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This award is for personal home pages that support family values. I created this award to help bring internet families together and to provide a place where families can go to see what other families are doing on the net. Many of these sites have pages that were created by children and are fun for all ages. (Before you leave, please stop by and check out the rest of my site. I have a page on parenting, a page with my thoughts about Racism, God, and TV, and a few silly pages that I hope you will enjoy.)


The Winners List


Patty's Place - Patty has created a beautiful site, telling all about her racing family. Be sure to drop in and meet the crew! :)

Megan's Home Page - This cute site is loaded with pictures of smiling faces. Stop in and meet what appears to be a truly "Happy Family" :)

Audrey's Family - Recently reunited with the daughter she had not seen in 33 years, Audrey reminds us that dreams really do come true. Stop by and read her story and don't forget to check out her other pages as well.

Siobhan Brianna McDonald - This site was written in the loving memory of a precious baby girl. While the story may be heartbreaking, it serves to reminds us that a parent's love begins long before the moment of birth. Godbless

Rexanne's Page for Parents - A wonderful site filled with poems, inspiration, and laughter. Rexanne has some great ideas on parenting and her page is sure to delight.

The Bennett's - If you have ever wondered why people create personal home pages, check out this site. The Bennett's have made a place where family and friends can visit to see adorable pictures of Joshua and stay up to date with the latest happenings. A cute site.

The Lake House - Bill and Josh have found a way to stay close, even though they are miles apart. Check out the great site that this father and son designed together over the net. This site contains a lot of Heart! :-)

The Briar Patch - A fun site about a family of rabbits. Very enjoyable and whatever you do, don't miss the Fun Fables. A cute site for all ages. :-)

The Staton's Family Page - A Beautifully designed site, with some great links. This site reflects the efforts and caring of this nice family and is one to see, so hurry on over. :-)

MO7's Home Page - These busy parents of seven have put together a really great site, and yes I said 7! Stop by and check out the cool links and meet the whole family. :-)

Top Racing Team - A family that loves racing go-karts and shows a lot of support as team members. Links to racing related sites and a page for every member, makes this site one all racing fans will enjoy. :-)

The Epps' Family Homepage - This family really enjoys camping and has gathered some great camping links. Kathy also has some pretty good recipes to share with you. Each family member has their own page, so there should be something here for everyone. :-)

Cat and Sam's Cool Home Page - This mother and daughter team have created a page full of fun and helpful links. If you have a problem with lactose intolerance there are some interesting links for that too. :-)

Rhonda's Romper Room - This Site is well designed and has some wonderful links. While you are there be sure to check out "Something Special", You'll be glad you did. :-)

The WOOD Universe - This Home Page is worth the trip... If you are a parent don't miss Noelani's page, I wanted to cry for her Mom but I couldn't keep from laughing. Children are full of surprises! :-)

ZebWorld - Zeb has a great page with links to things like, music, sports, and Maine info. Please don't miss his Santuary for an uplifting experience. Good men really do exist. :-)

Home Sweet Home - Mom2 has put together a really great home page. There are some wonderful kids and parenting links, and some helpful travel links. A well designed page, with something for everyone. :-)

Sweet Petite's - A home page with heart! Check out these two pages "Simple Abundance" and "Cropping our Possessions" while you are there, for some great life tips. A site well worth the trip. :-)

Lady Socrates Home Page - A very special lady and a very special home page, that you won't want to miss. With a combination of humor, philosophy, and personal information, it is one of my very favorites! :-)

Goebel's Cyber Country Corner Inn - This family has done a wonderful job creating a place where visitor really feel welcome. The lady of the house is a Heartland Community Leader and she really sets a good example with this home page. A fun place with something for every member of the family. :-)

Audra's Cyber Home - This stay at home mom, also know in the chat world as a SAHM, has some very useful information and links. She also has a chat guide for the chatting members of the family and a couple of very interesting articles. If you like to chat or are just getting started on the net be sure to check it out. :-)

The Ralph Family's Home On The Web - A fun site with some really cool links. Each member of this family has their own page, so be sure to check them all out and who knows you might even make a new cyber penpal. :-)

The Denman Christian Fellowship Home - This nice homeschooling family has a site with some great links and some very nice poetry. Drop in and see what they have to offer.

The Cato's Home Page - A Fun family home page with something for everyone. The children have a great page with their own virtual aquarium to share with you. They are also a homeschooling family with some useful homeschooling links. :-)

Mom's Home - Mom has some great home schooling links and a really nice home page. Stop in and say hi to Mom and the family, but remember to pick up after yourself. :-)

Jamie's World - I thought this site was really cute. There is not a lot of family stuff, but a messaging saying Hi Mom makes it family enough for me. I think you will enjoy reading about Jamie's world, so take a moment and check it out. :-)

Allie's Home page - A cool home page with some really great links. For a laugh, check out Allie's joke page! :-)


Thank you all for creating such wonderful family safe sites.

Thank you and Take Care

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