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Take a moment to picture yourself a land of ancient gods and heroes. A place where adventure always is within ones grasp. A land where you will meet the exotic, the brave and the wise. What you see before your mind's eye is Haven, the realm of the Celtic gods and a land where your dreams and nightmares will come true

Central to Haven is Avalon, where gods reside and the mortal and immortal walk alongside of one another. It is a place where people from many realms meet to from bonds of friendship, for in its centre resides the Henge.

The hendge, made up of many stone blocks and inscribed with ancient Ogham writings has stood since the beginning of time. Between each block a portal resides and by simply stepping though you can find yourself in one of the many wonderful realms. Lands of adventure, intrigue, mysticism and sometimes even darkness.

Why not come and visit Haven and discover what secrets it holds, as well as what secrets lie within yourself?

How to enter Haven

You can enter Haven by using a telnet based client and entering Haven's address into it.

The address to Haven is: havenmush.ath.cx port 3939 or telnet://havenmush.ath.cx:3939

Should this address not work try the ip number port 3939 to connect.

Once you have accessed the login screen it shows you how to connect and you can either connect to a guest for a look around by typing connect guest guest or you can create a character by typing create <name> <password> where name is the name you choose for your character and password is the password you choose for your account and excluding the < >. After you have created a character you can connect to them at any time by typing connect <name> <password>.

If you do not have a client capable of entering a telenet based mush you can download one at the following websites.

             P.C. (Window's Platform)             Apple Macintosh (MacOS Platform)

  SimpleMU                                         Savitar

About Us

Haven is primarily a place for men and women to come to chat and roleplay with one another either as them self or as a character they portray. It is loosely based on Celtic Myth but it is much more diverse and a very rich, vibrant and magical place where you can let your imagination run free.

We do however keep a strict rule of no under 18 year old allowed on Haven as it is a adult Mush where roleplay scenes can include sex, bondage, slavery, violence, bad language and other adult themes. Not only does this go on but we actively encourage it as a part of roleplay and due to this it is not suitable for children.

To learn more about Haven's theme and policy follow the links below.

Policy                                       Theme

Haven History and Geography

Map of Haven

Map of Haven's Boarders

Map of Ancient Haven

Map of Old and new borders of Haven

Haven's History

Haven Down

Should for whatever reason be you find Haven down, if you want to try and find out from a member of staff what is going on, or meet with others from haven who are also waiting for it to go back up then follow the instructions in the following link.


How to contact Us

If you have any questions or comments you can let us know by emailing


Or if you would like to leave a comment about Haven or this website you can do so in our guestbook.

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If you want to be kept informed of updates, code changes or anything else regarding Haven you can do via our email service. To join the HavenMUSH email list click on the link below.

If you wish to join in discussions on Haven's forum you can do so by going to

HavenMUSH Forum

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Links to other related Websites

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In Loving Memory of Selkie

In Loving Memory of Angel



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