My Travel Album
- a little review about my journey to Western Europe & Canada!

Really glad that I can find this special topic for my homepage finally.  Yes, you may travel to places same as me, even at the same time.  But our feelings must be different.  I have been doing some thinking of how to make this section for a long time, but still haven't got any idea until I have watched some Premier leagues football matches in UK.  It is my travel album, my own record.  I suppose it'd made my life easier to start with my favourite .   Most of the photos here are taken by me.   At this moment most of the files are recorded for London, since it's near my home.  Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

Background image: 12th Jul 2001 - Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong 
(My home! I took this pic from aero plane!!)



United Kingdom  - 10+ cities (Sep 1999 - Jun 2002)
My second home, core of my album.

Belgium - Anterwep, Brussels (Jun 2000)
Manneken Pis, Chololate...

France - Paris (Feb & Jun 2000)
Bonjour!  No French no talk?!  Merci...

Background image: 25th Sep 1999 - Cambridge, UK




Holland- Amsterdam (Mar & Jun 2000)
Windmill, Flowers, RLD, Narcotics...

Spain - Barcelona (Apr 2000)
92 Olympic Venues, Camp Nou...

Switzerland- 5+ cities (Jun 2001)
With itinerary from travel agent.

Background image: 13th Feb 2000 - Paris Disneyland, France




- Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal (Jun-Jul 2001)

Background image: 23rd Jun 2001 - Downtown, Toronto, Canada




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Background image: 23rd Dec 2000 - Stamford Bridge Stadium, London, UK