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:Update! at last!

hey everyone, that actually still checks this site......

we' are beginning to start up the comic once again!!

::and the audience goes wild!!::

updates will be on tuesdays and thursdays unless vera can find more time in her busy *ahem* schedule to do more.

we *should* be getting a domain in the near future, well, as soon as i can figure out dreamweaver a tad more.  but till then please try and manage with the crazy geocities site... cause i know ya'll hate it.  frankly, so do i.

so, please come back and enjoi j00p!  because we're back in action!!

                                                                                         <3's - Vera
welcome to j00p!
one sexy sexy comic.
can you handle it?
meh time - 09.18.03.
ima sexxy.
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