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March 2002 - a few pics of ratties and pond.
added 05 April 2002
And a few more pics... added 05 April 2002
Joshua's Anime Gallery
. (under construction.)
Pics of the house in the woods!

added 08 Jan. 2002

A few more CUTE rattie pics
. (full)
added 06 Jan. 2002

A few Christmas pic
s (full) added 06 Jan. 2002
! Click to see!!
(2 pages of cuteness added 21 Dec.
Click here to go to Rhonda's page of pics of Ethan
! well, okay... there are other people in the pics too! :O)
Chunker Pics
! (Nov. 2001) (Full)
Pics from various concert
** KL manning Mark Schultz's merch table posted 30 Oct.
** Group pic with Mark Schultz posted 30 Oct.

Misc. pics. page I
I (full)
** Bri in aux flags performance and on the field posted 30 Oct.
** KL playing in the homecoming parade posted 30 Oct.
** d'Artagnan posted 30 Oct
Misc. pi
** Bri at carshow posted 29 Oct.
** Bri and Bethany posted 29 Oct.
** Bri and friends at flag comp. posted 30 Oct.

Jack's first Birthda
y 28 Sept. 2001
** 2 pics posted 29 Oc
n (Pics from Aug. 2001)
- posted 28 Oct. 200
August 2001 in Ca
There are 4 pages here I think
. (all are full)

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The car club that Jer had started in Sweet Springs. (Bri put the page together)