Maggot's Toy

  In 1998, Toy Biz unveiled the first Maggott figure.  It would have been featured in X-Men Flying Fighters, planned as part of the Secret Weapon Force assortment.  The assortment sported some of the best sculpting of the time, as well as featuring the only Maggot figure. It also contained great new versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and an “Age of Apocalypse” Mr. Sinister.

  So why was this line unreleased? "X-Men was slowing down in retail at the time of the Flying Fighters," Toy Biz Product Manager Jesse Falcon told ToyFare magazine. "The cartoon had stopped, so we decided not to push the project."

  According to ToyFare, there was a fan petition for the release of the four figures, but it ultimately proved unsuccessful.