Welcome to the World Wide Web's
first Golden Retriever WebRing !

The Golden Retriever ring was created by Orchid Fung on February 19, 1997 and is designed to link Golden Retriever lovers world wide. There are currently over 400 sites in the ring. As the Web Ring continues to grow, it will provide quick access to information needed on these beautiful gentle dogs.

If you have a home page about golden retrievers, you are most welcomed to join the ring. The rules are simple. The site content must be about golden retrievers and any goods you sell or services you promote should be of interest to golden retrievers owners. The navigation bar must be displayed on your home page as it serves to link your site to other sites in the ring. The owner of this web site will not use your personal information or email address for any purposes other than matters related to this web ring.

To join, simply click on the Join Now link below and it will take you to the WebRing page. Once your site has been submitted, I will be notified by email. If the site meets the standards of the Golden Retriever web ring and the navigation bar is displayed, you will be approved and notified by email. Please note that any invalid URL's (site address) will be promptly deleted.

If you have further questions, please email me.

This page last updated February 10, 2002