About The Band

The Happy Days String Band is a New Jersey corporation formed as a non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting fellowship and camaraderie while furthering the musical ability of its members and providing entertainment to the general public.

The band was started by Hank Sherman in 1973 with an ad in the Asbury Park Press classified section. At first, those who responded to the ad met in the Shark River Yacht club. Later as the band grew, they moved to a room at the New Jersey Bell Telephone building across from Jersey Shore hospital in Neptune.

They were able to purchase a van from the telephone company for one dollar. The van was modified to include a CB, PA, third seat, and oxygen bottle for fainting. Our violinist took the van home and became the driver for years.

The first band stands were made of cardboard from a local box factory.

The band moved their practices to the Neptune Municipal building. They made one recording in Sound Arts Studio in Wanamassa called Happiness In Music. The band was recorded on nine tracks which was blended together in editing.

A logo contest was held within the band and one of the members came up with the basic idea. We purchased commercials stands and had boxes made to hold them. The stands were used for many years.

The band has had several directors: Hank Sherman, Russ Coyne, John Schernone, and presently, Bernie Miles.

The band welcomes members of all ages, male and female. We rehearse weekly, September through June. The only requirements are that musicians have their own instruments and have the ability to read music.

The band plays in outdoor band shells throughout New Jersey as well as at special functions and benefits. Our happy music is sure to make everyone smile.

Check our upcoming performance schedule frequently at this website to see if we'll be playing at a bandstand near you. You won't want to miss us!


For further membership information call the Happy Days String Band at: (732) 747-6573 or contact gmah125@aol.com









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