Frequently Asked Questions

What is live roleplaying?
Live roleplaying (sometimes called LARP for Live Action Role-Playing) is like a play that you write as you go along. One excellent way of describing it, if you are familiar with Star Trek, is that it is like the Holodeck -- you enter a make-believe world, and together with the other players you tell a story. Others have described it as a Renaissance faire with more to do than just shopping and watching. Regardless of how you think of it, the key to live roleplaying is that it is truly interactive. Your actions have an impact on the story, for better or for worse.

I've played NERO/SOLAR/IFGS/SCA/MET/etc. - is this the same kind of thing?
All of the above are live roleplaying games, though they each have different similarities and differences to HAVOK: World of Vaithan. We do have live "boffer" combat like some of the games mentioned above, but our weapons design and hit location as opposed to hit point system may be different from what you are used to. Camarilla and other Mind's Eye Theater players will see similarities in the intrigue and character-interaction elements of the game. If you have specific questions, we've played most other LARPs out there and can explain the similarities and differences to you in more detail.

How old do I have to be to play HAVOK: World of Vaithan?
As of March 11th, 2007, all new members wanting to play HAVOK: World of Vaithan MUST be 18 years of age or over. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Who plays HAVOK: World of Vaithan?
All kinds of people! Our minimum age for players is 16, but we have members who are in their 40s as well. We have college students, professional game designers, computer programmers, theater professionals, graphic designers, secretaries, salespeople, editors and people from just about every other walk of life there is!

What kind of character can I play?
HAVOK: World of Vaithan doesn't divide characters up into character "classes;" anyone can learn any of skill. We have apothecaries, guardsmen, mercenaries, authors, craftsmen, assassins, scholars, adventurers, Sorcerers, Alchemists and much more. There are as many different types of characters as we have players.

Is there combat?
Yes, although we have many characters who have no combat skills who are a central part of the game. We use safe, padded "boffer" weapons and a hit point/location system to resolve combats, and through spending experience points characters may gain additional abilities (additional damage, dodges, the ability to cast more powerful magics, etc.)

Is there magic?
Yes. Small beanbags (called packets) are used to simulate most offensive spells. If you strike a person with the packet then the spell takes affect. Characters who use magic are divided into three different schools of magic, Cabalist, Shamans and Theomancers. There are other forms of magic as well, but you must play the game to learn about these.

What kinds of skills do characters have?
There are a wide range of skills characters can have. Characters may also learn magic, fighting skills (the use of various weapons, the ability to do extra damage or defensive moves), the ability to brew herbs found or grown in-game into elixirs, skill at identifying herbs or evaluating the value of items, smithing skills for weapons and armor, the ability to create and pick locks. Characters can also have Advantages and Disadvantages, such as Wealth (gives additional income each event) or Illiterate (may never learn the Read/Write skill).

I want to create my own culture, rather than be from any of the existing cultures. Is that OK?
HAVOK: World of Vaithan encourages its players to write out and enact thier characters heritage and culture. LARP is all about playing a character and to do so to its fulest. all Administration asks is that you the player provide us with a full description of the culture, down to the very last detail. You never know, perhaps your write up will appear in an upcoming sourcebook.

How do I get weapons/costumes?
You can make your own, or borrow them from us for your first few games. Weapons are easy to make, and there are several players who will custom make weapons for you if you ask around. Costumes can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish we have seen everything from brocade and lace formal courtier's outfits to Eraman togas and simple Makarian tabards. Check out our characters page to see the varied kinds of costumes that players have worn.

When are events held?
Our "season" runs from June through October, with long weekend events and single day events, though we try to have a few one-day events over the winter as well. For more information, contact Administration.

Where are events held?
HAVOK: World of Vaithan has its own site, alothough we do tend to travel a bit from time to time. Check out out Game News and Updates page for game updates as well as locations.

How much does it cost?
Please look at the Page News and Updates section for game and membership costs.

I live in Borneo. Do you have any chapters near me?
At the present time, we only run events in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. We may expand into other surrounding provinces and states, but at present we do not have any definite plans. We are certainly interested in opening chapters in other areas but be have certain stringent requirements that must be made to ensure that the game meets our standards. If you are interested in starting a chapter, please contact Administration.

I have a child - can I bring him/her to events?
Players must be 16 or older in order to have characters with in-game abilities, but we do allow minors who are accompanied by a parent. Please note that we do not provide any sory of baby-sitting service, and that events can get very involved. If you do have children and want to play, it is best that you find a sitter and leave the young ones at home.

I have a cat/dog/canary - can I bring it to events?
Due to the regulations at the parks and our main site where we hold events, no pets can be allowed on site.
* Webslave's Note: Our Regular Game site owner's actually have three dogs already. Not a good idea to bring along pets, even though the Huver's Dogs are really well behaved. :)

I'm not sure if I would like this - can I just watch?
We have one-day events periodically during the year, which are a great way to try out the game without coming out for a whole weekend. Another option is to volunteer to help out at an event before you decide if you want to play or not. Over the course of the weekend you can try out fighting, spellcasting and roleplaying a wide variety of different things so you can find out what you would find to be the most fun. We try to avoid having people who are not playing on site, as it detracts from the game atmosphere. Besides, the best way to find out if you like it or not is to dive in!

I'm interested! How do I get started?
Great! Take some time to surf around the HAVOK: World of Vaithan site, to get some more ideas about what the game is like. You can purchase rulebooks by mail (see Contacting Administration). After familiarizing yourself with the game world, think about what kind of character you'd like to play. If you have questions, feel free to email us.

Do you need any help running events?
Always! We need help in all areas, from sewing costumes or cooking and serving food, and people to play NPCs (Non Player Characters) at events. We are an entirely volunteer organization, so we can always use more people to help out. For more information, email administration.