appearances include the title role in "Peter Pan", "The name of the Father", "Bugsy Malone", "Hamlet", "The royal hunt of the sun" and "The Boyfriend".
He played in a lot of TV shows like
"Ship to Shore", "Corrigan", "Bush Patrol", "Home and Away", "Sweat"(1996; he played Snowy Bowles) and (my favorite) "Roar"(1997). He also made a few movies, "Paws", "Blackrock"(1997; he played Toby), "Two Hands"(1998; he played Jimmy) and "Ten things I hate about you"(1999). Right now he's working for his next upcoming movie which will be "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. I'm sure Heath is having a good time with him because he loves "Braveheart"!
I think Heath became very popular with "Roar" where he played Conor. During this time he was dating Lisa Zane (she's the sister of Billy Zane who played in "Titanic")who's playing Diana. Right now he's rumoured to date Heather Graham. They were spotted in Prague as well as in L.A, Before he dated the Australian model Christina Cauchi and he moved from Los Angeles to New York where they lived together. He's having three sisters, one of them is named Catherine, the others are Olivia and Ashleigh (half sisters, 3 and 12 years old). He really likes Judy Garland and Gene Kelly as well as Jack Nickelson and Mel Gibson...and he loves musicals a lot (maybe he's going to take part in one ????Well, he can act, he can sing - remember "Can't take my eyes off you" in "Ten things"-  and he can dance, hm....). His favorite music is from Miles Davis, U2, Spider Bait, Powderfinger and Silverchair.
As he said he's an outdoors guy. He plays a lot of tennis, he's snowboarding and he used to go surfing in Australia. He's also doing a lot of climbing with some friends of him.
And he's having another, a really sensitive part. He's writing poems for his diary as well as he's reading stuff like that. His favorite poets are Kahlil Gibran("The Poet") and Terrence Mallick.
One of his bad habits is occassional smoking.



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