matt devine
born in kent, england,  in 1969 I have been a professional photographer since october 1997 when I started on a weekly local paper, the sevenoaks chronicle
leaving school at sixteen in 1985 I spent the next decade travelling
I worked on the sevenoaks chronicle for 18 months followed by a year at a press agency before going freelance in july 2000
currently I work  for the daily express a national newspaper based in london
I returned to the UK to go to college in 1994 studying art and design
graduating in 1997 I was trained as a journalist on the chronicle as well as my duties as a photographer
In those years I worked mainly as a stonemason,  but also worked on a sheep farm, picked cauliflowers, grapes and olives to name a few, was a  car mechanic, worked on the construction of a railway tunnel, as a welders mate, a plumbers mate and far too many other things to mention
I have had pictures published in numerous newspapers and magazines including :
daily express
daily mail
daily star
the independant
the daily telegraph
the times
daily record
the sun
the daily mirror
international herald tribune
newsweek magazine
the sunday people
hello magazine
OK magazine
stern magazine
evening standard
news of the world
sunday mirror
mail on sunday
sunday mail
the sunday times
the sunday telegraph
independant on sunday
New Zealand Herald