Some people (not many though) would like to know a little more about me.
Well, I'll tell you...
I'm a freshman in high school right now and started this site about in 1997. The only problem was I didn't know HTML codes very well.
Basically, this page sucked. Badly. Very Badly. Eggs.
Anyway, I got to know how to do HTML better and so progresses the page.
About me... I go to high school now. I live in Williamsburg, Kentucky and go to Williamsburg High School. In fact this picture is my Freshman picture that was taken in the fall of 1999. Aren't I cute... Well, who asked you!

Hubba hubba! That boy is sexy!
Michael Etter, Future Gaming Programer (yeah, right)

Anyway, this is just the first of a series of gaming pages. You know, little hints for different games (not to mention systems).
At the moment I'm taking Keyboarding at my High School. I already know how to type fast but I have to take it to take other computer related classes, such as Comp. Programs and Comp. Applications.
But hey, now I can type ever faster HTML code just for you people. Don't you feel loved?

That's it about me for now. Maybe later I'll have more.

Wowzers! I've written some more on this page!
Yes, another year has rolled on by, and my page hasn't gotten any better. At the moment, I'm taking Computer Applications. It's alright. I actually have to do some work but I suppose it'll help me in the end. I have another picture of me but I don't have it scanned (not to mention that it's not very good).
The other one didn't want to work for a long time... in fact, it sometimes doesn't even want to work now. Alas. The problem with being an AVERAGE webmaster. *sigh*

In the mean time, here is a sketching of a comic book character that I like (I hope this one turns out!).


Isn't it wonderful?

It's amazing! Me? Writing in this? Twice in the same year?!?!?!? What's up with me?

Anyway... I was just putting in that now my Computer Apps. Class is done *sniff* and now I have art in it's place. Fine by me anyhow. Art is you're basic goof off class. So I can do homework or just sketch thing free at will.
Oh yeah! I got a scanner and now I can upload things that I've drawn when before I had to go through the school's scanner (a very time consuming task). All's better!

Yeah, I'm rambling on now. He's my school pic (horrid!) and another sketch of mine.
That's it! No, I mean it this time...

WOO!  Look at me!  Big mister Sophomore!  fine... I'm a loser...

Don't mess with Cole... he's a bad man!

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